Working for J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | August 24, 2023
Working for J.P. Morgan Chase
J.P. Morgan Chase: One of the world’s largest investment banks. Image source:

Working for J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

If you are interested in working for J.P. Morgan Chase, you will get the information you are looking for on the employment, career, and job prospects at the company to help you make the best decision about your career there.

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JP Morgan Chase & Co: Company Overview

JP Morgan Chase & Co., a company founded in 1968 and is headquartered in New York, NY, is a financial holding company, which provides financial and investment banking services.

A range of investment banking products and services in all capital markets are offered by JP Morgan Chase & Co., including:

• Advising on corporate strategy and structure
• Capital-raising in equity and debt markets
• Sophisticated risk management
• Market making in cash securities and plagiaristic instruments
• Prime brokerage and research

JP Morgan Chase & Co. operates its business through the following segments:

• Consumer and Community Banking
• Corporate and Investment Bank
• Commercial Banking
• Asset & Wealth Management

The Consumer and Community Banking

This serves consumers and businesses through personal service at bank branches and through automated teller machine, online, mobile, and telephone banking.

The Corporate and Investment Bank

This offers a suite of investment banking, market-making, prime brokerage, and treasury and securities products and services to a global client base of corporations, investors, financial institutions, government and municipal entities.

The Commercial Banking

The Commercial Banking segment delivers services to U.S. and its multinational clients, including:

• Corporations
• Municipalities
• Financial institutions
• Non profit entities

The Commercial Banking segment also provides financing to real estate investors and owners as well as financial solutions, including:

• Lending
• Treasury services
• Investment banking
• Asset management

The Asset & Wealth Management

This provides asset and wealth management services, and investment management in all main asset services, including:

• Equities
• Fixed income
• Alternatives
• Money market funds

Why Work for JP Morgan Chase & Co.

JP Morgan Chase & Co. is committed to creating an open, entrepreneurial and dynamic workplace that encourages each employee to contribute to the best of his or her ability, in an effort to reach the goal of being the best financial services firm across the globe.

Performance, partnership, meritocracy, inclusion and directness drive the culture of JP Morgan Chase & Co. They work together across time zones, languages and borders to prove being the best they say they are.

Working together can only take place in an environment where people respect, value and support one another, and that’s JP Morgan Chase & Co.

According to the company’s stated Business principles, JP Morgan Chase & Co. need to continually remind themselves that the most important thing they can do for employees is to build a healthy, vibrant company that treats people with respect and creates opportunity.

JP Morgan Chase & Co. endeavors to create a more comprehensive work environment that draws on and develops the best talent. Individuals of any race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability are needed at JP Morgan Chase & Co. to take advantage of the opportunity to do extremely well according to their performance and contribution to the firm.

Through JPMorgan Chase’s commitment, current and potential employees with disabilities are helped to achieve their full potential.

JP Morgan Chase & Company Careers and Jobs

There are many careers to explore at JP Morgan Chase & Co., and these require that you possess the appropriate skills needed for each field.

Have a look below to explore these careers:


Choosing this career requires that you build yourself by possessing the skills needed to become an expert in order to shape the company’s strategic business direction.

You’ll engage yourself in the company’s financial planning, reporting and analysis activities and work with teams to manage risk and regulatory requirements, improve results and inform key client or company business decisions. You need attention to detail and analytical skills to add up to your career success.

You need to have Accounting or Finance background, knowledge of appropriate regulatory requirements, strong communication and problem-solving skills, ability to collaborate across many teams and business functions, and adaptability to changing business needs and requirements, as key skills for this career.


You need attention to detail and ability to juggle priorities to help keep businesses at Chase running smoothly.

Your job could demand that you contribute to high-profile initiatives through global meetings, travel planning, event coordination, calendar management, and more.

You need superior oral and written communication skills, knowledge of general office procedures, ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, strong computer skills like Microsoft Office knowledge, and ability to support team goals and initiatives.


You will become part of the internal Audit team at Chase and work closely with the company’s businesses and support functions to execute a comprehensive audit program, designed to evaluate and test the efficiency of controls in order to make sure there is compliance with company’s legal and regulatory environments.

You need to apply expert problem-solving and analytical skills to identify critical issues and emerging risks within business and functional processes, and also partner with management to detail recommendations for improving practices and protecting the firm from risk.

Furthermore, you need the ability to react to changes effectively and work at a fast pace, ability to take a balanced approach to solving business issues, knowledge of appropriate regulatory requirements, and background in risk management or auditing.

