Retail Customer Service Associate Resume Sample

By | September 2, 2023

For your retail customer service associate resume to be effective, it is important to emphasize your possession of good customer service skills and capability, and how you hope to bring them to bear on the new job.

Below is a sample resume for the retail customer service associate that can serve as a template in creating your resume and making it compelling and effective.


Retail Customer Service Associate Resume Sample/Example/Template

123 Down Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 33333 • Home: (222) 333-4444, Cell: (111) 111-1111 •

OBJECTIVE: Committed and productive individual desiring the position of a Retail Customer Service Associate in XYZ Inc. where I can bring my exceptional customer service skills in attending to the needs of customers, ensuring that they get the best of the service the company can offer.

PROFILE: Gifted Retail Customer Service Associate with three years experience in a world class company, with commitment to ensuring that all needs, inquiries and demands of customers are solved, and to increasing the reputation of the company through provision of exceptional customer service.

Supervised the creative idea that resulted in the launch of a new product into the market which led to increase of the company’s sales rate by 56% in the month of July 2011.


  • Possess sound capability in handling clerical and customer service duties, especially on rush hours that are always full of pressure and stress
  • Excellent computer operating ability, mostly with software applications specially designed for the duties of the position
  • Very competent when assigned to duties that have to do with the global retail market
  • Ability to build good relationship with customers through eloquent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to carry out supportive roles on duties assigned to other departmental staff through application of sound leadership and motivational skills
  • Ability to ensure that customer’s complains, needs, and inquiries are solved through application of efficient consultative skills
  • Ability to maintain stability anytime work pressure mounts up due to shortage of staff and high demands for services from rush hour customers
  • Ability to communicate in several languages, which helps to relate with customers from other countries
  • Well grounded skills when handling customers’ needs in retail environment.


Bunting Valley Company, WER
2010 – Present

Retail Customer service Associate

  • Ensure that the atmosphere is fresh and friendly by assisting people with a cheerful and helping attitude, especially at late hours of the day
  • Attend to customers’ requirements with a warm caring mood, and administer solution by recommendation after consulting with them
  • Go beyond assigned duty from the department to maintaining other departmental records of supplies, machine maintenance, and employee records
  • Guide customers on how to get the best of service from the company because customer satisfaction is number one priority in the list of values the company’s vision promotes
  • Solve delicate issues that may damage the company’s reputation by directly communicating to customers concerning sales on daily basis
  • Constantly liaise with other departmental staff to ensure smooth communication between them and customers that will enable smooth access to their service
  • Carry out external departmental duties, like making bank deposits and securing the store, because company’s’ productivity is number one priority in service delivering.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, University of Clarke Kent, 2010
  • Certified Customer Service Practitioner, Institute of Service, California, 2011.

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