Working for General Motors Corporation: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | August 24, 2023
Working for General Motors Corporation
General Motors Corporation: World’s leading automobile manufacturer with ambitious plan to achieve zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion for its customers in the near future. Image source: General Motors.

Working for General Motors Corporation: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

If you are interested in working for General Motors Corporation and you want to learn about employment, careers, and jobs at the Company so you can make a better decision about your career, then this post will provide you the information you are looking for.

General Motors Corporation: Company Overview

General Motors Corporation is the American and world’s largest automobile manufacturer that engages in the designing manufacturing, and selling of cars, trucks and automobile parts.

General Motors Corporation provides automotive financing services through General Motors Financial Company, Inc., and operates through three segments such as GM North America, GM International, and GM Financial.

The firm sells vehicles under Cadillac, Baojun, Chevrolet, OnStar brands, Holden, GMC, Buick, Maven, Wuling, and Jiefang.

General Motors Corporation was established on September 16, 1908 by William C. Durant and is headquartered in Detroit, MI.

Why Work for General Motors Corporation

General Motors combines the passion of a startup with the influence of a global powerhouse, and offers careers that are built on a solid foundation and gets motivated by discovery. You can discover a few of the many reasons to pursue a career with General Motors.

General Motors Corporation believes that electric, self-driving, connected vehicles and shared mobility services will change how they get around, and they are making plans to get their vision of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion moved forward.

Presently, General Motors is a leader in a new transformation with the aim of creating a safer and smarter world. Their ambitious plan of zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion helps to make every decision and that’s the proper move for their customers, their employees and future generations.

The perspective and experience of the company have prepared them to redefine the future. They are able to shape their products and services through everything they’ve learned over the decades, and safety is dominant as they combine their knowledge, size and scale with technological breakthroughs for a better world today and tomorrow.

Zero Crashes

According to the World Health Organization, vehicle crashes kill more than 1.25 million people worldwide every year and injure countless more.

About 90% of all crashes are caused by human error, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

General Motors believes that autonomous driving technology could significantly minimize and possibly even eliminate crashes, revealing the possibility of this idea as air bags, seat belts, vehicle warning systems, and on-board cameras assist to safeguard occupants, reduce crash speeds and avoid crashes all together. Therefore, autonomous is the next big step forward, and it could possibly save lives.

New York or Shanghai city, where pedestrians can move more rapidly than vehicles as a result of impossible traffic, could be transformed by efficient and safe autonomous vehicles and ridesharing platforms.

As vehicle sharing reduces the number of cars on the road, which can immediately reduce the risk of crashes due to exposure, driverless technology may reduce the likelihood even more.

Zero Emissions

As battery technology advances, the cost of developing, owning and operating electric vehicles is diminishing and so, General Motors Corporation is committed to an all-electric future.

General Motors Corporation plans on having at least 20 all-electric models on the market worldwide by 2023; which means that there will be fewer emissions and clearer air for all.

Zero Congestion

According to INRIX study, U.S. drivers sit idly in traffic for an average of one full week each year during their commutes; that’s 168 hours of precious time, and a huge source of irritation and frustration.

According to the study, congestion cost U.S. drivers nearly $305 billion in 2017, an average of $1,445 per driver.

General Motors Corporation is busy growing their car-sharing and ridesharing platform, while other companies are talking about mobility solutions. Their Maven personal mobility app provides hassle-free, on-demand GM vehicle access for an hour’s worth of errands or a month of travel.

Without the traditional hassles such as insurance or parking, members enjoy all the benefits of car ownership.

Maven has partnered with the city of Austin, Texas, to deploy an all-electric shared use fleet and is collaborating with the city of Los Angeles on smart transportation options to enhance mobility, create jobs and ease parking and congestion.

General Motors Corporation Careers and Jobs

General Motors has careers in creative design, engineering, software development, manufacturing, finance, marketing, etc. with a global team of talented people that make contributions that extend far beyond the company’s job titles.

You need to try having a career with General Motors, so you can get to know the company very well and the people that work there.

Here is a list of careers you can explore at General Motors.


From greater convenience and personalization to safety improvements and sustainability, autonomous driving brings great benefits to the customers of General Motors.

General Motors is gaining the advantage in autonomous vehicle development, as they focus on innovative design, safety features, responsive performance and efficiency.


General Motors’ team struggles for ways to better engage their customers and build relationships.

