Hospital Pharmacy Technician Job Description Example

Hospital Pharmacy Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Hospital Pharmacy Technicians prepare and dispense medications to patients under supervision of pharmacists. Image source:

Hospital Pharmacy Technician Job Description Example

A hospital pharmacy technician helps hospital staff pharmacists in preparing and dispensing medications to patients undergoing treatments in the hospital.

The job description of the hospital pharmacy technician is identical to that of technicians that work in a public pharmacy, save for the fact that they get medication orders from hospital staff, instead of receiving prescriptions expressly from the patient.

Also, they do not collect payment for medications given.

When hospital pharmacy technicians take orders for medication from nurses or ward clerks, they arrange the quantity of medication ordered.

In hospitals that have an automated medication dispensing system, the correct numbers of capsules or tablets are automatically dispensed into a cup or bottle for delivery to the patient who needs it.

In case a hospital does not have the automated dispensing system, it is the duty of a pharmacy technician to count out the capsules or tablets manually.

Hospital pharmacy technicians may at times compound medications.

Among the type of medications that a hospital pharmacy technician compounds may include elixirs, in which he mixes a medication with a syrup base, or ointments consisting of a medication mixed into a semisolid base meant for topical application.

Pharmacy technicians use standardized recipes to create compounded medications.
Eventually, the hospital staff pharmacist would be responsible for the actions of hospital pharmacy technicians who work under them.

In other words, the pharmacist would still have to review the pharmacy technician’s work and approve all medications made before they are allowed for patient use.

Once the staff pharmacist has completed his/her review and has checked the prescription against the finished medication, the medication is then ready for delivery.

Depending on the policy of the hospital, a hospital pharmacy technician may deliver an already prepared medication to the floor staff for distribution on the floor.

In few hospitals, the technician’s role may also include going round and delivering the medications directly to the patients.

If patients have any questions about the medications, the technician would arrange for a health care professional like a pharmacist, nurse, or doctor to discuss the patient’s concerns.

Hospital Pharmacy Technician Job Description Example

Given below is an example of hospital pharmacy technician job description, showing a list of major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that someone holding the position would be expected to perform in a hospital:

  • Supply medicines to patients, over the counter or on prescription
  • Assemble medicines for prescriptions
  • Manage areas of medicines supply like the dispensaries
  • Supervise other pharmacy staff when necessary
  • Produce medicines in the pharmaceutical industry and in hospitals
  • File Prescriptions
  • Mix chemotherapy, fluids and feeding solutions for intravenous use under the direct supervision of a pharmacist
  • Deliver medications to the nursing units in the hospital premises
  • Responsible for inventory control in the hospital pharmacy
  • Rotate stock, remove expired medications and perform other inventory control duties
  • May be assigned to work in a particular nursing unit
  • Involved in labeling and assembling dispensed items
  • Check expiry dates of drugs, advise nurses on the correct mode of medicine storage and discuss the needs of the wards with the staffs and nurses
  • Purchase medicines from wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies
  • Ensure supplies are delivered accordingly
  • Help patients in understanding how to use their medicines safely when they return home and in the wards.

Hospital Pharmacy Technician Resume Preparation

A resume for seeking the job of hospital pharmacy technician can be prepared using information from the above sample job description, especially in making the employment history part of the resume.

Minimum Requirements for Hospital Pharmacy Technician Job Position

Here are key requirements to meet to be considered for employment as pharmacy technician by most hospital managements:

  • Possess a minimum of B.Pharm from a reputable institution
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Must have a Pharmacy Technician Certificate from a government recognized Health Institution
  • Must have a current annual license.