Retail Sales Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Retail Sales Manager job description, duties, tasks, responsibilities
Retail Sales Managers implement and coordinate promotional strategies. Image source:

This post presents detailed information on the job description of a retail sales manager, including key tasks, duties, and responsibilities they perform.

What Does a Retail Sales Manager Do?

The retail sales manager’s job description includes carrying out the implementation and coordination of promotional strategies via the sales associates, to penetrate local laptop, computer, software and television market.

He/she assists in the resolution of routine customer problems and all issues customers may have with the company, its products or services.

The retail sales manager performs a variety of duties/tasks related to retention of customer, sales and customer service in compliance with company procedures and policies under the direction of the General Manager.

Retail sales managers support the development and motivation of the sales team by combining effective communication skills with leadership qualities while providing efficient administrative support to the store manager in order to ensure that the store achieves its set goals.

With previous management cum supervisory experience, this professional is a focused sales person who is driven with a strong motive to succeed.

He/she usually have previous retail experience with a long term experience of achieving sales using the consultative sale techniques and a committed and flexible approach to work.

In return for their experience and achievement, retail sales managers usually get highly competitive salary and the opportunity to earn fantastic bonuses and commission.

Retail Sales Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

A list of major duties, tasks, and responsibilities which the retail sales manager is expected to perform in carrying out their job is shown in the job description example below:

  • Maintain customer experience through team member interaction and store presentation
  • Develop and train retail sales team members by conducting daily sales observations, weekly report card sessions and weekly sales meetings
  • Execution of company merchandising
  • Maintain the sales quota through inside sales at retail store on a daily basis
  • Supervise actions of the retail sales associates within his/her department
  • Prepare cost analysis, quotes and profit calculations
  • Maintain knowledge of new products and research, primarily computer systems
  • Endeavor to meet and exceed team member expectations by providing department and service teamwork
  • Demonstrate teamwork by assisting and cooperating with co-workers as needed
  • Communicate effectively
  • Maintain confidentiality of company and all customer information
  • Represent company in areas of public relations like trade shows, parades, etc.
  • Achieve needed results and a high level of sales performance
  • Assist event manager with managing and training of all employees in maximizing sales, and performing daily tasks
  • Oversee preparation of displays, merchandise, and presentations
  • Coordinate the flow of goods from the stock room to the sales floor, and do merchandise replenishment
  • Assist the store team in maintaining housekeeping standards and store’s visual objectives by straightening merchandise and assisting in fixture and floor changes
  • Oversee and ensure compliance of all staff with established company policies.

Retail Sales Manager Job Description for Resume

The sample job description shown above contains vital information about the functions of the retail sales manager’s position, which can be used in writing the professional experience part of the resume for the post.

To prepare a resume for the position, you can study free samples of such resume like the one here: Retail Sales Manager Resume Sample.

Retail Sales Manager Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

Below are specific abilities, knowledge, and skills often required by employers from applicants seeking to work as sales manager in a retail setting.

These attributes are believed to help holders of the position to succeed on the job.

  • 2+ years of retail sales experience
  • 2+ years of leadership or management experience
  • Availability to work at any time of the day and at the hours necessary to open and close the store, which may include nights, holidays, and weekends
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships and apply skills; and to train and develop staff
  • Ability to be on the feet most of the day, or moving on the sales floor or stock room
  • Must be able to perform physical activities on the job, which include kneeling, lifting, bending, carrying, walking, climbing and/or reaching on a frequent basis.