Auto Mechanic Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
auto mechanic resume
You can improve your chances of getting an auto mechanic job in spite of the competition with a good resume.

Auto Mechanic Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you are seeking for employment as an auto mechanic, a well-written resume is very important in securing a job interview.

Your resume is the tool that helps you win the heart of the hiring manager even before you get to meet him or her.

What Makes a Great Auto Mechanic Resume?

Your resume is expected to be a summary of all that makes you an outstanding auto mechanic.

It should be able to present your qualities/skills, core competencies, education and work experiences as an auto mechanic.

The resume ought to be presented using a format that accommodates all the sections of a good resume in an easily accessible manner.

It should be written in a manner that allows the hiring manager to view all the sections at a glance, bearing in mind that hirers often have limited time to go through a resume.

On the average, hirers spend a maximum 20-25 seconds on each resume. So, instead of reading your resume, they often skim through it and if they are unable to identify what they are looking for in an auto mechanic in your resume, they won’t bother inviting you for an interview.

So, to make a great resume always use compelling keywords that conveys your capability to deliver as an auto mechanic.

Nothing puts hiring managers off like a lengthy resume. Please, make sure your resume for an auto mechanic job is straight to point and detailed.

Do not include irrelevant information else it won’t even be opened. Always bear in mind that hiring managers usually have lots of resumes to go through.

It is important to use compelling keywords, but make sure that your resume and keywords used in preparing it are specifically tailored to suit the auto mechanic role that you are applying for with a particular employer.

All auto mechanics perform similar general functions, however, depending on the particular employer, there might be certain functions you may be asked to carry out that may not be required working with other employers.

Finally, before you send out your resume, make sure you proofread thoroughly to spot and correct all grammatical and spelling errors.

Also, make sure to check your contact details and other information that you have provided in the resume.

Now, let us look at how to construct the sections of an auto mechanic resume:

It is important to note that the title of each section of the resume may be changed if you so wish when writing it.

You may even add some sections if you so desire. But in all, the sections discussed in this post are key sections of a good resume.

Objective Section

Again, note that most hiring managers do not have the time to read all the resumes they receive.

So, they often resort to skimming through resumes to pick candidates with good resumes that convince them.

However, the objective section of a resume is often difficult to skip especially if it is compelling.

In fact, when hiring managers have lots of resumes to skim through, they often rely on the objective section to select the first set of applicants.

So, if the objective section of your auto mechanic resume fails to impress the hirer, you may not get called for interview even if you are a good auto mechanic.

Now, let us look at the examples below to help you understanding what a compelling objective statement should be.

Examples of Auto Mechanic Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking a position as an auto mechanic with Auto Repairs Inc. utilizing experience in troubleshooting, diagnosing, maintenance, and repair of different vehicle types with specialization in managing combustion-powered automotive vehicles.
  • To work as an auto mechanic for a reputed auto workshop where vast experience in troubleshooting and repairing of automobiles and electronic systems will be fully utilized to improve the workshop’s service delivery.

Now that you have seen what a well-constructed auto mechanic resume objective looks like, you can now prepare yours.

Core Competence Section

This section of your resume is where you highlight all the skills, qualities and knowledge you have as an auto mechanic.

Make sure that you highlight only the skills that are relevant to the auto mechanic position that you are applying for.

Job Experience Section

In this section, you are to highlight some of the experiences you have had as an auto mechanic.

If you have worked with ten companies, it would be unwise to list all of them. Just two or three recent experiences are enough to convince the hiring manager of your expertise.

Educational Qualification Section

This is where you let the hiring manager know of your academic and professional qualification.

You may decide to list your academic qualifications separately before the professional training and certifications.

However way you choose to arrange this section, make it outstanding.

Now, let us employ the tips we have discussed in this post to create a good resume template that will guide you whenever you are ready to construct your auto mechanic resume.

Auto Mechanic Resume Example/Sample/Template

Ronald Bush
105 Congress Street, Huntington, West Virginia
Home: (111) 111-1111, Cell: (111) 111-1111

Objective: Seeking a position as an auto mechanic with Auto Repairs Inc. utilizing experience in troubleshooting, diagnosing, maintenance, and repair of different vehicle types with specialization in managing combustion-powered automotive vehicles

Core Competence

  • Highly skilled in troubleshooting and repairing all kinds of vehicle
  • Proven experience in engine and vehicle parts repair and adjustment
  • Over 15 progressive years as an auto mechanic
  • Profound knowledge of the basics of internal combustion engines
  • Physically dexterous and ability to work with all kinds of vehicle repair tools
  • Valid West Virginia driver’s license.

Job Experience

  • Diagnosed and repaired/ serviced all kinds of vehicle for clients
  • Assisted customers in procuring high quality vehicle spare parts for replacement of damaged vehicle parts
  • Responded to customers’ inquiries and advised customers when necessary
  • Test drove customers’ vehicles after repair or service
  • Hired and trained auto mechanics and apprentices
  • Attended educative workshops and seminars to keep abreast with new technologies in auto mechanic industry
  • Worked in collaboration with other vehicle specialists to repair faults outside my scope.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Ohio High School, Ohio, West Virginia, High School Diploma, 2007
  • Training in the repair/maintenance of combustion-powered automotive vehicles, 2009.


A secret to getting an interview appointment from a prospective employer is the strength of the resume you send to them. A great resume will usually catch employers’ attention and make them want to further discuss the job with you.

Therefore, it is beneficial to invest the time in learning and practicing how to write a good resume so that you will be able to create one any time you need it.

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