The communications career offers you the opportunity to explore a role as a digital marketing technology, women’s & military diversity communications manager, social media manager, or assembly plant communications manager.

Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisitions

General Motors responds to the needs of the organization, considering business objectives and outer impacts to determine how best to deliver on corporate strategy.

Expertise is applied into groundbreaking areas by assessing new opportunities, supporting decision-making processes, and providing supposed leadership to the company’s partners world-wide.

The company focuses on perfect execution in areas from new business development and market entry to joint ventures and partner management.


General Motors’ team develops and executes strategies to help keep their workforce operating at its highest capacity from facilitating organizational change to managing multiple projects to directing GM Learning courses.

General Motors is stretching the boundaries of their global influence and providing leadership that keeps business on a clear path to greater success, by forming partnerships and improving relationships.

Creative Design

General Motors’ dynamic team joins advanced technologies, such as Mobility, Telematics, Supercomputing and Vehicle Engineering with elegant designs to deliver industry-defining vehicles.

The company infuses bold creativity with thorough design builds and tests while always aiming for a higher quality standard.

Customer Care and After-sales

General Motors Corporation is committed to delivering customer satisfaction throughout the ownership experience, and offers first-class support to improve customer retention.

The company works very hard to ensure aftermarket, manufacturing and retail components are available when required for vehicle servicing. Customers are wowed and their lifelong loyalty is gained with the aim of maintaining the customer base.


For the dedicated experts behind vehicle development systems and processes at General Motors, safety, reliability, performance and efficiency are the guiding principles that fuel innovation.

The company continues to develop cost-effective, flexible methods of production that result in vehicles that provide their customers an unmatched road experience.


Global Finance is essential to achieving the company’s vision for a new automotive setting. General Motors’ teams work together to refine the overall information management, forecasting, strategic decision-making and operations that improve and expand their business effectiveness globally.

With the help of financial foundation, General Motors maneuver in ways that maximize profitability, minimize risk, and pave the way toward greater innovation.

Other careers you can explore at General Motors include:

• Global Business Solutions
• Global Connected Customer Experience & OnStar
• Global Purchasing & Supply Chain
• Hourly Employment
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Student & MBA: Real-world challenge and hands-on experience.
• Career Re-Entry Program
• Legal
• Manufacturing
• Occupational Health/Safety and Labor Relations
• Public Policy
• Quality & Reliability
• Research & Development
• Sales and Marketing
• Strategy & Global Portfolio Planning

General Motors Corporation Training and Development Programs

General Motors has asked for I-CAR to perform all GM body structural repairs training within the United States. As I-CAR students, all GM dealer or dealer-sponsored body structural and collision repair technicians will complete their training by attending I-CAR collision repair events making use of the I-CAR delivery system and instructors.

With this rapport, GM dealer and dealer-sponsored body structural and collision repair technicians will not only be offered the most up-to-date training in collision repair, but the collision industry will also experience an increase in training reliability.

General Motors Service Training Standards – Body Structural Repair

I-CAR training is included in the General Motors Service Technical College (STC) as needed for a minimum of one-technician-per-repair facility and non-compulsory training within the Body Structural Repair portion of Service Training Standards (STS).

Steel Sectioning (SPS05) or Steel GMA (MIG) Welding (WCS03) are I-CAR Steel Welding Training Certification courses.

Corvette Stingray – Aluminum Welding

To add up to one of the above two steel welding courses, Chevrolet dealers with Corvette Stingray allocation must have a minimum of one body structural technician to complete this I-CAR Welding Training & Certification course such as Welding Training & Certification: Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding (WCA03).

New Requirements for 2018

As General Motors STC announced updates to its STS, Technicians need to become skilled at two vital attachment methods such as squeeze-type resistance spot welding and MIG brazing. These new requirements are only offered by I-CAR.

Requirements for Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network Training

To qualify for the Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network through General Motors, the I-CAR Gold Class designation is one of the required knowledge and skill requirement options.

Collision repair facilities may increase operational efficiencies, reduce cycle times, minimize repair mistakes, and complete safe repairs through earning the Gold Class designation.

One technician at each participating shop must complete at least each of the I-CAR training courses recognized by the Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network such as Welding Training & Certification: Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding (WCA03), Aluminum-Intensive Vehicle Repairs (ALI01), and Aluminum Exterior Panel Repair and Replacement (APR01).

Windshield Repair and Replace

It’s good to properly perform fixed glass and windshield R&R (repair and replace) to make it essential to a vehicle’s structural integrity.

