Unit Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Unit clerk resume
Even though unit clerk jobs are competitive, however, having a good resume can make it easier to get. Even though unit clerk jobs are competitive, however, having a good resume can make it easier to get. Image source: Stenbergcollege.com

Unit Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you have seen an open unit clerk position and think you possess the skills to help you get the job, the wise thing to do is to prepare a good resume to help you convince the hiring manager or potential employer.

Unit clerks work mostly in hospital settings where their major responsibility is to help physicians and nurses to ensure smooth operation in the unit where they are placed.

To obtain a job as a unit clerk often does not require one to have a medical related certification.

Usually, a high school diploma and strong clerical skills is good enough to help one get a job as a unit clerk.

But the requirements for each unit clerk position depend on the needs of the hiring clinic.

Creating a great unit clerk resume can be a daunting task if you don’t how to go about it.

Worst still, if you succeed in creating an unappealing resume, it may likely end up in the bin and that means the end for your search for the job.

However, knowing the specific expectations of the hiring firm for an ideal candidate for the unit clerk position that they advertised, and creating your resume to meet such expectations can be all you need to land your next unit clerk job.

Again, before creating your resume, you may adopt a format that bears the following key sections:

Objective Section

The right objective statement on your unit clerk resume may be all you need to make that good impression on the hiring manager and win yourself an interview.

So, make sure that you utilize the objective section of your resume to highlight your intention to work with the clinic, and the expertise you possess to succeed on the job.

Now see examples:

Examples of Unit Clerk Objective Statement for Resume

  • Desiring the position of a unit clerk with Green Health Clinic where outstanding patient focus service, empathy, and competence in administrative functions, will be utilized to improve patient experience.
  • Seeking the position of a unit clerk in a reputable health clinic where vast experience in clerical and administrative positions and proven ability to handle pressure and work stress maturely will be put to utmost use.

Core Competence Section

This part of your unit clerk resume should be where you inform the hiring manager of your skills and expertise that you are bringing to the job if employed.

To make sure that this section is effective, you must use strong keywords related to the position to highlight your skills and make sure you present each skill in bullet points.

This makes the section easy to read, and your skills making strong impact on the hirer.

Job Experience Section

Any prior experience as a clerk or administrative staff within a hospital setting may be very essential in convincing the hirer of your capability to perform as a unit clerk.

So, do not neglect the work history section of your resume as it assures employers that you are capable of performing the duties and responsibilities of the unit clerk job.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Though it is not necessary that you have a medical related training or background to be considered to work as a unit clerk, it is however useful that you meet the educational requirements for the position before creating your resume.

So, if you meet the educational qualification for the position, you should ensure to include it and other professional training/certification you may have completed in your resume.

And now is a resume example for the job of a unit clerk where the various sections discussed above have been integrated:

Unit Clerk Resume Example/Sample/Template

Kate Meyer
86 Union Street, Dover, Delaware
Home: (+1)674-6738, Cell: (+1)567-8945


Desiring the position of a unit clerk with Green Health Clinic where outstanding patient focus service, empathy, and competence in administrative functions, will be utilized to improve patient experience.

Core Competence

  • Outstanding patient focus and empathy
  • Emotional maturity and ability to handle pressure and work and stress
  • Strong administrative and clerical skills
  • Strong understanding of medication routine and medical instructions
  • Proficient in computer and other office equipment
  • Superb oral and written communication ability
  • Strong telephone etiquette and good memory
  • Good stamina to multitask an work for extended period.

Job Experience

Delaware Central Hospital, Dover, Delaware
Unit Clerk
2010 -2015

  • Greeted and welcomed patients
  • Obtained and documented new patients information
  • Confirmed the identity of old patients
  • Manually and electronically stored and retrieved patients’ information
  • Scheduled appointments for old and new patients to see medical practitioners
  • Assisted patients with disabilities to vehicles or locate offices
  • Answered patients’ inquiries and obtained information via telephone conversation
  • Assisted patients’ to fill important forms, including the medical insurance form
  • Ensured that the unit is neat and tidy
  • Assisted in the procurement of medical supplies for the unit
  • Assisted physicians in transcribing medical prescriptions and instructions to patients.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Dover High School, Dover, Delaware, High School Diploma, 2009.

You can use the above sample resume as a template in learning and writing your own unit clerk resume whenever you need to apply for a new job.


For every vacant unit clerk position available, you should expect to have several applicants for it. To be ahead of the competition, you will need to be able to make a good resume to present to recruiters.

A resume that can effectively tell employers that you have the needed skills, expertise, and experience to give excellent performance on the job will very likely win you an interview appointment with them.

You can make your chances to get your desired unit clerk job brighter by learning how to write a resume yourself using the tips and examples shared in this post.

Did you find our unit clerk resume writing tips and examples useful? Please make your comment in the box below. You can also share your experience working as a unit clerk if you are one.

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