Shipping Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Shipping clerk resume
Looking for a shipping clerk job? If so, improve your chances of getting it with a good resume.

Shipping clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you think you are qualified to apply for the position of a shipping clerk, the necessary thing to do is to prepare a good resume to help you convey your intention and expertise to the hiring manager.

Shipping clerks are indispensable employees in companies that handle shipment of manufactured items or materials.

In most of such companies, these employees double as shipping and receiving clerks but when the size of operation is large, the position is separated to ensure efficiency.

Preparing a great resume for the position of shipping clerk can be difficult and fruitless if you are ignorant of the tricks involved in the art of resume writing.

However, the good news is that preparing a resume for the position is not as difficult as some people may think; just follow the tips and examples in this post and you will start creating great resumes for yourself.

Making a shipping clerk resume, what to take note of

Firstly, a good resume for the position of shipping clerk must be created bearing in mind the specific needs of the hiring company for the position.

This includes knowing the skills, academic qualification, and expertise required of applicants for the shipping clerk position.

Secondly, the resume must be created in a concise manner so that it only contains information that is relevant to the shipping clerk position, and is also easy for employers to quickly go through it.

Lastly, the layout to be adopted for the shipping clerk resume must allow the writer to highlight key sections to make the resume stand out.

The key sections include:

Objective Section

A hirer starts gauging your suitability for a position from the quality of the objective section of your resume.

So, the objective section of your resume must be written in a manner that will not only convince the hirer of your ability to excel as a shipping clerk, but the value you intend adding to the shipping process.

Despite the necessity to make this section detailed, it must be concise and limited to a sentence or two.
Here are two examples to make it clearer:

Examples of Shipping Clerk Objective Statement for Resume

  • Applying for the position of a shipping clerk with Inland Logistics Company where energy, vast experience in shipping management, and strong ability to store and retrieve information, will be fully utilized to guarantee effective shipping operations.
  • Looking for the position of a shipping clerk in a reputable Logistics company. Offer competence in shipping clerical duties, strong ability to follow instructions, and exceptional time management skills.

Core Competence Section

The core competence part of the resume allows you to inform the hiring manager of your skills and expertise as a shipping clerk.

In writing this section, do not include skills that are not relevant to the shipping clerk position that you are applying for.

Job Experience Section

If you have worked in any position related to shipping or logistics management, it is very important that you inform the hiring manager of such experience.

This may improve your chances of being invited for interview because hiring managers generally love to work with people with experience of the job who can carry out the duties and responsibilities of the position with little or no supervision.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

This section of your shipping clerk resume is where you highlight educational qualifications as well as professional certifications that you have completed.

This is an important segment of your resume that assists the hiring manager to determine if you have the right education and background for the job.

With the above four sections, you can have a great resume created.

Here is an example of a shipping clerk resume written by putting the above sections together. You can also quickly and easily create your resume using the sample as a template.

Shipping Clerk Resume Example/Sample/Template

John Coors
23 Cross Street, Tucson, Arizona
Home: (+1)975-6756, Cell: (+1)987-4554

Objective: Seeking the position of a shipping clerk with Inland Logistics Company where energy, vast experience in shipping management, and strong ability to store and retrieve information, will be fully utilized to guarantee effective shipping operations.

Core Competence

  • Vast experience in shipping management and operations
  • Outstanding knowledge of shipping procedures and safety regulations
  • Ability to follow instructions strictly
  • Exceptional ability to manage time and meet tight deadlines
  • Strong ability to work shifts and overtime
  • Exceptional ability to handle shipping and warehouse equipment like pallet jack, and forklift
  • Ability to perform minor repairs and maintenance on work equipment
  • Strong ability to store, update, and retrieve shipping information
  • Ability to work on customized shipping database applications
  • Strong multitasking, communication and team play ability

Job Experience

Ocean View Logistics Company
2013 – Present

  • Ensure that every outbound shipment correspond to description on the shipping invoice
  • Ensure that every outbound shipment is properly packed and labeled
  • Report any discrepancy or defect to the supervisor to make sure they are corrected or replaced
  • Process shipping orders and invoices and arrange for timely transportation of orders
  • Work with the warehouse department to verify stock availability
  • Manage customized shipping database application to track the movement of merchandize in transit
  • Manually and electronically record all shipping information
  • Update and retrieve shipping data/information when necessary
  • Manually or mechanically move merchandize from the warehouse to loading area
  • Supervise the loading of cargo and trucks to ensure safe handling and packing
  • Carryout maintenance on tools and equipment utilized in the shipping process
  • Ensure that stock is always available to meet orders
  • Report to the supervisor on the progress of each shipment.

Clear View Logistics Company
Shipping Assistant

  • Assisted the shipping clerk in processing shipping orders and invoices
  • Utilized pallet jack and forklift in packing and bringing out merchandize
  • Ensured that items to be shipped are accurate in number and free of defect
  • Ensured that items to be shipped are properly labeled
  • Assisted in loading trucks and cargoes using forklifts
  • Made sure that each shipping document is appropriately vetted.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Tucson High School, Tucson, Arizona, High School Diploma, 2011.


To stand a better chance of being hired as a shipping clerk you need to present a good resume to employers.

And the good thing is that you can use the tips and examples shared in this post in learning how to write resumes that can effectively communicate your skills, expertise, and experience to employers to cause them to want to discuss the job further with you in an interview.

Did this post help you to write a good resume for the shipping clerk job? Please make your comment in the box below, including additional resume writing tips that you have found really helpful.

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