In continuation of growth of General Motors’ training knowledge base, STC recommends technicians interested in fixed glass repair take Stationary Glass online (GLA02e) or live (GLA02).

With the help of the course, technicians will understand the role of stationary glass, give detailed methods for removing and installing windshields, and identify steps for preparing the glass and applying the adhesive.

Registering for Welding

The Welding Training & Certification, the Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding, is a six- to eight-hour event conducted in-shop at independent repair facility or your dealership. The Welding Training & Certification event consists of four components such as Welding Capability & Readiness Assessment, Welding Theory Instruction, Hands-on practice and coaching, and Welding Certification test.

The hands-on MIG Brazing course is a four-hour event conducted in-shop at independent repair facility or your dealership.

The Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding course is conducted in a classroom and a four-hour event with demonstrations.

Prior to scheduling the Welding Training & Certification event, dealerships and dealer-sponsored facilities must have the following list of equipment and tools on-hand including Steel GMA (MIG) Welding (WCS03), Steel Sectioning (SPS05), Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding (WCA03), and MIG Brazing Hands-On Skills Development (BRZ02).

Please schedule the I-CAR Welding event at your location by downloading and completing the Registration Form once you’ve verified that your dealership or independent repair facility has the required tools and equipment.

General Motors Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

You can discover about General Motors current internship recruitment and apply at General Motors at once.

You can get detailed information about the department you want to apply for after reviewing the application process for the internship program.

Embrace an opportunity to make a difference in your career by doing an internship at the General Motors.

Available internship positions at General Motors include Summer Intern, Electrical Engineer Intern, Engineering Intern, Industrial Engineer Intern, Finance Intern, Human Resources Intern, and Mechanical Engineering Intern.

Explore General Motors’ Entry-Level Opportunities


Becoming a part of the Communications team at General Motors will offer you the opportunity to help support Chevrolet Communications initiatives.

You can join the company if you’re working on a graduate or undergraduate degree in Communications, Journalism or Public Relations or Marketing.

Creative Design

General Motors seeks dedicated, creative students to assist in developing original, innovative, and fresh designs for vehicles and components.

Customer Care and After-sales

General Motors’ team focuses on after-market, manufacturing and retail components for the company’s enterprise.

By learning from General Motors teams in seven interrelated areas, you will develop the experience. These seven, interrelated areas include After-sales Engineering, Global Enterprise Solutions, Lean Warehousing Operations, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Service Operations, and Supply Chain and logistics.


General Motors builds nonstop, worldwide innovation on a strong financial foundation. The company’s Global Corporate Finance is geared to produce the next generation of financial leaders that work within Operations Finance and the Treasurer’s Office.

General Motors is investing in your future with two distinct opportunities to fit your level of education and experience such as Manager TRACK for those with an MBA and Development TRACK for those with bachelor’s degrees, and several years of work experience.

Fold your sleeves and make an impact in global finance areas such as Investor Relations; Product Development; Controllership, Tax, Audit and Global Business Services; Treasury Operations; Global Connected Customer Experience; Purchasing and Supply Chain; Sales, Service and Marketing; Corporate Development & Global Mergers & Acquisition; Manufacturing; Financial Planning and Analysis; Customer Care and After-sales; and Capital Markets.

The lengths of the program and assignment are three years for the program and twelve months for the assignments.

General Motors Corporate Culture and Values

277 employees at General Motors have reviewed General Motors across various culture dimensions, providing their opinions on items ranging from executive ratings to the pace at work. The latest review was today.

Overall, the 277 General Motors employees give their leadership a grade of C+, or Top 50% of similar size companies in the US. This comprises precise ratings of their executive team, CEO, and manager.

Employees at General Motors are generally satisfied with their total compensation, which includes a combination of pay, stock and equity, and benefits. Overall, 277 Participants rate their compensation at General Motors a B+, or Top 20% of similar size companies in the US.

Overall, employees at General Motors are generally satisfied with their team. 277 Participants grade the quality of their coworkers a C. Less than half believe the meetings at General Motors are effective, and the majority look forward to interacting with their coworkers.

The majority of General Motors employees believe the environment is positive. Most Participants believe the pace of work at General Motors is comfortably fast. About 57% of the employees at General Motors work 8 hours or less.

Overall, the employees at General Motors are generally happy, based on their aggregated ratings of future outlook, customer perception, and their excitement going to work. The 277 employees who participated believe the future outlook of General Motors is positive.

