Pet Sitter Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 27, 2023
Pet sitter resume
To be effective, your pet sitter resume must reflect love for dogs or other pets you are expected to care for.

Pet Sitter Resume Writing Tips and Example

To employ a pet sitter, most pet owners usually look out for certain qualities, such as love for pets and knowledge of pet care in the resumes sent by applicants.

Therefore, to convince pet owners or a potential employer that you are a good fit for the job, you need to create a good resume that highlights such skills and qualifications.

A great pet sitter resume should have all the skills, personal attributes, and expertise that you possess, including all trainings and certifications related to pet care that you have completed.

Making the best pet sitter resume, what to consider

To ensure that your resume comes as best over those presented by other applicants, here are what to do:

Before creating a resume for the pet sitter position, it is necessary that you go through the job description included in the job advert.

This will help you to understand the particular requirements – skills and job duties that are important to the hirer.

When you understand the requirements for the pet sitter position that you are interested in, it will help you to create a resume targeted at convincing the particular pet owner or hiring manager.

A thorough understanding of the pet sitter job description will enable you to utilize keywords and skills specific to the role so that the hirer can easily relate to the content of your resume and see you as having adequate knowledge of pet care.

Another important consideration when creating your pet sitter resume is the layout to use. No one resume format is best suited for resume writing as different formats have their merits.

However, a functional layout may be well suitable for a pet sitter resume as it helps you to convey important information about you in an easy to understand manner.

You may also utilize a chronological layout if you have acquired some work experience as a pet sitter.

A combination of both layout styles may also be effective if you have good pet sitting skills with little experience.

However, irrespective of the choice of layout style, it is important that you include the following sections in your pet sitter resume; they have been found to convey much of the information pet owners usually look for when hiring someone to look after their pets:

Objective Section

If you want to make your pet sitter resume well targeted and effective, it is vital to begin with powerful statement that will help convince the hirer that you will be outstanding on the job.

This statement should convey your interest in the position as well as skills and qualities you possess to work effectively in the position.

Make sure that the objective statement of your resume is effective; you must utilize keywords related to pet care and make sure the statement is as brief as possible.

Below are examples of objective statements you can use as templates in creating yours:

Examples of Pet Sitter Objective Statement for Resume

  • Applying to work as a pet sitter with Pet Care, offering genuine concern for the well-being of pets and vast experience in handling different breeds of pets.
  • Seeking the job of a pet sitter at Louis Pet Services, offering over 5 years experience in pet care, good stamina, and valid driver’s license

Core Competence Section

This is probably the most important section of your resume as pet sitting is a skills-based job.

As mentioned earlier, the hirer will be looking to find out the skills and qualities you intend to employ in managing the pets that will be left under your care.

So, make sure you highlight the skills or qualities that you have that will help you to convince the hirer, but do not include irrelevant information.

Job Experience

If you have had experience working as a pet sitter or in the pet care industry, including it in your resume will boost your chances of being considered for the job.

So, make sure that you highlight pet care positions that you have worked in as well as the job duties you performed in your previous positions.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

The educational and professional qualification section of your pet sitter resume should be a summary of your academic and professional trainings and certifications obtained in the process. Make sure that only professional trainings related to pet care are included.

Having discussed the four important sections to have in your resume to be able to provide employers the information they need to make up their minds about hiring you as a pet sitter, the next step is to show you a sample resume for the position that puts the four parts that we have discussed together:

Pet Sitter Resume Example/Sample/Template

Peter Rucker
109 Beak Street, Buffalo, New York
Home: (+2) 822-339, Cell: (+2) 822-33909

Objective: Applying to work as a pet sitter with Pet Care, offering genuine concern for the well-being of pets and vast experience in handling different breeds of pets.

Core Competence

  • Vast experience in sitting different breeds of pets
  • Strong health and free of allergies from animal hairs
  • Valid driver’s license and auto insurance
  • Genuine concern for the well-being of pets
  • Strong ability to perform CPR on animals.

Job Experience
Berth Pet Care Services,
Pet Sitter
2013 – Present

  • Clean and bath pets including dogs and cats
  • Provide first aid and CPR when required
  • Feed pets and administer medications properly
  • Walk and play with pets
  • Take pets to veterinary clinics for vaccinations
  • Train pets such as puppies and kittens
  • Ensure that pet environment is clean and tidy.

[Please note that if you have worked previously as a pet sitter or in a related position, you can also highlight the duties that you performed on the job, stating the name of the employer, the job title, and the duration of employment, like it is stated above, but you will state them in the past tense and not in the present tense.
For example, instead of saying … “clean and bath pets” …, you will write “cleaned and bathed pets” …]

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Great High School, Buffalo, New York, High School Diploma, 2009.

You can apply the above pet sitter resume example as a template to enable you quickly churn out a resume whenever you need to apply to a pet sitter position.


Writing a resume by themselves may not be easy for lots of people, however, using the tips we have shared above about making a pet sitter resume, as well as the template provided, you are sure to be able to make one that is good enough to get the employer to want to discuss the job prospect further with you in an interview.

Did you learn something in this post that will enable you to make one of the best resumes for the pet sitter position that employers will receive? Do make your comment in the box below, and also share more tips for writing great resumes that you know.

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