Retail Sales Worker Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Retail Sales Worker job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Retail Sales Workers help customers in having a successful shopping experience.

Retail Sales Worker Job Description Example

What Does a Retail Sales Worker Do?

Despite the fact that each retail outlet has its unique mode of operation, the fundamental job descriptions of retail sales workers are comparable, that is majorly to assist customers in picking products from the store and in paying for them.

The responsibility of any retail sales worker is to ensure the absolute satisfaction of each customer.

This may include stocking the cabinets, assisting the customer in shopping, answering customer’s queries, and checking out.

Though, these roles are not solely performed by one retail worker, but each worker is supposed to be able to multitask and perform in any role that may be assigned to him or her from time to time.

It is the duty of workers in a retail store to keep it clean. This includes performing tasks such as sweeping and dusting the store, mopping the floor, cleaning the cabinets and furniture, and cleaning the products.

It is equally the duty of the retail sales worker to stock the shelves with products when necessary.

He/she is required to place products on the appropriate shelves and arrange them in such a way that they would be attractive and easily accessible to buyers.

The retail worker is also expected to replenish supply of any product that is running low on the shelves and inform the store manager when the store is running short of products.

In addition, the work description of the retail sales worker entails removing expired products and changing the price labels of products in the event of change in prices of products.

Most customers walk into a shop because they are in need of something. However, it is the duty of the sales worker to make sure that the customer never leaves the shop without purchasing the item(s).

He/she is expected to welcome the customer in the friendliest manner possible and offer to help them locate products, pick products, and check out in record time.

Retail workers equally help the outlet to promote new products and convince customers of the features and benefits of such products.

In addition to performing the above functions, retail sales workers may also be responsible for making arrangements for home deliveries.

It is equally their duty to listen to customers’ inquiries and complaints. They answer to every customer’s question in a polite and friendly manner and resolve any confusion they may have regarding a product.

They also proffer solutions to customers’ problems or direct them to the appropriate quarter where their problems would be attended to or resolved

Also, the retail sales worker makes sure that each customer is quickly attended to at the checkout table.

This is done by entering the products and prices in the cash register, utilizing barcode scanner, collecting cash or facilitating card payment.

A retail worker must be able to multitask. However, there is more to being a retail sales worker than just multitasking.

He/she is expected to be able to perform mathematical calculations very fast, and must be polite and friendly to customers.

A good communication and customer service skill is imperative for success on this job, just as maintaining a neat appearance and attractive personality will attract customers to call again at the shop.

Retail Sales Worker Job Description Example

If you are looking forward to work as a retail sales worker, below is a job description example that highlights the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the job that you might be required to perform:

• Welcome each customer with greeting and a warm smile
• Assist customers in locating the products they desire to buy and help them pick the products on request
• Answer each customer’s questions regarding the features and benefits of a product as intelligently as possible
• Advise customers on the benefits of a product by providing information on it
• Ensure that the store and the shelves are kept clean at all times
• Inform customers of products on promotion and any upcoming promotion
• Process customers’ payment by calculating the total price of goods picked; accept cash, check or card, and issue receipts
• Bag the products bought by a customer appropriately
• Receive customers’ orders and arrange for delivery
• Ensure that the shelves are properly stocked by replenishing shelves having low stock
• Remove and replace expired or damaged products
• Remove and remove the label of products whose prices have changed
• Inform the store manager of any accidental damage to products by a customer or staff
• Inform the store manager when the store room is running low on products
• Perform regular stock taking to know the amount of products in stock
• Record the total sales at the end of the day and remit the money to the store manager
• Establish trust relationship with customers
• Have a good knowledge of the store’s products.

Retail Sales Worker Resume Preparation

You will need to have a resume to present to employers if you are seeking a new job as a retail sales worker. This would enable the hiring manager to check out certain information about you and make up their mind whether to hire you or not.

One of the important pieces of information the employer will be looking out for in your resume is your work experience.

They would want to know if you have previously done similar tasks to the ones you will be expected to perform in the new job.

To be able to provide such information in your resume, you can apply the content provided in the sample job description above, which states the duties and responsibilities of a sales worker in a retail shop.

See a sample retail worker resume if you need help in making one.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for Retail Sales Worker Role

Here are important qualities – skills, abilities, and knowledge – to have to win the heart of employers as these are the attributes they believe would help individuals working as retail sales workers to excel on the job:

• A retail worker must be a people person. He/she must have the ability to associate with all manner of people that visit the store. In carrying out his/her duties, he/she is expected to remain friendly and polite. An attractive personality is also a plus

• Secondly, he/she must have great multitasking ability to be able to attend to several customers at once while answering their questions and attending to their other needs

• Basic literacy skills are usually required; and little experience on the job may be required. However, most stores allow for learning on the job

• Lastly, having good numerical and computer skills places one on a good standing to get employed as a retail worker and helps to make the work easy and simple.

Retail Sales Worker Skills for Resume

If you are making a resume for the position of a retail sales worker, another important section to have in the resume is the skills section where you let the employer know the qualities you have that will enable you to put in excellent performance on the job.

You can create this section using information from the required qualities of retail sales workers given above.

What do you think about our retail sales worker job description? Please share your thought as well as your work experience in the comment box below.