Working for AT&T: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | August 25, 2023
Working for AT&T
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Working for AT&T: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

If you are interested in working for AT&T and need information about employment, careers, and jobs at the company, this post will be helpful to you.

AT&T: Company Overview

AT & T provides video, voice, and data communications services to consumers, businesses, and governments globally.

Consumer Services and Business Services are the two sectors that AT & T operates.

The Consumer Services sector offers interstate and intrastate long distance telecommunications services throughout the United States and telecommunications services to and from Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands, also international telecommunications services to and from different nations and territories globally.

The Consumer Services sector provides the following:

• Bundled local and long distance services
• Calling card services
• Transaction-based services
• Residential voice over IP services

The Business Services sector provides the following:

• Calling cards
• Local voice services
• Domestic and international toll-free and long distance voice services
• Audio and video teleconferencing services
• Web-based video conferencing services

The local voice services of the Business Services sector are local voice and data telecommunications services which include:

• Basic local exchange service
• Exchange access
• Private line
• High speed data and pay phone
• Integrated data, Internet protocol (IP), and voice services
• Packet services
• IP connectivity
• Managed IP
• Messaging
• Electronic commerce services
• Managed networking services
• Professional services
• Outsourcing solutions
• Enterprise networking services
• Enterprise remote access services
• Web services
• Security services
• Local, interstate, and international wholesale networking capacity
• Switched services to other service providers

AT&T Corp. was formerly known as American Telephone & Telegraph Company and in April 1994 was changed to AT&T Corp.

AT&T Corp. operates as a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. It was founded in 1885 and is based in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Why Work for AT&T

People really like it at AT&T. The employees get along in and out of work, come together to reach goals, celebrate wins, and make AT&T a fun place to work.

Competition makes AT&T creative so they enjoy a little friendly competition, from watching the big game together to lunching break scooter races.

AT&T teams are committed to making a difference in their communities and the world at large, and they take time out to celebrate their successes ranging from birthdays, work anniversaries, graduations, awards, etc.

Employees at AT&T unite and entertain people everywhere they live, work and play – doing it better than anyone.

They deliver next-generation video streaming platforms, lead media and entertainment experiences, and advanced mobile and internet services, and enable over 170 million direct-to-consumer relationships worldwide.

AT&T creates an environment where employees can achieve their professional goals and succeed. The company stands for equality, embraces their differences and speaks with their actions.

There is an incredible amount of work in the community offered such as support, advocacy, education, mentoring and development opportunities.

AT&T addresses challenges to achieve successful results while increasing members’ professional development. The Civic 50 ranks AT&T the top community-minded communications company.

AT&T embraces innovation by gathering its brightest employees, third-party innovators and startups.

AT&T Careers and Jobs

AT&T has many careers to explore. You can choose according to your field of interest and your ability to build a future that will guarantee true success in the long run.

Here is a list of careers you can explore at AT&T according to your field of interest:

  1. Call Center Career

If you choose this career field, you will be the voice of a global company. You will hold the phone and that will be great. You will need to put your customer service skills to work and have endless opportunities for your career.

2. Corporate Career

The corporate career is where it all happens and the next big idea. It is also the newest innovation.

You have to be brilliant to take the lead and support the company’s businesses, ranging from Finance or Human Resources to Marketing.

3. Government Support Career

This career requires that you get ready to respond when the government needs the most current and greatest.

The company connects more than one thousand two hundred (1,200) agencies to expert Engineers, IT and Cyber Security professionals who ensure the nation’s networks run without a fault.

4. The Retail Career

In this career field, the customers will count on you to be an expert on the newest technology and entertainment inventions. The job is stocked wall-to-wall with benefits.

5. Sales

The company needs one mighty sales force. You will be required to shake hands with leaders from business to households, meeting their needs and signing on the dotted line. The deal equals millions of broad connections.

Under the Sales career, there is the Customer Sales which requires that you introduce customers to the coolest and greatest solutions, right on their doorstep.

Another is the Business Sales, in which you are to change how companies do business. You will be required to work with Fortune 1000 to upgrade to the latest tech and services.

The third of this is the Retail Sales. In the Retail Sales, you will need to love to ramble about cool, new tech, toys and entertainment, and help some of the best customers around.

