Air Hostess Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 27, 2023
Air hostess resume
If you are searching for an air hostess job, a good resume will improve your chances of getting it significantly.

Air Hostess Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you think you are a “beautiful lady” and have got the right set of qualities, qualifications, and expertise to work as an air hostess, then, get ready your resume to pitch airlines interested in your service.

The comfort of passengers on a flight depends on the level of service rendered to them by flight attendants otherwise known as air hosts and hostesses.

So, companies in the airline industry invest heavily in hiring, training, and maintaining these professionals so as to ensure top-notch customer service.

Companies take adequate measures in hiring candidates for this position and the evaluation for candidates’ suitability starts from screening the resumes for air hostess position submitted by applicants.

To make sure that your resume is not screened out, you must make it targeted and compelling.

Writing your air hostess resume? Consider these:

Your air hostess resume must be made targeted by utilizing keywords contained in the job description for the position.

You should make sure that skills and qualities relevant to the air hostess position is included in your resume.

A good layout should also be employed to present your resume in an attractive and easy to read manner.

Your resume must be properly formatted so that the reader can easily understand the information on it at a glance.

Mind you, air hostess job is very competitive because of the perks and glamour associated with it.

So, for each available job position hundreds of suitable applicants will submit their resumes. This means that the hiring manager will most likely have limited time to go through the resumes.

Therefore, it is important that you present your resume in two or less pages.

In fact, the following four key sections are enough to make a great resume that employers will find irresistible:

Objective Section

It is important that you use a powerful objective statement to open your air hostess resume.

This has the ability to spark interest in your resume from the hiring manager that will be reading it and spur him/her to read and subsequently invite you over for an interview.

Your objective statement should be summarized in not more than two clear sentences, highlighting your interest to work with the airline and the expertise you are offering, which will benefit the airline.

See examples of air hostess resume objective statements below:

Examples of Air Hostess Objective Statement for Resume

  • To obtain the position of an air hostess with American Airways, offering diverse experience in hospitality and customer service, superb communication skills, and charming personality.
  • Seeking the position of an air hostess with British-American Airline where customer-focus, confidence and superb emergency management skills will be utilized.

Core Competence Section

The core competence section of your air hostess resume will allow you to expand on the skills, expertise, qualities, and qualifications included in the objective statement.

So, if you possess the skills that are relevant to the air hostess position, you should ensure they appear in this section of your resume.

However, do not include skills you do not have or qualities alien to the position you are gunning for.

Job Experience Section

If you have worked for other airlines as an air hostess or in similar positions outside the aviation industry, including the companies you worked with and the job duties performed may give you an advantage over candidates with lesser experience.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

For you to apply as an air hostess you must be academically sound and professionally trained in customer relationship management, and emergency and safety regulations.

Though most airlines still offer in-house and on-the-job training, it is still advisable that you read the job description to ascertain the requirements of the hiring company in terms of academic and professional qualifications.

Below is an example of an air hostess resume, showing the various sections discussed above joined together:

Air Hostess Resume Example/Sample/Template

Larry Catherine
90 Aviation Street, Los Angeles, California
Home: (+2) 097-0599, Cell: (+2) 099-8763

Objective: To obtain the position of an air hostess with American Airways, offering diverse experience in hospitality and customer service, superb communication skills, and charming personality.

Core Competence

  • Hands-on in hospitality and customer service
  • US trained and certified air hostess
  • Superb communication and emergency handling skills
  • Charming and attractive personality
  • Effective team play ability
  • Trained in administering CPR and First Aid
  • Trilingual: English Spanish and French.

Job Experience Section

Pan-American Airways, California, USA
Air Hostess
2007 – 2015

  • Welcomed passengers on arrival and checked their tickets
  • Educated passengers on weather conditions and safety procedures
  • Provided passengers with food, drink and other necessary items as requested
  • Ensured that passengers are boarded safely
  • Assisted passengers during emergency situations
  • Ensured that passenger areas are neat and tidy.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • City College, Los Angeles, California, Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, 2004
  • Los Angeles School of Aviation Studies, California, Certification in Airline services, 2006.

The above sample resume can serve as a template to make it easy for you to make a good resume for the job of an air hostess whenever you need to apply for one.


In applying for an air hostess job, a great resume will definitely allow you to be ahead of other applicants.

So, take advantage of the tips and examples discussed above to improve your resume writing skills and be confident of a call to an interview whenever you apply for an air hostess job.

Did you find the air hostess resume writing ideas shared in this post useful? Please, make a comment in the box below.

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