Retail Cashier Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Retail Cashier job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Retail Cashiers receive payments from customers for goods bought.

This post provides complete information on the job description of a retail cashier, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does a Retail Cashier Do?

Retail cashiers are responsible for welcoming customers on getting into a business organization and giving them information about products and services.

Their role in a retail team may also includes reserving goods at customer’s request, as well as controlling or checking the products being bought.

The retail cashier job description majorly involves duties pertaining to cash transactions.

Therefore, the job requires accuracy in cross-checking cash accounts daily.

The retail cashier needs to engage in meaningful interactions with customers for resolving inquiries, receiving payments by cash, credit cards, or through checks on a daily basis.

A retail cashier will most times utilize a cash register to ring up customers, collect money and present them with their change or receipt.

This may also involve neatly bagging or wrapping each of the customer’s purchases.

At the end of the working period for the day, it will be the duty of the cashier to count the money in the cash register and compare it with transaction records in the computer.

This of course will require meticulous precision and accuracy in handling money as some cashiers have been known to be fired for consistently falling short of cash.

Depending on the establishment, other tasks retail cashiers sometimes perform include producing money orders and selling recharge cards or lottery tickets, etc.

They are also expected to display high level of moral uprightness and honesty.

Retail Cashier Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Here is an example of a retail cashier job description, showing a list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually performed by people working in that position.

  • Harmonize shift totals and sum up cash
  • Verify products and services, as well as verify customers’ identity and authenticate account balances
  • Respond to customer inquiries and prepare vouchers for payment, deposit slips, receipts and other related documents
  • Validate and establish prices of products, and apply price stickers
  • Scan and log in the price of products on the system
  • Ensure neat and well organized checkout areas
  • Give assistance to clients at POS to ensure a pleasant shopping experience
  • Handle refunds and exchanges at register while maintaining a friendly disposition
  • Exhibit products inside and around checkout area
  • Ensure honesty and error free handling of cash
  • Explain specialized information through selling procedures that will promote sales and attain company objectives
  • Obtain and handle payments in accordance with the organization’s established procedures
  • Propose products and services solutions to customers

Retail Cashier Job Description for Resume

A resume for seeking the post of retail cashier can be prepared using information from the job description sample above.

The job history section of the resume can be written using the information, which highlights the functions and responsibilities of the position.

Retail Cashier Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

Most times, a high school diploma with coursework in bookkeeping is often sufficient to qualify an individual for the post of a retail cashier.

In this wise, a professional qualification is an added advantage, but not a requirement.

In addition to the above qualification, the following qualities, including skills and abilities are essential to have, as employers usually require them:

  • Ability to concentrate on details
  • High sense of thoughtfulness in a habitually active environment
  • Ability to organize workload according to urgency
  • A composed single minded disposition to duties
  • Multi-talented and resourceful ability when handling different tasks
  • Highly skilled in promoting friendly atmosphere and efficient customer service
  • Effective communication skills and proven integrity, as well as sincerity