Branch Banking

Retail banking is the center of Chase’s business, while the branch is at the heart of where the company connects its customers.

You will develop the right solutions for every customer, if you join the team of banking professionals who are empowered to provide thoughtful advice.

As you become part of the Branch Banking team, you will build relationships with customers and help them meet their financial goals, and then provide service that constantly exceeds their expectations.

As you develop further into this career, you need the ability to build relationships and establish rapport with customers, solution driven with strong emphasis on customer service, strong listening and communication skills, both in person and over the phone, and the ability to quickly learn and adapt to ever-changing technologies.


In this field, you will need problem-solving skills to help customers who visit Chase meet their financial obligations, and leverage your strong communication skills, professionalism, resourcefulness, and empathetic approach to assist the company’s customers resolve existing payment situations and plan for future financial commitments.

You will need experience in telephone banking, good analytical and communication skills, knowledge of regulatory collections requirements and rules, and background in collections.


As you join the team of professionals at Chase you will, through your work in credit analysis and underwriting, credit policy or other related areas, need to provide credit solutions for individuals and business customers, and directly impact customers.

You need to further have a personality that is friendly and engaging, excellent oral and written communication skills, background in customer service, retail sales or call center support, strong problem-solving ability, and strong interpersonal skills such as professional, courteous, friendly and empathetic.

Customer Service

Customer Service is at the core of everything done at Chase. Therefore, the Customer Service professionals are empowered to try as much as possible to make the banking experience better for the company’s customers.

No matter how big or small the Customer Service request might seem, the professionals involved are required to assess needs, create unique solutions and resolve concerns with the goal of exceeding each customer’s expectations.

If you want to succeed in your Customer Service career, you need personality that is friendly and engaging, strong problem-solving ability, strong interpersonal skills such as professional, friendly, courteous and empathetic, background in customer service, retail or call center support, and excellent oral and written communication skills.


By designing and delivering experiences for Chase’s customers that are simple and secure, the company wants to lead the digital transformation in a tremendous manner.

If you are interested in the digital career, you will become part of the team of professionals for the opportunity to impact millions of people in a deeper, more engaged way by working on everything from the company’s mobile apps to online banking to emerging payments that are used by millions of customers on a daily basis.

You will work on projects and programs that deliver excellent value to the company’s huge customer base, make a meaningful impact on everyday life, and shape the future of digital banking.

Remember you need solid creative, innovative, analytical and problem-solving skills, background in digital design, digital product, analytics or technology preferred, and the ability to leave your individual mark on larger team-focused goals.

Other careers at JP Morgan Chase & Co. include:

• Human Resources
• Marketing/ Communications
• Operations
• Product Management
• Project Management
• Real Estate Finance
• Relationship Management/Sales
• Risk Management
• Technology

JP Morgan Training and Development Programs

JP Morgan Chase is committed to hiring different candidates from all various backgrounds and experiences, and to help quite a good number of people to gain the appropriate skills by joining their team of experts.

Chase’s multi-week severe Java training will help participants start a fresh career in technology. Therefore, this program will help you develop into an industry-leading professional if you have a passion for innovation, technology and financial services.

Your ideas and experiences will be valued from the beginning, because JP Morgan Chase is looking for people with fresh perspectives.

The Technology community at JPMorgan Chase is collaborative and supportive, including everyone being engaged in your training and development.

Chase will teach you to read, write and understand basic Java. Senior business leaders will also give you support and coaching. You will be provided with networking opportunities that will help you build a career with the firm.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to attend Software Engineer Program that the company will provide, which commences with strong training led by expert instructors. Chase has social innovation program that supports nonprofits, which the company will make you gain hands-on experience working on such live projects.

Working alongside top technologists at Chase, you will improve the design, analytics, development, coding and testing of the company’s software and new products. Your development will be supported by the whole team of Chase’s senior executives and peers, assisting you to learn all the skills required for your success.

JP Morgan & Chase is looking for various candidates who have passion for developing innovative technology solutions, but do not have a background in computer science or coding. Chase prefers backgrounds in engineering, electrical engineering, finance and other non-computer technical areas.

You should also have exposure to data analysis, familiarity with programming languages and good communication skills, and exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills.

JP Morgan’s major concern is on those with a vivid passion for working in technology, highly motivated, intellectually curious, collaborative and open to new challenges.

JP Morgan Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

JP Morgan is one of the world’s largest investment banks and one of the most recognized names in the financial sector.

