Classroom Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 26, 2023
Classroom Assistant Resume
Seeking a classroom assistant job? If yes, then get a good resume to make it easier to get an interview.

If you desire to work as a classroom assistant, the first step to take is to create a good resume that can convince a hiring manager to give you a chance.

The business of managing pupils is a very stressful one, so, schools usually employ the services of classroom assistants to help lead teachers in managing classroom work and pupils activities.

However, this position often does not come on a platter of gold. Any candidate who desires to work as a classroom assistant must be able to convince the manager of the hiring school that he or she is capable of handling the tasks and stress that come with the position.

Mind you that the requirements for obtaining a classroom assistant position vary from school to school and from classroom to classroom. So, you must identify the demands of the hiring school to be able to tailor your resume to meet such demands.

Steps to Writing a Good Classroom Assistant Resume

A specific classroom assistant resume has the potential of convincing the hiring manager that you understand what is expected of you if employed for the position.

To create a specific classroom assistant resume, it is necessary that you create a targeted resume objective statement, as well as tailor the core competence of your resume to include keywords related to the skills requirements for the position.

How to create the key sections of a resume for the job of classroom assistant is discussed below:

Resume Objective Section

To make your classroom assistant resume targeted, it is important that you state your intention to work as a classroom assistant for the particular school you desire to obtain the position with.

Also, state the key skills, expertise, and qualification that you possess, which makes you the best candidate for the position.

Here are examples to help you better understand how to make effective objective statements for your classroom assistant resume:

Examples of Classroom Assistant Objective Statements for Resume

  • To obtain the position of a classroom assistant at Manny Group of Schools, offering a strong academic background in early childhood education, energy to work with school-age children and exceptional classroom management skills.
  • Seeking the position of a classroom assistant at Little Heaven Schools, offering enthusiasm and strong passion for children development, patience and outstanding ability to relate and communicate effectively with children.

Core Competence Section

Before embarking on the recruitment process, the hiring school already has a set of skills and qualities they want in the candidate for the classroom assistant position.

These set of skills can be found in the job description for classroom assistant prepared by the hiring manager for the school.

So, the skills and qualities to be included in your resume must include the keywords found in the job description.

Job Experience Section

The position of classroom assistant can be occupied by experienced and inexperienced applicants with the right set of skills and attitude.

However, if you have worked in any position that required handling children of school age or teenagers, including such experience may give you an edge over inexperienced applicants.

Educational and Professional Qualification Section

The level of academic qualification required by the hiring school will be dependent on the duties to be performed by the potential classroom assistant.

This requirement is always included as part of the job description. So, you must identify if you are academically qualified to apply for the classroom assistant job position, then, make sure to highlight your qualifications in attractive bullet points in your resume.

See example of a classroom assistant resume, which you may use as a template in making yours, below:

Classroom Resume Example/Sample/Template

Margareta Nick
3 View Street, Manhattan, New York
Home: (+1) 1182-234, Cell: (+1) 182-22930

Objective: To obtain the position of a classroom assistant at Manny Group of Schools, offering a strong academic background in early childhood education, energy to work with school-age children and exceptional classroom management skills.

Core Competence

  • Exceptional ability to relate and communicate effectively with children
  • Strong educational background in early childhood education
  • Enthusiasm and strong passion for children development
  • Energy and stamina to work with school-age children
  • Strong ability to adhere strictly to instructions
  • Valid New York State Teacher’s License
  • Exceptional classroom management skills
  • Trilingual: English, French and Chinese
  • Proficient in lesson plan preparation
  • Friendly, patient and tolerant.

Job Experience

St. Dom Montessori, Manhattan, New York
Classroom Assistant
2006 – Present

  • Assist the class teacher to manage the classroom
  • Assist the lead teacher to prepare lesson plans
  • Teach students in the absence of the class teacher
  • Monitored pupils’ academic development and motivated them
  • Assist children with lesson disability to learn reading and writing
  • Assist the lead teacher to plan social and extra-curricular activities
  • Coordinate and monitor children during social activities
  • Attend staff and parents meetings.

Educational and Professional Qualification

  • Great College, Phoenix, Arizona, Diploma State n Early Childhood Education, 2000
  • New York State Teacher’s License, 2001.


Getting a job as a classroom assistant may not come easy as several other people may also be interested in the job.

To put your application in a better position to be accepted, and interview appointed granted to you, you need to send a resume that can effectively portray you as the classroom assistant the employer is looking for.

To write such resume is not so difficult, applying the tips and template given in this post can help you in making great resumes for the position.

Did you find the tips and resume template given in this post helpful in creating good resumes for the classroom assistant job? Please, leave a comment in the box below. You may also share further ideas for writing great classroom assistant resumes that you have found helpful.

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