Retail Sales Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 2, 2023
Retail Sales Manager Job Description
Retail Sales Managers implement and coordinate promotional strategies.

This post presents detailed information on the retail sales manager job description and career, including key tasks, duties, and responsibilities they perform.

It shows how to become a retail sales manager, the requirements to meet to be hired for the role, and the various job positions you can get with a retail sales manager background.

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What Does a Retail Sales Manager Do?

The retail sales manager job description includes carrying out the implementation and coordination of promotional strategies via the sales associates, to penetrate local laptop, computer, software and television market.

He/she assists in the resolution of routine customer problems and all issues customers may have with the company, its products or services.

The retail sales manager performs a variety of duties/tasks related to retention of customer, sales and customer service in compliance with company procedures and policies under the direction of the General Manager.

Retail sales managers support the development and motivation of the sales team by combining effective communication skills with leadership qualities while providing efficient administrative support to the store manager in order to ensure that the store achieves its set goals.

With previous management cum supervisory experience, this professional is a focused sales person who is driven with a strong motive to succeed.

He/she usually have previous retail experience with a long term experience of achieving sales using the consultative sale techniques and a committed and flexible approach to work.

In return for their experience and achievement, retail sales managers usually get highly competitive salary and the opportunity to earn fantastic bonuses and commission.

Retail Sales Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

A list of major duties, tasks, and responsibilities which the retail sales manager is expected to perform in carrying out their job is shown in the job description example below:

  • Maintain customer experience through team member interaction and store presentation
  • Develop and train retail sales team members by conducting daily sales observations, weekly report card sessions and weekly sales meetings
  • Execution of company merchandising
  • Maintain the sales quota through inside sales at retail store on a daily basis
  • Supervise actions of the retail sales associates within his/her department
  • Prepare cost analysis, quotes and profit calculations
  • Maintain knowledge of new products and research, primarily computer systems
  • Endeavor to meet and exceed team member expectations by providing department and service teamwork
  • Demonstrate teamwork by assisting and cooperating with co-workers as needed
  • Communicate effectively
  • Maintain confidentiality of company and all customer information
  • Represent company in areas of public relations like trade shows, parades, etc.
  • Achieve needed results and a high level of sales performance
  • Assist event manager with managing and training of all employees in maximizing sales, and performing daily tasks
  • Oversee preparation of displays, merchandise, and presentations
  • Coordinate the flow of goods from the stock room to the sales floor, and do merchandise replenishment
  • Assist the store team in maintaining housekeeping standards and store’s visual objectives by straightening merchandise and assisting in fixture and floor changes
  • Oversee and ensure compliance of all staff with established company policies.

Retail Sales Manager Job Description for Resume

The sample job description shown above contains vital information about the functions of the retail sales manager’s position, which can be used in writing the professional experience part of the resume for the post.

To prepare a resume for the position, you can study free samples of such resume like the one here: Retail Sales Manager Resume Sample.

Retail Sales Manager Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

Below are specific abilities, knowledge, and skills often required by employers from applicants seeking to work as sales manager in a retail setting.

These attributes are believed to help holders of the position to succeed on the job.

  • 2+ years of retail sales experience
  • 2+ years of leadership or management experience
  • Availability to work at any time of the day and at the hours necessary to open and close the store, which may include nights, holidays, and weekends
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships and apply skills; and to train and develop staff
  • Ability to be on the feet most of the day, or moving on the sales floor or stock room
  • Must be able to perform physical activities on the job, which include kneeling, lifting, bending, carrying, walking, climbing and/or reaching on a frequent basis.

Retail Sales Manager Salary

In the United States, retail sales managers earn an average salary of $48,678 per year, or $23.4 per hour.

The top paying states are Pennsylvania, $59,171; New York, $59,062; Maryland, $57,907; Nevada, $56,540; and Hawaii, $55,777 per year.

There are currently over 25,360 retail sales managers working in the United States. 