An internship at JP Morgan is not only well-respected within the industry, but can also offer you a broad perspective on the workings of global finance.

Many report that JP Morgan has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, although an internship at the company can be quite challenging. Interns have full training and induction, including a host of good social events to attend. Most past and present interns at JP Morgan also speak highly of the various working environment and friendliness of other staff.

After the internship is completed, highly successful interns have the possibility of being hired to a graduate role. A number of divisions would prefer to recruit exclusively from their internship programs, instead of having an open recruitment process.

What is involved with an internship with JP Morgan?

A 3-5 day orientation that JP Morgan internship will begin with aims to introduce you to your team, the company, your role and the company’s clients.

For penultimate-year students, the length of internships takes from ten (10) weeks to six (6) months, and some divisions also offer industrial placements lasting up to fifty (50) weeks.

You will be invited to many social events and talks from industry leaders, over the course of the internship. You’ll gain a wealth of practical experience, new knowledge and fantastic contacts, though you’ll be worked hard during the program.

How to apply for an internship with JP Morgan

Open internships are listed on JP Morgan’s website where you can find vacancies by company division, employment type and country. The whole application is done through an online portal, and after that you may be invited for further interviews, aptitude tests and assessment centers.

Although in most cases there will be only one stage of assessment/interview instead of two, the internship selection process is very similar to that of the graduate selection process.

Just in one day, your assessment center will likely combine most of the activities from the respective graduate selection process.

You’ll need to have either obtained a 2.1 degree or higher, or be on track to achieve one in order to meet the requirements for each specific internship as the internships may be too competitive.

Although this isn’t a pre-requisite, the degree should ideally be related to the internship you’re applying for. And some divisions will also require you to speak a foreign language.

As Application deadlines could differ, a lot of them run from June to September with applications around December, while others are offered on a more ad-hoc basis throughout the year.

Because of this, it’s vital to start thinking about an internship early if you’re interested in it. As the application deadline will take months before the internship itself, it’s necessary that you get prepared well before that to make sure you’re ready and that you’ve made the right decision.

The majority of divisions that JP Morgan offers internships

The vast majority of business areas that JP Morgan offers internships include:

Asset management

This field requires that you work with some of the biggest clients across the globe, to keep their major assets in the best shape possible and make sure they make most valuable decisions.

Human Resources

Human Resources internship is a very different type of program in which you are required to make an organization work.

Investment Banking

Choosing a career in the Investment Banking system involves risk management, and that warrants that you work in teams to help identify clients’ strengths and weaknesses and render proper advice to them on their best course of action.


An Operations internship will give you the opportunity to work on the end-to-end processes that form the center of any business, and help make them as successful as possible.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research, which involves the use of statistics, models, tools and much data, is all about the objective research and development that helps clients stay at the top of their game.


Internship in Technology is a transition from big data to mobile solutions, from machine learning to cyber security.

Treasure Services

Teams in this division work with clients to pay, receive, invest and finance businesses during their day-to-day operations.

Pre-internships (Spring Week)

Spring week is a week-long insight program offered by JP Morgan in a few of its business areas such as Spring into Technology, Spring into Finance & Business Management, Asset & Wealth Management, and Corporate & Investment Banking.

The application process for these short-term programs is simpler, but the requirements are the same as above. The requirements are online application, numerical test and interview.

These programs could take you to the attainment of a summer internship and finally a permanent position. JP Morgan is looking for you to show your enthusiasm for the industry, knowledge of the company and commercial awareness.

JP Morgan Corporate Culture and Values

JP Morgan believes in doing first-class business in first-class way, and that directs how they treat their clients and each other. For that reason, JP Morgan respects, values and supports each other.

A winning team

JP Morgan has really worked hard to maintain a great culture. The company succeeds because of its passion and because they believe in doing the right thing even when it’s not so an easy thing. JP Morgan has disciplined teams of workers who work together and execute consistently.

Working together

JP Morgan accomplishes extraordinary things every day as their teams support different causes such as raising awareness for ALS during the Team Gleason Ice Bucket Challenge and fighting world hunger through the StepUp initiative.

JP Morgan Job Application – How to Start a Career (the Hiring Process)

There are four (4) steps to go from campus to career, and as you learn more below you will use the advantage of your knowledge to join JP Morgan’s Student Talent Network to stay informed on news, events and programs at the company.

Before You Apply

JP Morgan Chase & Co., a global financial services company with a great name, a great reputation and a great record of success, offers a wide collection of opportunities.

