Realtor Resume Example

By | September 3, 2023

As a realtor looking for a new job, having a good resume will certainly help get employers attention.

It is important therefore to give your resume a boost by learning how to create powerful resumes that can secure an interview for you.

Learning how to write resumes involves understudying samples of professionally prepared resumes.

Learn how the different sections of the resume are produced, then follow the same format as the sample and create your own.

Below is a resume template, an example of what a good realtor resume should be like, which you can use as a model in writing your own.


Realtor Resume Example/Sample/Template

Rhoda Jons
123 Down Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 33333 • Home: (222) 333-4444, Cell: (111) 111-1111 •

OBJECTIVE: Seeking to function in the position of a realtor in a growing firm where my 4 years experience in advertising, customer service, and mortgaging; researching, property management, buying and selling will be put to maximum use for the development and growth of the company.


Exceptionally talented Realtor with four year proven record of constantly breaking sales record. Possess uncommon negotiating skill that enables me to close deal successfully, applying unique prospective and networking skills; excellent ability to generate profit during business deals and perfectly communicating with a consultative pattern, which opens door to client/agent relationship that leads to sales.


  • Capable on conducting competitor’s data analysis that keeps the company updated on fluctuating market trend, which helps to keep tabs on competitor’s moves towards existing deals
  • Vastly knowledgeable on the different varieties of market trend, methods and trading technologies
  • Competent property advertising skills that enables to manage sales operation
  • Easily connect with financial advisers through strategic dealers networking
  • Always taking the initiative to put together various kinds of promotional campaigns that lead to large volume sales
  • Ability to generate referral leads from satisfied clients through sound customer service and well coordinated business deals
  • Understanding client purchase motivation by attending to their complaints/queries and building relationship in the process.
  • Ability to analyze the corporate real estate industry perfectly in terms of sales and buying of property
  • Knowledge of the legality that governs the contracting and leasing of property, this helps to safe guard the interest of the client and the company
  • Highly skilled in account management, which helps in properly preparing budget, inventory and purchasing documents
  • Highly experienced in the sales of expensive residential projects in all high class locations of the country.

WGM Organization: Business Estate Dealers, New Berry
2009 – Present


  • Take note of potential and profitable buyer/sellers, while keeping tabs on their necessary requirements
  • Ensure that information on property sales, lease and loans is prepared and delivered to clients on time
  • Give clients the necessary support they need that will help them make purchase at a good rate
  • Constantly communicate with legal attorney on documentation before, during and after purchase deals
  • Ensure that customer’s details and sales records are continually updated in the database department
  • Jointly plan the sales and marketing techniques with the real estate manager
  • Responsible for preparing contract guidelines that govern the process which staff use in marketing
  • Lead the team responsible for handling the housing and estate projects for AAA Inc.
  • Ensure that clients, home inspectors, pest controllers, and leasers function in proper order that lead to agreeable terms during the negotiation process
  • Attend meetings, seminars and business conferences to update self on current developments in the industry.


  • High School Diploma, Jackson City School, 2002
  • Marketing degree, University of Gondolas, MKL, 2003
  • Postgraduate degree in Economics, Institute of franchise.

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