General Motors Job Application – How to Start a Career (the Hiring Process)

General Motors, an automaker that is based in Detroit, Michigan, recruits more than 200,000 employees in the United States. Most of the employees work at plants in Michigan and Ohio.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union represents about 50,000 General Motors workers, according to the New York Times.

The union represents production workers and skilled trade workers, but does not represent office workers, executives and other white-collar General Motors employees.

When these workers begin their employment, they automatically become UAW members. General Motors’ union workers, in right-to-work states, may avoid paying union dues but may still receive union representation.

Here are a few steps to take to apply for jobs at General Motors.

Step 1:

Use a program such as Microsoft Word to create a resume and save it as a PDF on your computer.

Step 2:

Go to the General Motors careers website at and register by clicking on the candidate profile link. Accept the General Motors’ privacy agreement and register as a new user.

Create a unique username and password and include your email address. Write down your username and password and store them in a safe place for future reference.

Step 3:

Right under candidate profile, create your personal profile and follow the prompts. Once you’ve registered and accepted the privacy agreement, the link will appear. It takes about 20 minutes to create your profile.

Next is to upload your resume and provide personal information, educational background and work experience. There are also some brief questions you must have to answer, to help the recruiters assess your potential.

Step 4:

On the General Motors careers website, browse the job listings to search for opportunities. The website features a search bar where you can look for openings by job title, business functions or location. You can input entry level as keywords in the job title field for possible positions.

Step 5

Determine which positions interest you, and consider your skills, strengths and career goals. Be aware that only production jobs such as design positions and engineering are union-backed posts.

General Motors office jobs and white-collar executive and management positions are not affiliated with UAW.

Step 6:

Submit your credentials for jobs that interest you to enter your personal profile into the company’s candidate database, which locates potential matches.

Step 7:

Schedule an interview with the company, to be contacted by the General Motors manager to set up an in-person or a phone interview if the manager determines that you are a good candidate for the position.

The interview will provide you with an opportunity to relate your skills, education and work experience to the position you’ve applied for.

Step 8:

Wait for a decision by the recruiter who interviewed you. The recruiter will evaluate your strengths and may offer the job if you are the most qualified individual for the position.

According to the company’s website, General Motors provides you with feedback on hiring decisions in a timely way.

Step 9:

When you are offered the job, you need to accept it. You will be assisted in the orientation process.

Step 10:

Complete the UAW membership paperwork by signing the authorization form, which permits the union to subtract monthly dues from your paychecks. Remember that, if you live in a right-to-work state, you do not have to agree to pay union dues.

General Motors Benefits and Compensation

General Motors begins to look out for your well-being from the day you start to work with them, both at home and at work, so you can focus on realizing your ambitions.

The company’s benefits package includes:


The General Motors health benefits program includes vision plan, dental plan, comprehensive medical plan, and triple tax-advantaged health savings account with GM contribution.


This benefits package offers you approximately 16 annual paid holidays; vacation time, generally ranging from 3 weeks to up to 6 weeks, based on service; and competitive paid parental leave for mothers, fathers and adoptive parents.


The company offers 401(k) with both matching and retirement contributions as retirement benefits.

Additional benefits

This benefits plan includes voluntary benefits, life insurance, tuition assistance, disability benefits, adoption assistance, employee and family discounts on GM vehicles.

General Motors Work/Life Balance

The Work/Life Balance at General Motors is rated a B- by 240 employees putting it in the Top 40% of similar size companies in the US. 74% of General Motors employees are satisfied with their work/life balance while 47% feel they are burnt out.

About 57% of the employees at General Motors work eight hours or less. The Majority of General Motors employees are satisfied with their work/life balance and do not feel burnt out.

In general, employees who have been at the company less than 1 Year and employees with Entry Level experience believe they have good work/life balance while employees in the Sales department and employees in the HR department think there is room for improvement.

In addition, employees need a well proportioned work/life balance for them to be happy and productive.


If you are thinking of starting a career with General Motors and achieving greater success in your career, this post will help you with the information you need to know more about working at the Company.

You will also learn about the history of General Motors Corporation, its mission and aspiration to create a safer and smarter world, so that you will be able to make a better decision about choosing a career at the Company.

If you find this post helpful in learning about careers, jobs, and employment at the General Motors Corporation, kindly leave a comment in the box below. You can also share any experience you’ve had with General Motors if you are or had been an employee of the company.

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