Retail Clerk Resume Sample

By | September 2, 2023

If you are seeking the job of a retail clerk, you will need a good resume or CV to stand a better chance of being hired; a resume that clearly shows that you have what is needed to be effective in performing the duties of a clerk in a retail store.

What Does a Retail Clerk Do?

The retail clerk works in retail shops and performs such tasks as greeting customers when they come into the shop, helping them to locate merchandise, and answering some of their questions and inquiries.

They might also be responsible for displaying merchandise in an attractive position, restocking items as at when necessary, checking of expiring date of items, and disposing of expired items.

For your resume to be attractive to employers, it must show the ability and competence to effectively perform the duties of the retail clerk.

Below is a sample retail clerk resume which has been written to bring out the important features that employers are looking for.

You are free to use it as a template in preparing your resume and hope you would be able to win an interview.


Retail Clerk Resume Sample/Example/Template

Rhoda Jones
123 Down Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 33333 • Home: (222) 333-4444, Cell: (111) 111-1111 •

OBJECTIVE: Searching for the position of a retail clerk with a reputable company where I can maximize my experience and skills to enhance the growth and development of the company through the successful completion of each job task.

PROFILE: Committed retail clerk with 3 years experience in handling and accounting for money/transaction perfectly with record of zero result in overages/shortages; constantly praised for being well organized; and have received several awards for excellent customer and interpersonal skills.

Received “Staff of the Month” award in April 2010 for increasing customer base by 15%.


  • Ability to ensure that company work policies and standard safety measures are applied when carrying out any duty or task
  • Accurate money handling skills, especially in stressful rush-hour periods
  • Exceptional working knowledge of record keeping in inventory, financial, stocking, and delivering of goods
  • Strong capability in handling the maintenance of both the stock and store arrangement
  • Vastly knowledgeable in the art of displaying store merchandise to attract customer’s attention
  • Very familiar with the protocol and processes that operate the pricing, coding, and billing cycles
  • Skillful at handling the packaging and unpacking of merchandise/goods with upmost care
  • Ability to satisfy the urgent and essential needs of customer through sound consultative customer services ability
  • Ability to engage in diversity of duties in bid to support other departments
  • Ability to constantly deliver positive result in every task with a competent work quality initiative
  • Excellent overall knowledge of the clerical position, which helps to work independently in the absence of supervisor.


Gnat Hall, Inc., Marathi, LP
August 2009 – Present

Retail Clerk

  • Utilize competent customer service skill to ensure that customers satisfaction is achieve by displaying appropriate courtesy in attending to their needs, cheerful attitude in welcoming them and adept attendance in service delivery
  • Ensure that accuracy is attained when handling records that have to do with daily financial transactions, billing and bank deposits, account receivable, and inventory adjustments
  • Save the company of excess maintenance expenses in repairs, diagnosing, and servicing of printers, desktop computers and office equipment due to application of technical skills
  • Ensure customer don’t fall into confusion when trying to differentiate between several product models, which may arise from similarity in product function and performance, by utilizing accurate knowledge of product category, type and functions.


  • High school Diploma, Denver County, HJK
  • Fog Borough Technical Institute, Bahamas Institute, DFG
  • Bachelors Degree in Management, University of Bello, GTY

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