Walmart Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Walmart hiring process.
The hiring process at Walmart normally takes a few weeks.

Walmart Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Walmart involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes you need to successfully complete to be employed by the Company.

Please, read on to learn about the Walmart recruitment process and increase your chances of being employed by the Company:

Walmart Company Overview

Walmart is a world renowned retail company that has numerous stores in various locations around the western world. It is headquartered in U.S, Bentonville, Arkansas precisely.

It’s well respected and listed among the top corporations with the largest number of employees.

The company is being controlled by the family of Sam Walton – the founder, this makes Walmart a family-owned business traded publicly.

Moreover, this very huge retail company has generated 500 billion dollars, thus, making it the largest company in terms of revenue.

Walmart Hiring Process

To get hired by Walmart or become one of their paid staffs, you have to pass through their hiring process.

The Walmart hiring process consists of the following stages:

  1. The Job Application Process

Walmart usually receives online applications only, and not otherwise. The application form can be filled at your house or at any hiring kiosk at Walmart within your reach.
However, it is highly recommended that you do this at home, since there would be less distraction and enough time to complete the process.

In order to fill the application form at home, find and visit Walmart careers website. You will be requested to create an account that has a password.

After logging in, you will have access to fill in your information that is usually requested during a job application.

2. Job Assessment Test

This particular stage of the Walmart employment process assesses knowledge that evaluates how employees would handle certain circumstances that concerns customers, supervisors, fellow colleagues, and other difficulties generally.

The outcome of this process puts you either in what Walmart terms “Tier 1” or “Tier 2”. Applicants who fall in Tier 1 are preferred to the ones in Tier 2.

The term “Tier 1” is being used to grade and categorise the set of people who did excellently well in the job assessment test, by providing flawless answers to more than 85 percent of the test questions.

“Tier 2” is the category of applicants who didn’t perform very well in the job assessment test, and do not have a good chance of getting the job”

This is the reason you have to ensure that you are enlisted among the Tier 1 candidates, due to the likelihood of being employed.

As an applicant, getting into the Tier 1 category can be made possible by preparing your mind on how to answer about 65 questions that are based on Walmart, your previous place of work, and your personality, and how to resolve frequent occurring problems amongst colleagues.

Answering the questions shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Ensure you carefully read and fully understand the questions, and then provide honest and specific answers to them.

Don’t be neutral when answering questions, strongly agree or disagree with questions that are being asked. This reflects that you are confident, sure of your answers, and not timid.

3. Job Interview Process

Walmart usually carries out two job interviews. Your performance on the first interview usually determines if you would be called for the second and final interview, which leads to the job.

Questions that will be asked on the second interview are almost the same as the first one, but they are bit tricky and not as shallow as the interview questions.

Just one person is normally picked out of three applicants that are interviewed together.

The Walmart interview questions can be slightly tricky questions. For example:

  • “Did you disagree with any policy at your previous place of work?”
  • “Did you make any attempt to change that policy?”
  • “What steps did you take in changing the policy?”

After this first interview, you will be sent home with an assurance that you will be contacted in seven days.

If Walmart has interest in you, they will call you for the second interview. This absolutely shows that you were the preferred applicant amongst the three individuals who participated in the interview.

The second interview is nearly the same as the first one, but you will be asked a few different questions.

For example:

  • “Have you dealt with a tough situation before? And how did you go about it?”

You will be given some paperwork to fill, if they have decided to choose you for the job.

Walmart usually ensures you pass through a drug screening test, if it is necessary for the position you are applying for.

After checking the results of the drug test, you will be contacted for orientation if you have been employed.

However, getting a call for a job requires you to make use of some tips that will give you an edge during the interview.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for Walmart job interview successfully:

  • Have an absolute understanding and knowledge about the role you are applying for. Inquire about the duties and responsibilities performed by a personnel occupying the position you are applying for.
  • Make research about Walmart, discover their core values and what they are delighted to receive from an employee.
  • Have the knowledge on how their interview is being structured, by enquiring from previous employees who have passed through the interview process.
  • Don’t forget that there is a specific outfit that must be worn when attending an interview. Ensure your attire is something that would give you an edge in the interview.

4. How Long Does the Hiring Process Take?

Getting recruited by Walmart does not require a lot of time, provided you have completed the job application process.

However, recruiting an applicant might take a bit long sometimes. This is as a result of the company still deciding if the applicant is competent or suitable enough for the job.

Normally, it takes only a few weeks to get recruited by Walmart.

5. The Orientation Process

Applicants looking to getting a job at Walmart must be prepared for orientation after being hired.

The orientation process helps you to learn about the position or job you applied for and the company, Walmart.

Orientation in Walmart normally takes three days. Learning with paperwork and videos occurs during the first two days.

On the third day, the learning process is done using a computer to carry out series of modules.

Major Walmart Careers and Jobs Available

Walmart has various careers and jobs for employees, but the most significant and major ones are:

• Cashier.
• Department manager.
• Sales associate.
• Remodel associate.
• Fresh food associate.
• Cart attendant and janitorial.

The listed positions above are vital to ensuring the activities of the company are being carried out without defects or interruptions.

What to Expect Working at Walmart

Before applying for a job at Walmart, you have to prepare your mind and get informed about happenings at the company (both positive and negative situations) that you might encounter as an employee.

According to both present and past staffs at Walmart, here are possible situations to expect when working at Walmart:

  • Coping with various managers: there is a tendency that you will work under the supervision and command of different managers. Some managers might be very uneasy to work with, while some might be easy-going and tolerant. Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself prior to the time you would meet such managers.
  • Rude customers: some customers have no polite words to say to attendants, they can be very rude and annoying while speaking to employees. As an employee that is willing to contribute to the good reputation of your company, you have to work on your temperament, and then be tolerant enough to cope with such customers.
  • Meeting divergent groups of people: working at Walmart will cause to you meet lots and lots of people with different habits. Some people might be nice to you, while others might not. But the most important thing is your ability to cope with anyone you come across.
  • Walmart is very concerned about the wellbeing of their employees: Walmart is known for granting a few days, weeks, or months off work to employees who have been working with them for more than a year. There are other benefits to receive as a long-term and devoted staff.
  • Uniform: almost all Walmart employees are always on uniform when they are on duty. This means that you have to be on the company’s uniform all the time during work, and not in some casual outfits.


Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, and they have provided jobs to more than two million people across the globe.

You too can gain employment with Walmart by applying the information on this page to learn about the hiring process at the company, and how to effectively make your job application and prepare for assessment tests and interviews.

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