Sales Associate Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Sales associate resume
Need a sales associate job? Showing how you can achieve sales growth in your resume can win employers’ heart.

Sales Associate Resume Writing Tips and Example

To make sales, you may need aggressive advertisement to convince people to patronize your product or service.

The same logic applies to landing a sales associate job. In this case, your resume is your ad and you must make it compelling enough to persuade hiring managers to look your way.

How to make a good resume

Your sales associate resume must be presented in an attractive and unique manner to stand out from the pool of resumes employers usually get.

Hiring managers frown at lengthy resumes especially ones with irrelevant information. So, endeavor to keep your resume for the sales associate job targeted and concise.

Your resume should be able to capture the reader’s attention right from the minute it is opened.

To do this, you should begin your sales associate resume with a powerful objective statement.

Also, make sure that the formatting is uniquely done. Use bold letters to begin each section and make sure you apply simple but attractive font and font size.

Make sure that you choose a functional resume format so as to give you the chance to highlight all necessary sales skills and qualities at your possession.

Now, let us look at the sections that make up a great sales associate resume:

Resume Objective Section

To prepare a unique sales associate resume objective section, you need to first of all research about the company and the unique requirements of the position you seek.

Know the skills and competencies required of a sales associate for the company you want to work with and create your resume to align with the hirer’s skills demand.

See examples of such sales associate resume objective below:

Examples of Sales Associate Objective Statement for Resume

  • Looking for a sales associate position with Grand Tech Inc. utilizing demonstrated ability to implement sales plans and outstanding customer service skills that improve customer loyalty.
  • Seeking the position of a sales associate with Phoenix Group where my outstanding communication and customer service skills with knowledge of different retail environment will be utilized to improve customer loyalty and drive sales.

Core Competence Section

To write a unique core competence section for your sales associate resume, you need to know about the skills requirement of the job you seek to obtain.

This way, you will be able to highlight only skills relevant to the position. An easy way to do this is to read the job description thoroughly and sieve out relevant keywords used in the job advertisement.

Job Experience Section

The job experience section of your sales associate resume is where you highlight relevant experiences you have had as a salesperson.

Experiences in similar positions can also be highlighted but you must present it to be in line with the sales position you seek to obtain.

You should try as much as possible to avoid including irrelevant experiences. For instance, including teaching experience in a sales associate resume is irrelevant and may be a shorter way to convince the hirer that you are a teacher not a sales person.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

If the hirer included minimum academic requirement in the job advertisement, make sure you are academically qualified for the job before creating a resume to apply.

If you are a member of any professional association for sales person, this is the section to let the hirer know.

Now, putting the tips shared above together, here is a resume example for the sales associate job:

The resume example below is to guide you in creating a personalized sales associate resume of your own.

Feel free to use it as a template when making your resume, but do not forget to identify the unique features of the sales position you seek and model your resume to please the hirer.

Sales Associate Resume Example/Sample/Template

Myles Freeman
1 Canyon Street, Tucson, Arizona
Home: (+1) 122-223, Cell: (+1) 122-2223

Objective: Seeking the position of a sales associate with Phoenix Group where my outstanding communication and customer service skills with knowledge of different retail environment will be utilized to improve customer loyalty and drive sales.

Core Competence

  • Proven ability to implement sales plan and knowledge of diverse retail environment
  • Outstanding customer service skills that improves sales and customer loyalty
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal ability
  • Proficient in word processing and spreadsheet applications
  • Excellent cashiering skills and ability to handle cash and credit card transactions
  • Proven ability to multitask without losing focus
  • Personable and friendly disposition
  • Proven ability to perform calculations quickly.

Job Experience

Green spring Inc. Tucson, Arizona
Sales Associate
2010 – 2015

  • Informed customers of promotions and price-cut
  • Ensured that the retail area is well cleaned and maintained
  • Ensured that customers are checked out in real-time
  • Established relationship with customers and followed lead to close deals
  • Welcomed customers to the store and assisted them with making purchases
  • Enlightened customers about the benefits and features of products
  • Made arrangements for delivery of goods ordered online or via telephone.

Jumbox Retail Store, Phoenix, Arizona
Retail Sales Worker
2008 – 2010

  • Welcomed customers in a respectful manner
  • Helped customers in making purchases by pointing them to the locations of products in the store
  • Answered customers’ inquiries and enlightened them on the features of products
  • Handled cash and credit card payments
  • Assisted the store manager in taking stock inventory
  • Prepared daily and periodic record of total sales.

Education and Professional Qualification

City College, Tucson, Arizona, Associate Degree in Sales and Marketing, 2008.


To be ahead of the competition for the job of a sales associate you surely need to have a good resume to win the heart of employers for them to grant you an interview.

It is only when you have the opportunity to prove to employers why you are the best for the job that you stand a chance of getting it.

Having a great resume will help you achieve that, and the beautiful part of it is that you can make such resumes yourself by using the tips shared above.

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