JP Morgan provides learning and career progression, as well as the opportunity to make a real difference in the company’s global communities, markets and industries – from Early Insight (pre-internship) and global internship programs to full-time careers.

Prepare an Application

You will be required to prepare an application and submit to JP Morgan including your resumes and cover letters.

JP Morgan will be excited you’ve decided to apply to one of their programs, but they would like to know what drives you and makes you unique. You will share this information in your application. Review the company’s advice on preparing your application to help put your best foot forward.

Attend an interview

At the interview stage of the application process, the company will meet you beyond words on a page. They will be talking with you face-to-face (live or virtually) or over the phone so they can get to know who you are, and you can get to know them too.

The interviews are a two-way street, that is, you need to ensure JP Morgan & Case Co. is a good match for you, and they want to find out you’re a good fit for them.

After the interview

If after the interview you are selected to work with the company, JP Morgan will be excited for you to join their team and grow with them.

Here, you will have a unique opportunity to make an impact with your work, and then enjoy the benefits of a firm that’s committed to your professional development.

Benefits and Compensation for Working with JP Morgan

JP Morgan has lots of benefits and compensation for being an employee of the company. These benefits come in the form of Healthcare and Insurance plans, Retirement Savings Programs, Wellness Programs, Employee Programs, and Family Care.

Have a look at the details of the benefits programs as they are elaborated below:

Health Care and Insurance Plans

Working with JP Morgan gives you an entitlement to a variety of healthcare insurance plans, which include:

• Medical, dental and vision
• Life and accident
• Disability
• Before-tax spending accounts
• Group legal services

Retirement Savings Programs

The retirement savings programs are also part of the benefits you will receive for being an employee of JP Morgan & Chase Co., and these come in the following:

• 401(k) savings plan
• Retirement plan
• Employee stock purchase scheme

Wellness Programs

Benefits to enjoy under these programs are as follows:

• Wellness screenings and assessments
• Health coaches
• Counseling and guidance services

Employee Programs

Employees at JP Morgan are entitled to a variety of benefits programs. These include:

• Maternity and Paternity Leave
• Back-up child care services
• Flexible work options
• Matching gifts
• Discounts on banking services
• Electronics
• Arts
• Entertainment
• Fitness programs
• Travel
• Lots more

Family Care

JP Morgan cares so much about your family’s health; so they offer a range of healthcare packages that cover you and your partner, your children and your parents.

JP Morgan Work/Life Balance

JP Morgan & Chase boss, Jamie Dimon, was worried that his bankers were working too hard for their bonuses. And he announced on Thursday an initiative called “Pencils Down”, which aimed at helping its employees to improve their work/life balance.

Formerly, young bankers were allowed one work-free weekend a month. But now the bank wants them to take every weekend off unless they are working on a “live” deal. Carlos Hernandez, JP Morgan’s head of global banking told the Wall Street journal that, work-free weekends are “realistic to what this generation wants”.

As part of a way to promote work/life balance at JP Morgan, the company provides an array of employee support programs. These include:

Happy Baby Program

Different resources and services are provided at JP Morgan to support the female employees and allow them to continue working after childbirth. There are also a number of programs available to the male employees who would like to take part in child care.

Programs cover such areas as maternity and child care leave, reduced work schedules, staggered working hours after returning to work, and coupons and subsidies for childcare centers.

Many working mothers make use of the lactation room available in the office to continue building their careers while raising their children.

Flexible Working Arrangements

JP Morgan provides their employees with flexible work arrangements such as flextime, staggered working hours, part-time and remote work arrangements to support various requirements based on individual job and family circumstances.

Employee Assistance Program

Counseling services are provided at JP Morgan through a third-party organization, allowing their employees to discuss issues and challenges related to their workplace, career, marriage, divorce, childbirth, and personal health.

Wellness Program

JP Morgan offers an annual health checkup, wellness diagnosis, counseling, health-enhancement programs, awareness seminars on nutrition management and different diseases, and through newsletters provides useful information on wellness.

Club Activities

Club activities such as table tennis and yoga are supported by JP Morgan to be run voluntarily by their employees. This is to help employees build internal networks and refresh their body and mind.


If you are thinking whether JP Morgan & Chase Co. is a good place to work and pursue a career, this post gives you the answer. It gives you an insight into career, job, and employment issues at the company for you to be well informed.

If you find this post helpful in learning about careers, jobs, and employment at JP Morgan & Chase Co., kindly leave a comment in the box below. You can also share any experience you’ve had with JP Morgan if you are or had been an employee of the company.

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