6. Technician

Your job as a technician is to connect customers in your community to the latest tech and services in wide opportunities.

7. Technology and Research

This career consists of AT&T Labs and Research, Big Data, Cyber security, DevSecOps, and UX/UI.

AT&T Training and Development Programs

When it comes to AT&T future financial stability, its future success relies on the strength of its leaders.

AT&T is dedicated to promoting and molding top talent that will lead the company into the next generation through its Leadership Development Programs.

AT&T exposes students pursuing a career path in finance to different areas of the business through rotations and taught management skills that will launch them into leadership positions within the company’s innovative organization and beyond.

A lot of people who participated in the Finance Leadership Program got help building a strong platform to start their career.

AT&T’s Finance Leadership Program

Stumbling through a full quarter of career fairs, resume submissions, nervous interviews and job offers are worth the stressful process as you will smile at last after you’ve become successful.


The most remarkable thing about the leadership program is that the senior leaders will treat you as a future leader. This will give you enormous exposure.

You will have the opportunity to sit down one-on-one at lunches with the most senior leaders that you reach out to even those that indirectly manage thousands of employees at the highest level of the company. This shows they value you in the company as part of the program.


Because you are valued at AT&T, the management invests immensely to make sure you have stable personal and professional development.

You will take a lot of leadership courses and certifications in your first year. Because there is always something new to learn, you will hardly ever feel bored.

In addition, the program is designed as a three-year rotation so that as soon as you start feeling repetitiveness in a position, you will be moved into a new fast-paced learning atmosphere.

One year of your rotation will be set as an Operations position, so even if you are an analytical Finance person, you will get the chance to oversee employees and develop your management skills.


There are lots of opportunities depending on the business unit and function that you want to work in, due to the huge size of AT&T.

In order to find the environment that suits your skill set at most, you will need to experience many different cultures and positions.

You need to assess whether you will be better in Finance, HR or marketing. The rotational nature of the program provides the opportunity for you to see what you are really best at.

However, the program directors are good at working with you to make sure you are placed in a position that will benefit you.

There are some participants who might hate the constant change of experiencing new positions and environments, so you need to adapt to this change to enable you attain success.

You will be transitioned to a new unit with new challenges to face, once you finally feel like you are getting comfortable after one year

AT&T Student Internship Program and Recruitment

If you are considering developing your career, then you can think of enrolling in AT&T’s internship programs. These programs have been packaged in a way to help you achieve your dream with AT&T. As you read on, you will get to understand many hidden truths about AT&T’s internship.

2018 Software Development Internship Programs

At AT&T, you will work with the newest software delivery methodology and programming languages to shape the future of technology. You’ll challenge your strengths and tackle real-world projects, along with a team of highly motivated peers. As a technical leader, you will reach your fullest potential with this collaborative atmosphere designed to help you.

AT&T is looking to hire Udacity graduates at their eight locations such as:

• Atlanta, Georgia
• Middletown, New Jersey
• Dallas, Texas
• El Segundo, California
• San Ramon, California
• Chicago, Illinois
• Bothell, Washington
• St. Louis, Missouri

Career Growth

There are lots of ways this software development internship will help launch your career. To begin, you’ll take your coursework to a whole new level.

You’ll gain a great deal of experience as you work on progressive projects across the Technology Development organization. There is a strong network of peers you will belong to that’ll challenge your strengths and help you reach your fullest potential.

But that’s not all. Through hands-on training and development opportunities that have been designed to prepare you for a successful career after graduation, you’ll expand your skills.

After Application

The recruiting team at AT&T will evaluate your submission. All qualified candidates will be contacted by an AT&T recruiter within two weeks of submitting their application.

However, depending on location and time of year, the whole application process could take up to four to six weeks.

AT&T Expands Its Internships

If you are interested in moving to another state, meeting new friends, and gaining experience with the world’s largest communications company, then you should probably apply for an AT&T internship.

The company hires six hundred and seventy (670) interns every summer through its ten-week paid internships, which are open to undergraduate students of all majors who are U.S. citizens or legal residents.

AT&T can assign interns to any of its offices in the country, and short-term housing and arranging for roommates are assisted by the company.