Women make up 38.8% of all retail sales managers, while men make up 61.2%. 

An employed retail sales manager is 46 years old on average. 

White (82.7%) is the most common ethnicity among retail sales managers, followed by Hispanic or Latino (8.1%), Asian (3.9%), and Black or African American (3.5%).

Women were projected to earn 91% of what men would earn in 2021.

retail sales manager career
With a retail sales manager career, you can work as a retail district manager, retail store manager, and retail department head.

Retail Sales Manager Career Opportunities

Retail sales managers can explore various other careers, including:

  1. Retail District Manager

A retail district manager is a mid-level manager or supervisor within the retailing industry.

More specifically, a district manager is a person who is responsible for the operation of an entire district within a large retail corporation.

The region that this individual is responsible for may either be an entire state or many states, making this position an essential one in the corporate world.

2. Retail Store Manager

A retail store manager is a retail store employee with strong management skills who leads and directs the staff at a particular location.

The store manager is typically the only person who has direct contact with the public and ensures that customers are satisfied.

Retail store managers are typically in charge of knowing the inventory needs of the store, ensuring that all products are correctly stocked, keeping records and reports of sales, and ensuring control over cash handling.

3. Retail Department Head

A retail department head is a mid-level manager or supervisor within a retail store.

A department head is responsible for the profitability (or lack thereof) of one or more departments within a smaller retail store.

The head of each department will usually be responsible for hiring, firing, and training employees to work under him or her.

4. Group or Divisional Vice President

A retail group vice president is a mid-level executive who oversees two or more units within an organization, branch, or department.

In most cases, groups are made up of divisions and vice presidents are in charge of managing their success and overall financial performance.

A group vice president may have many direct reports and the job typically involves a great deal of traveling.

5. Retail Office Administration Assistant

An office administration assistant is a person who performs clerical support tasks such as answering phones, greeting visitors, filing papers and documents, preparing correspondence and other general administrative functions.

Working in an office environment has been identified as one of the top five most stressful jobs due to heavy workloads, high telerating demands, and dealing with irate customers on a daily basis.

6. Vice President of Finance and Administration

A vice president of finance and administration oversees the financial aspects of an organization.

The vice president will typically be in charge of managing budgets, handling accounts payable and receivable, assisting with payroll, overseeing company investments, and ensuring compliance with federal, state and local tax laws.

7. Regional Executive Director

A regional executive director is a mid-level manager within a retail store who is responsible for overseeing specific areas within the larger region that the store is located in.

A regional executive director is typically in charge of all financial performance for his or her region or location.

8. Vice President of Merchandising

A vice president of merchandising oversees the planning, buying, and selling of products that go into a retail store.

The VP will work closely with store managers and look to them for assistance with day-to-day operations.

It’s the job of the VP to ensure that the products being carried by a retail store are profitable, meeting not only customer demand but also corporate requirements.

9. Vice President of Human Resources

A vice president of human resources is a mid-level executive who oversees the human resources functions of an organization.

An HR VP will typically oversee hiring, firing, training, and development, compensation, benefits and labor relations.

Challenges faced by Retail Sales Managers on the Job

Several challenges beset the retail sales manager in today’s competitive business environment, these include:

  1. Rising Competitiveness

Due to increased competition, retail sales managers are often required to work longer and harder than ever before in order to maintain or improve the profitability of their stores.

2. Rising Globalization

As a result of globalization (especially through internet sales), more countries are now entering the retail market and so leading retailers are also experiencing higher competition from foreign competitors.

3. Rising Uncertainty

In today’s marketplace, competition is growing and market information and trends are becoming more uncertain.

This means that retail sales managers are expected to take a longer view to determine profit, team building and leadership styles.

That being said, some of the most successful retailers have had the ability to outperform their competitors through consistently taking a longer-term view of business activities.

