Scrub Nurse Job Description Example

Scrub Nurse job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Scrub Nurses ensure operating rooms are well set up and instruments sterilized before surgical procedures begin. Image source:

Scrub Nurse Job Description Example

What Does a Scrub Nurse Do?

A scrub nurse can be referred to as a perioperative nurse. He/she is a registered nurse and assists the surgical team during surgical procedure.

The job description of a scrub nurse entails setting up of the operating room prior to the time an operation is to be carried out.

He/she works with the doctor in the course of the surgical procedure and helps to prepare the patient before he/she is transferred to the recovery unit of the hospital.

The scrub nurse’s role can be seen in various hospital settings, like the ambulatory center, clinics, private physician’s office, and hospital surgical departments.

His/her duties start prior to the surgical operation procedure.

The nurse ensures that the theatre or operating room remains clean and is made ready for the surgical procedure; that equipment required are sterilized.

He/she accounts for all the tools used during surgical procedures, such as the needles, sponges, and other instruments.

He/she is expected to count such tools before and after the surgical procedure to ensure none of them is left inside the patient.

He/she sterilizes the operating and washes his/her hands using soap, and also adorns sterile garments prior to the surgical procedure, while also helping other members of the surgical team to do the same.

The scrub nurse work description also involves selecting the right instrument to be used during any stage of the surgical procedure and presenting same to the surgeon.

He/she is expected to support the surgeon and also maintain safety of the patient.

He/she is expected to know the tools to be used by the surgeon at any point of the procedure and prepare them before the surgical procedure starts.

He/she should work with speed and be precise. He/she should be on the watch out for any hand signal from the surgeon and hand over the right tool to them, and collect already used tools from them.

The nurse will ensure used tools collected from the surgeon are adequately cleaned before placing them in their right places.

He/she will properly monitor surgical procedures and make sure all tools met to be used remain sterile all through the procedure.

He/she will also help in applying dressing to the area of wounds and incisions.

Scrub Nurse Job Description Example

Scrub nurses perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities working with surgeons.

The following is an example of a scrub nurse job description, which is usually handed to them by most hospitals when they are employed newly:

  • Support the surgical team during procedures
  • Follow any instruction laid down by the charge nurse
  • Create and maintain positive, personal, and warm atmosphere around the patient and their family
  • Gather all equipment and supplies for surgical procedures
  • Prepare the operating room for the procedure
  • Restock all supplies once they are used on periodic basis
  • Monitor surgery inventory and also notify the appropriate authorities when there is need for resupply
  • Circulate and scrub for the surgeons involved in surgical procedures
  • Operate several surgical equipment and also perform certain technical tasks in accordance to the standards and policies laid down by the employing institution
  • Seek assistance when required and also learn certain skill related to the job at hand
  • Care for patients with regards to their individual medical data, such as previous surgical procedure undertaken, age level, and health status
  • Document procedures concisely, completely, and in line with the policy lay down by the institution.

Scrub Nurse Resume Preparation

If you are looking to get a new scrub nurse job, then you will need to prepare a resume to present to employers as most of them if not all will ask for it.

To make one, you can use information relating to the duties and responsible of the position contained in the sample job description above.

The information will enable you to easily create the professional experience section of the resume that shows the employer the roles you have played previously as a scrub nurse with another company, meaning that you will have no problem performing similar duties with them.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Scrub Nurse Role

The peculiarity of the job of the scrub nurse requires having certain skills and qualities to be able to succeed on the job.

Here are major attributes to have to excel working as a scrub nurse:

  • Education: Graduate from accredited school of nursing
  • Acute hospital experience and related certification are added advantage
  • Possess Registered Nurse license
  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Ability to tactfully deal with physicians, visitors, family members, patients, and other institution personnel
  • Ability to multitask and also adapt to change in the institution
  • Ability to manage time
  • Ability to organize for more effectiveness
  • Possess good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work fast
  • Ability to manage crises and emergency.

Scrub Nurse Skills for Resume

The scrub nurse skills and other attributes shown above can be used in making a strong skills section for your resume, which emphasizes the competences you have acquired that will enable you to be highly effective on the job.

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