The lead college recruiting manager, Emiliano Duenas, says students should view the internships as “ten-week paid vacations.”

These internship programs can lead to full-time employment just like many other internship programs. In a speech made by Emiliano Duenas during a professional development workshop on Tuesday, he said, “The ultimate goal is for you to like us and for us to like you. You have a future if you can get in and do well and get invited back.”

At AT&T, interns are exposed to the company’s operations and systems as much as possible. For example, one summer an intern may work in Engineering and the next in Marketing or Finance.

AT&T makes internship programs available for software development, engineering and operations, and cyber security. Cyber security is a newly launched program and it’s based in El Segundo.

According to Duenas, getting hired as an intern is a three-step process. After submitting a resume, an internship candidate may be called in for an interview to gauge their personality, have a second interview with a would-be mentor, and then be assigned to a position.

Duenas has worked in nine various positions during his two decades with the company. AT&T looks for interns with strong communication skills and who are sociable. Applicants should prepare to be interviewed through Skype, Facetime or Interview Stream.

AT&T is expanding into video, connected cars and automated homes, although it is most well-known as a provider of cellular. As a Fortune 10 company, Duenas said “That’s pretty big”.

As a 130-year-old company, AT&T employs 280,000 globally. Its network serves 365 million people. “We have tons of opportunities to build your career,” Duenas said. “We employ the best people to work for our company.”

Innovation is supported by the company’s AT&T Foundry, with open space and offices in several cities. The Foundry is described by Duenas as a place where people take their ideas and make them come to life.

AT&T is also committed to diversity and inclusion. Randall Stephenson, the company’s CEO, leads an Inclusion Council, and women and people of color receive mentoring.

AT&T Corporate Culture

You can take a look at AT&T mission and vision to understand the company’s corporate culture. These include:


AT&T has a mission of exploiting technical innovations for its benefits and that of its customers. The company implements next-generation technologies and network advancements in its operations and services.

Vision Statement

AT&T aspires to be the most valuable and admired company in the entire universe. The company’s main goal is to enrich the personal lives of its customers and make businesses become more successful by bringing to market exciting and useful communications services, and building shareowner value in the process.

The Alignment of AT&T Employees

About 38% of AT&T employees are motivated by AT&T’s mission and vision. Apart from getting paid, the “company mission” is the most important thing about their work for 6% of their employees.

Three percent of AT&T employees say that the main reason they stay at AT&T is because of the AT&T “company mission”. Ten percent of employees said AT&T’s mission and vision – when asked to whom they feel the most loyal at work.

Comparably data plainly shows that a focused mission statement and organized core company values are crucial to maintaining alignment of employees.

Commitment to AT&T’s Employees

Because AT&T knows that various, talented and dedicated individuals are important to the success of the company, they seek people from different backgrounds and give them opportunities to grow.

AT&T has long been a leader in offering performance-based rewards, providing an inclusive work environment, and creating a culture of excellence.

AT&T senior leaders are held accountable for leading the company’s diversity initiatives. These leaders understand the value of inclusiveness and drive home the simple philosophy of serving the company’s customers better when they build diversity into all they do, and that impacts their customers and shareowners positively.

The leadership of AT&T in weaving diversity and inclusion into all business operations starts at the top with Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson and his Chairman’s Diversity Council.

The council, led by Stephenson, his direct reports and the company’s Chief Diversity Officer Corey Anthony, inserts diversity into an entire business strategy. Numerous initiatives are spearheaded by each council member within his or her unit.

AT&T diversity initiatives are essential, underscoring behaviors and actions managers can undertake to promote a positive, inclusive work environment, which leads to an enormous place to work, improved performance and increased profitability.

The diversity and inclusion of AT&T management strategy aligns with the company’s leadership priorities and business goals in key areas, including community impact, workforce inclusion, supplier diversity and multicultural marketing.

AT&T Job Application – How to Start a Career (the Hiring Process)

Over ninety-nine percent of North Americans are positioned within the AT&T LTE network, which is the biggest of all carriers in United States.

AT&T LTE network services above two hundred and twenty-five (225) countries and territories and provides a wide range of employment opportunities for job seekers.