How to Become a Retail Sales Manager

If you are interested in becoming a retail sales manager, here are important steps you will need to take:

  1. Look into retail jobs and job duties.

In a store, there are numerous job opportunities, ranging from entry-level to managerial.

Investigate the various positions and corresponding job duties to see if a job in this field sounds like a good fit.

Asking friends or colleagues who work in retail may be a good way to see what it’s really like to work in retail.

2. Work in a retail setting

Managerial positions typically necessitate prior retail experience.

Entry-level jobs typically offer on-the-job training and do not require formal education.

Some stores may require a high school diploma or equivalent.

Training may last a couple of days, depending on the size of the store, or it may be a structured program that lasts longer.

Cashiers or associates are common entry-level positions, and typical job duties include handling money, selling products, and assisting customers.

The position can help an individual develop customer service, interpersonal, and time management skills that will be useful in a future management position.

3. Continue your education

The education requirements for retail managers vary by store, but many prefer applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree.

Formal education can give an applicant an advantage over the competition.

An Associate’s degree in Business Management or a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration can be useful for the retail manager position.

Many of these programs offer retail management concentrations.

A business management Bachelor’s program’s curriculum can provide useful education in the theories and concepts of business management from all perspectives.

Another option is to pursue certification or independent business administration courses.

Individuals can earn formal certificates from community colleges by taking courses in math, professionalism, management, and marketing.

Some  courses can be applied towards a future Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program.

Certificate programs can have up to 30 credit hours required.

4. Apply for a position as a manager

An individual can qualify for a position as a retail manager after completing relevant work experience and/or formal education.

A low-level managerial position may be the best place to start in order to increase one’s chances of being hired and gaining experience for a higher-level position later on.

Low-level managers may only be in charge of one area or department, and their responsibilities may include scheduling other employees, managing inventory, and training new hires.

5. Work as a retail manager

Retail managers, store managers, and general managers are all general terms for the same position at the upper end of retail management.

They are typically in charge of an entire store and may be in charge of scheduling, hiring, and firing employees, managing company assets, implementing company programs, and ensuring sales quotas are met.

Experience and formal education can be a real asset in this position and are frequently preferred or required.

Major Benefits of a Retail Sales Manager Career

Here are benefits that may be available to a retail sales manager:

  1. Pay

Retail sales managers are paid well in their line of work compared to many other careers.

Retail sales managers can earn $50,000 annually and the top pay can be as high as $70,000.

2. Benefits

Retail sales managers are offered health insurance, stock options, free rent, free business lunches and mileage allowance.

These benefits can contribute to a healthy and comfortable life for them.

3. Career Growth

Many retail managers are able to continue to work in this career for years and enjoy the opportunity for career growth.

They can move up the corporate ladder to a position with more financial security and better pay.

Some of these positions include district supervisors, store manager, and retail chain manager.

Most of these positions pay very well and have great benefits, with great promotion opportunities as well.

4. Support

Retail sales managers are supported by their employers. There is usually a great support for retail sales managers, especially at a challenging time in their job.

5. Learning

Retail sales managers are provided with the opportunity to learn a great deal of information and gain knowledge in the field throughout their career.

This is great for them as it allows them to develop further in the field.

6. Variety

Retail sales managers get the chance to be exposed to a variety of different people and jobs throughout the day.

They are able to interact with customers, employees, and other managers that can all offer them a great deal of different opportunities in their line of work.

7. Impact

Retail sales managers are able to make an impact on their customers’ lives every day.

They are able to help them with their needs as it concerns purchasing products at a store.

They can also impact the profits of their company with the sales that they are able to make.


Retail sales managers have the opportunity to get hired in a variety of positions.

They are able to start at entry level and advance occupationally within their company.

They can also start their own business and make their own money along the way.

This post is helpful to individuals interested in the retail sales manager career, to boost their knowledge of the duties and responsibilities they typically perform.

It is also useful to recruiters/employers in making a detailed job description for the retail sales manager role in their companies.