Service Crew Job Description Example

Service Crew job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

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Service Crew Job Description Example

What Does a Service Crew Do?

Service crew members are individuals that serve customers directly in a business organization, like a restaurant, hotel, and even cruise ship. However, restaurants seem to be the most places they are employed.

The service crew job description entails providing services to customers, such as drinks and foods in the friendliest manner possible.

For the fact that these workers come in contact with a lot of people daily, it is important that they possess rather cheery dispositions, and also be most willing to greet clients as they come into the restaurant.

They should be available to take orders from clients and should have the ability to serve clients satisfactorily.

The role of a service crew member also involves cleaning up the tables after clients are through with their meals.

In addition to serving foods, they also provide helping hand at the kitchen.

He/she should possess great hospitality skills; while some of them may not have the required skills at the start, they however, have the opportunity to learn on the job.

Service crew members are responsible for deal transactions and are also needed in bill processing.

Their work description also includes carrying out their tasks following high level of hygiene policies and standards.

They would have to work under pressure sometimes, especially during rush hours in restaurants.

They should therefore be able to cope with stress and do their works efficiently in such conditions without taking it out on clients.

Other duties food service crew members perform include presenting menus to clients and participating in line cooking and prep cooking in certain restaurants.

Aside providing service to clients, the crew member must also ensure that clients are satisfied with the services he/she has provided.

Service crew members are required to work very fast, keeping in mind that there are so many clients to serve, especially during rush hours.

They are also expected to pay full attention to happenings around them and consistently clean their work stations and keep the place well organized always.

They are also expected to be cautious and careful when dealing with clients.

Their conduct will determine to a great extent how satisfied customers will be, if they would want to come back for more service or not.

A crew member must therefore ensure that clients have highly enjoyable experience when patronizing the restaurant.

In most instances, the service crew members are employed as waitresses and waiters. They equally handle payments in addition to the other duties discussed earlier.

Some service crew members can also work as bartenders where they are saddled with the responsibilities of taking drink orders from customers and serving them with wine, beer, or any other drink of their choice.

Service Crew Job Description Example

If you are expecting to start work as a service crew member, here is a job description example containing typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities you may be asked to execute:

  • Welcome customers as they come into the restaurant
  • Help customers to settle down and also take their orders
  • Process customers’ orders and generate their bills
  • Provide answers to queries presented by clients regarding services and offers made available by the restaurant
  • Clean all tables after clients have left and get such tables prepared for the next set of clients
  • Serve and pack warm foods to clients in an effective manner and in strict accordance to the orders of such clients
  • Assist kitchen staff and outdoor delivery staff whenever such assistance is required
  • Maintain chart of all available deals and products periodically and refresh such chart on daily basis.

Service Crew Resume Preparation

Preparing a resume for the job of service crew can be made easy by using the sample job description shown above in creating the resume’s work history section.

Using the duties and responsibilities of a service crew member expressed in the work description in your resume will convince the employer of your experience on the job. However, make sure you truly have carried out such duties.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Service Crew Role

The following are skills, abilities, and knowledge employers would generally look out for when hiring a service crew member because they have been found to boost job performance:

  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Bilingual or multilingual ability and several years of working experience are added advantage
  • Possess complete information regarding all approved hygiene policy and standards
  • Ability to carry out required tasks in an accurate manner
  • Ability to maintain composure during rush hours
  • Ability to present bills, take orders and deliver them to clients in a timely manner
  • Possess willingness to assist kitchen staff
  • Ability to deliver top quality customer service and assistance
  • Ability to recommend meals, side orders, and deals to customers
  • Possess good knowledge and understanding of menus and be willing to direct clients on how to make their choices from the menu
  • Possess skills in proper handling of kitchen equipment, like soda machines, microwaves, and fryers.

Service Crew Skills for Resume

The skills set provided above has earlier been said to be what employers usually require from applicants vying for the role of service crew, therefore, you can apply it in making the skills section of your resume and increase its strength in getting employers’ attention.

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