Eighteen years (18 years) is the minimum age to work at AT&T. The company operates Mondays to Thursdays from 10:00am to 8:00pm; Fridays from 9:00am to 9:00pm; Saturdays from 9:00am to 8:00pm; and Sundays from 11:00am to 6:00pm.

The available positions at AT&T include:

• Retail Sales Consultant
• Sales Support Representative
• Retail Store Manager
• Assistant Store Manager
• Finance Representative
• Web Developer
• Systems Engineer
• Network Engineer
• IT Project Manager
• IT Client Consultant
• Technical Writer
• Customer Service Representative
• Customer Assistant
• Sales Consultant
• Sales Associate
• Technical Support
• Facility Technician
• Service Technician
• Sales Executive
• Marketing Coordinator
• Brand Manager

AT&T Job Opportunities

You can visit for application or call 855-407-9995.

AT&T also offers television packages and internet services to both residences and businesses, making contributions to more than the telecommunications field.

Company customer bases are comprised by over one hundred and twenty (120) million people, which stimulate thousands of jobs for interested applicants.

Most available positions entail sales in customer service, innovative technologies or retail positions.

Changing technologies create new positions in mobile communications and entertainment for consumers. Therefore, chances of applicants are increased by knowledgeable and personable demeanors.

AT&T continuously links people with the world and regularly hires individuals aspiring to branch the web further. During the hiring process, workers with IT aspirations or related communications fields may receive preferential treatment.

Different employment options exist in various locations such as call centers, corporate offices, garages, and retail stores. College educations or experience in associated fields are required by most entry-level positions.

Tips for Applying

Applicants should get themselves ready by utilizing the study guides provided on the company’s website. Every individual position entails expectations, keys to success, and how to handle problems.

Job seekers also should remain updated in regards to AT&T product lines. Questions posed to potential employees may relate to selling items to the interviewer or involve presenting exclusive sales strategies.

During the application process, resumes boasting extracurricular or philanthropic activities receive added consideration.

Status of Application

AT&T employs individuals with personal interests in both technology and services, because of the highly competitive industry.

Through the hiring process, follow-up communications may increase odds of advancement. Subsequent phone calls or in-store visits set caring and driven applicants apart from candidate pools.

You may send a thank-you email or card to the interviewer to demonstrate the value of the opportunity offered.

AT&T Benefits and Compensation

AT&T offers competitive compensation and world class healthcare and benefits packages to its employees.

The company’s “You Matter” programs help employees achieve their best selves at home and at work.

To create a culture of healthy living, your “Health Matters” connects employees to health and wellness tools and resources.

Your “Money Matters” empowers employees to achieve financial wellness through financial planning programs, resources and tools.

To help employees pursue careers they desire, your “Career Matters” offers best-in-class learning and development.

To help supervisors manage high-performing, collaborative teams, your “Team Matters” provides tools and resources.

To make a difference where employees live, work and play, your “Community Matters” provides the resources they may need.

Other work benefits may include:

• Paid vacation
• Employee discounts on products and services
• 401(k) retirement options
• Health and medical insurance

AT&T Work/Life Balance

Four hundred and sixty (460) employees at AT&T rate work/life balance at the company a C, placing it in the bottom of forty-five percent (45%) of similar size companies in the United States.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of employees at AT&T are satisfied with their work/life balance, while fifty-nine percent (59%) feel they are burnt out.

Generally, for employees to feel happy, fulfilled, and productive, they need a well-proportioned work/life balance.

About fifty-six percent (56%) of AT&T employees work eight (8) hours or less, while five percent (5%) of them have a very long day to work – even longer than twelve (12) hours.

The greater part of AT&T employees are satisfied with their work/life balance and feel burnt out. Employees in the Executive department and employees in the Legal department believe they have good work/life balance, while employees in the Operations department and employees in the Business Development department think there is room for improvement.


Working for AT&T is good and profitable; however, you need to get adequate knowledge about the company first. This will help you to know about employment and jobs, and the various careers available at the company that you can explore.

This post will help you to gain deep knowledge about AT&T and how to pursue a successful career there.

If you find this post helpful in finding out about careers, jobs, and employment at AT&T, kindly leave a comment in the box below. You can further share any experience you’ve had with AT&T if you are or had been an employee of the company.

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