Walmart Automotive Technician Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Walmart Automotive Technician Job Description
Walmart Automotive Technicians diagnose, repair, and maintain automobiles. Image source:

Walmart Automotive Technician Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides exhaustive information on the job description of a Walmart automotive technician, to help improve your knowledge of what they do.

It highlights the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that typically make up the Walmart automotive technician work description.

It also presents the common requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the automotive technician role at Walmart or other similar companies.

Please, read on to increase your knowledge of the Walmart automotive technician career:

What Does a Walmart Automotive Technician Do?

A Walmart automotive technician performs arrays of functions and roles which may include diagnosing, repairing, and maintenance of automobiles.

He/she also helps to repair, maintain, and inspect cars, light trucks, and other vehicles as the situation arises.

A Walmart automotive technician may also be referred to as a service technician, automobile technician, auto mechanic, auto technician, or service tech.

In other words, a Walmart automotive technician refers to one whose profession is to help customers change oil, tires, and other general maintenance in regards to their cars or vehicles generally.

The Walmart automotive technician job description entails duties including but not be restricted to the repair and preventive maintenance of automotive equipment, performing emissions inspections, diagnostic testing of vehicles, replacement of worn components, and other tasks like working on brakes, engines, steering, and electrical systems.

One of the core tasks carried out by a Walmart automotive technician involves performing routine automotive maintenance tasks, including tire rotations, oil changes, transmission flushes, battery installations, front-end alignments, headlight/taillight installations, and air conditioner re-charges on customer’s vehicles.

Another function of an automotive technician at Walmart involves the conduction of extensive diagnostic procedures to determine the sources of customers’ problems, and the provision of accurate repair recommendations to fully solve or rectify customers’ problems without a hitch whatsoever.

A Walmart automotive technician is also saddled with the responsibility of conducting necessary repairs and taking vehicles for test drives to verify soundness or stability after having made adequate repairs to ascertain the elimination of the problem earlier diagnosed.

He/she is usually also charged with the role of maintaining legible and accurate paperwork for both the customer and for the company’s records, making sure that every vehicle inspection is done according to the state’s requirements for emissions and safety protocols.

It is also of high importance for the automotive technician to be able to maintain a working knowledge of current industry best practices in automotive repair to provide his/her customers with utmost satisfaction whenever they encounter and relay arising problems with their vehicles.
The Walmart automotive technician must also ensure the cleaning and maintenance of the work environment to ensure equipment longevity and workplace safety.

Individuals who want to work as an automotive technician at Walmart or other similar companies are required to possess some crucial skills or characteristics that enable efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Some of these important skills may include automotive and engine repair experience, understanding of automotive air-conditioning systems, and ability to use the diagnostic equipment; good hand-eye coordination, well-developed technical skills, and good interpersonal skills.

They are also expected to have excellent time management skills, strong multitasking skills, and physical strength and stamina, and impeccable mechanical skills.

In terms of academic qualifications, to become an automotive technician at Walmart or other organizations, you are expected to have completed at least an Associate degree program in Auto Maintenance and Repair and an ASE certification.

The ideal candidate for the automotive technician job is also expected to have acquired some experience as a lube technician or service technician.

Walmart Automotive Technician Salary: The average salary for a Walmart automotive technician, according to ZipRecruiter, is $49,965 annually.

Walmart Automotive Technician Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Walmart automotive technicians perform the following tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Performing maintenance and repair on customers’ vehicles
  • Identifying problems with vehicles using the diagnostic equipment provided
  • Carrying out basic auto care and maintenance tasks such as oil changes, tire rotation, and fluid level checks
  • Repairing and replacing wheel bearings, brake pads, sensors, and other parts
  • Explaining automotive repairs and issues while providing great customer service
  • Keeping the work environment or repair shop clean and organized
  • Carrying out routine maintenance and general mechanic works on cars and other vehicles
  • Planning repair procedures using manuals, charts, and experience
  • Testing the soundness or functionality of parts and systems in vehicles.

Walmart automotive technician Job Description for Resume

If you are making a new resume or CV and have worked before at Walmart as an automotive technician, you can create an impressive work experience section for the resume by utilizing the Walmart automotive technician job description example shown above.

By highlighting the duties and responsibilities that you have carried out as an automotive technician in the professional experience section of your resume/CV, you will be able to convince the recruiter/employer that you have been successful on the role.

This piece of information can significantly boost the quality of your resume, especially if the new position that you are applying for requires some automotive technician work experience.

Walmart Automotive Technician Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

The essential skills and qualifications that are required to work as an automotive technician at Walmart and other companies include:

  • Ability to operate all auto repair tools efficiently
  • Adequate knowledge of all diagnostic equipment and tools
  • Efficient physical strength to lift objects that weigh as much as 50 lbs.
  • High School diploma or an Associate degree program in Auto Maintenance and Repair
  • ASE certification
  • Performance of routine maintenance and other tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to maintain a professional appearance and subsequently providing friendly customer service
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license.


This post is helpful to individuals interested in the automotive technician career at Walmart or in other similar companies.

They will be able to learn and increase their knowledge of the duties and responsibilities associated with the automotive technician role, and so are able to decide if that’s the right job for them.

It is also useful to recruiters/employers seeking to find and employ the best people to work as an automotive technician in their organizations.

They can apply the sample Walmart automotive technician job description on this page in making a detailed description of the vacant position for use in the hiring process.

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