Nanny Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Nanny resume example
With a good nanny resume, you can be the first on employer’s choice list.

Nanny Resume Writing Tips and Example

Much may not be required of a nanny in terms of academic qualifications. However, a good resume is indispensable in landing a nanny job.

This post will provide you with tips on how to write a good resume for the job of a nanny, and also an example of a nanny resume, which you can use as a template in making yours.

The job of a nanny centers on caring for other people’s children. So, to be a nanny or get a job as one requires a lot in terms of personal attributes.

You need a good resume to convince child care homes or families that you are capable of taking care of their children.

You must be able to prove to the family or child care home that you are an individual of impeccable character and since the potential hirer may not have met you in person, your resume should serve as a good representation of your person.

The good thing about a great resume is that it paints you in a positive light and convinces the hirer of your ability to take care of children under your care.

The big question now is how you go about creating a good resume. This shouldn’t be a big problem because making one only requires following a set of guidelines and choosing an appropriate format.

The difference in format and formatting is also not a big problem. A format is no other than having a resume broken up into sections, with each section conveying particular information to employers.

Also, ensure you choose a good font and font size. Again, each section should be appropriately labeled and presented in bullet style to make for easy access.

Importantly, you shouldn’t make mistake of writing a lengthy resume because it may end up not being read by the hirer.

Now, let us explain how to write the various sections of a good nanny resume, starting with the objective section:

Nanny Resume Objective Section

This section of your resume is where you state your interest in serving as a nanny, what motivates you, and the qualities you possess that make you outstanding.

You may also want to include your personal philosophies that are in line with nanny job, and your passion for the job.

Mind you, all these should be compressed to just two or three sentences.

Examples of Nanny Objective Statement for Resume

  • Warm and nurturing live-in Nanny seeking a position with Mr. Gregory’s family. Offer vast experience in child care and exceptional housekeeping skills that will contribute to the physical and mental growth of children and upkeep of the family.
  • To obtain a position as a Nanny with Manhattan Nannies where my love for children and their development will contribute to the physical and academic growth of children.

Above are two examples of good resume objective statements. Both are specifically directed to hirers.

While the first one is directed to the Gregory’s who probably are in need of a live-in nanny, the second one is directed to the Manhattan nannies.

Also, the first is more of an experienced resume objective because the nanny is offering experience, while the second is offering his/her love for children and their development, and can be utilized by an entry-level nanny.

Core competence Section

If you think you have the qualities it takes to be a nanny, then this section gives you the chance to highlight your qualities and win the heart of the employer.

If after this section you fail to impress your potential hirer, then you can as well say goodbye to the job.

Endeavor to use action words to convey your skills and qualities. Secondly, it yields better result to present this section in bullet form so that the employer will be able to view all you have to offer at a glance.

Also, your skills and competencies are better presented in short sentences or keywords.

Job Experience Section

If the nanny job you seek requires experience, this section to make your own experience count. Mind you that there may be other applicants with experience in nanny and childcare jobs.

However, you should make yours stand out. To achieve this, you need to use action keywords to highlight your achievements while on your previous job(s).

Do not forget to list the name of the employers, be they companies or families, and the period you worked with them.

Remember that a good resume needs to be concise. So, if you have worked with ten families or companies, the best thing to do is to highlight the most recent two or three.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Like it was said earlier, much is not required of an applicant for a nanny position in terms of educational qualification.

However, most families feel comfortable leaving their kids in the care of a nanny that is educated to at least high school diploma level.

This is because the children are expected to learn a lot from the nanny academically and morally. So, if you have any educational qualification, this is the section to tell the hirer.

Remember to list the name of the school, certificate obtained and year of graduation.

Any other membership of a union or training program in the field of childcare can also be included.

Reference Section

Professionally, it is better to leave out this section except when the hirer demands you include it in your resume or upon request.

However, most families or hirers would want to talk to one or two persons that know you professionally or personally. So, get ready at least two persons who can attest to your personality if need be.

To enable you create your own nanny resume; see an example below, which can serve as a template to follow when making your own:

Nanny Resume Example/Sample/Template
Maggie Ferdinand
67 Childcare Street, Manhattan, New York.
Home: (111) 577-8880, Cell: (111) 975-8880.

Objective: Warm and nurturing live-in Nanny seeking a position with Mr. Gregory’s family. Offer vast experience in child care and exceptional housekeeping skills that will contribute to the physical and mental growth of children and upkeep of the family.

Core Competence

  • Over 5 years’ progressive experience as a nanny
  • Impeccable driving skills, clean driving record and current New York driver’s license
  • Friendly and tolerant
  • Ability to instill discipline in children
  • Ability to assist children to learn relevant social skills
  • Honest and trustworthy.

Job Experience

Mr. Guy Rudd’s Family, Manhattan, New York
Live-In Nanny
2013 – 2015

  • Looked after children of ages 1 to 7
  • Taught them etiquette and instilled discipline in them
  • Washed children’s clothes and nappies
  • Prepared and conveyed the children to school and other academic and social events
  • Ensured that the children’s room and play areas are kept neat and free from harmful objects
  • Cooked food and prepared formulas for infants
  • Administered first aid to any injured child
  • Administered medication o any sick child
  • Assist the children in writing their assignments
  • Organize and lead indoor and outdoor recreational activities
  • Informed parents of any misbehavior or emotional issue.

Mr. Benson Brew’s Family, Manhattan, New York
Live-In Nanny
2010 – 2013

  • Took care of children of ages 3 – 12
  • Washed children’s clothes, nappies, plates, and feeding utensils
  • Prepared the children for social and academic events
  • Kept the children’s surroundings neat and tidy
  • Assisted the children in doing their home work
  • Assisted the family in grocery shopping
  • Cooked food and prepared formulas for infants
  • Administered first aid to any injured child
  • Administered medication o any sick child
  • Settled disputes among the children and advised them on issues bothering them.

Education and Professional Qualifications

  • New York State University, Manhattan, NY, Associate Degree Montessori and Childcare Education, 2010
  • Community High School, Manhattan, NY, High School Diploma, 2008
  • Training and Certificate in First Aid and CPR, 2009.


Available on request.


You can make employers’ choice for the post of a nanny if you present a stronger resume than other applicants.

Take advantage of the tips and example presented above to learn and master the act of writing good resumes, and start making them by yourself whenever you need to apply for a nanny job.

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