Brand Ambassador Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 6, 2023
Brand Ambassador Job Description
Brand ambassadors also use their personal social media channels in promoting their brands.

This post provides detailed information on the brand ambassador job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the brand ambassador role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Brand Ambassador Do?

A brand ambassador is an individual who assists or helps the sales or marketing manager of a firm by enhancing the firm’s brand value via the representation of the brand to specific customers.

The brand ambassador job description entails helping in creating awareness (to the targeted customers); in the process of doing so he/she also helps in creating/developing sales opportunities for the firm (brand) he/she is representing.

The hiring of a brand ambassador by a firm is usually due to the need for advertisements. In some cases also, brand ambassadors are hired for trade shows, public awareness programs, and for other places where the targeted customers are located.

In a situation where he/she represents a firm (brand) at a show/trade fair, he/she should be able to answer questions from customers about the brand at that particular point in time.

The role of a brand ambassador also involves excellent user of various social media platforms because this (social media) is actually the fastest and currently the most efficient way of reaching out to target customers.

Due to the nature of this job (it’s foundation is mainly based on advertising), a good brand ambassador should first of all have an in-depth knowledge of the brand he/she is representing so as to be able to explain in details to the targeted customers what the brand is all about, and to also be able to answer questions about the brand precisely and convincingly.

For an ambassador of a brand to be able to play his/her role effectively, he/she must pass through training or series of trainings under the tutelage of the firm’s brand or sales manager(s).

Also, in carrying out his/her responsibilities, a brand ambassador will be closely supervised by the brand/sales manager(s) so as to chip in corrections where necessary and apply finishing touches to the ambassadorial role-play.

This helps him/her to know and understand virtually everything about the brand he/she is representing.

The brand ambassador work description also usually entails travelling frequently. He/She should be willing and ready to move from one place to another so as to expand the reach of the brand and also get in touch with a wider range of customers.

The brand won’t be well-known if its ambassador(s) is/are not ready or able to change locations at all times (this is usually in the case of trade fairs and promotions).

Travelling helps in building a larger customer base in different locations; it also helps in creating a robust stand for the brand in the face of competition.

A brand ambassador is not confined to a specific office space, so he/she should enjoy the flexible nature of the job.

His/her priority is to precisely convey/communicate how exactly the product or service being offered will benefit the lives of the targeted customers, and to what extent.

He/She will also try as much as possible to make the brand a household name. The job of a brand ambassador can also either be part-time or on a full-time basis based on the nature of the agreement/contract.

Brand Ambassador Job Description Example/Template

Brand ambassadors perform various functions in a bid to make their product popular with their target customers.

The job description assigned to people who work as brand ambassador in most firms commonly entails the duties, tasks, and responsibilities given in the example below:

  • Monitor and understand the brand’s movement, pricing, and distribution patterns
  • Be the firm’s(brand’s) face at marketing meetings, seminars, and conferences
  • Help in putting marketing displays in place and making sure that the brand’s advertising instruments are positioned at strategic points
  • Formulate, develop, and maintain strong communication links with customers
  • Represent the brand to the customers in a positive manner at all times
  • Work with the firm’s sales/marketing division(s) to understand the firm’s goals/objectives
  • Plan and carry out awareness programs to get to prospective customers
  • Provide insights and feedbacks on issues concerning the brand
  • Promote the brand through personal social media accounts.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Brand Ambassador Role

If you are looking to work as a brand ambassador, here are typical qualities and qualifications most employers will require you to have to be offered opportunity for an interview:

  • Possess good leadership skills to be able to set a proper example for your team
  • Must be able to show appreciation for, and a good knowledge of marketing
  • Portray a high level of professionalism while dealing with customers
  • Passion for growing relationship(s) with customers of different backgrounds
  • Must have a well established online (social media) presence
  • Must show high levels of credibility at all times
  • Must be a team-player. This attribute is necessary in the delivery of quality service
  • Willingness to learn, or put differently, openness to new ideas on the part of the brand ambassador is also required
  • A degree in marketing or other similar discipline
  • 1-2 years experience in a similar position
  • Social media savvy.


If you are a recruiter hiring for the post of a brand ambassador, you will need to publish a good description of the job to attract the best candidates.

The sample brand ambassador work description given in this post can help you make a detailed and effective description for the role in your company.

You will also find this post useful if you are thinking of getting into the brand ambassador career. You will learn so much about the career, including the duties and responsibilities of the job, and so will be able to make informed decision about becoming a brand ambassador.