Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 3, 2023
Accounting Administrative Assistant  job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Accounting Administrative Assistants perrform multi-faceted activities in promotion of a company’s financial and administrative objectives. Image source:

This post presents detailed information on the job description of an accounting administrative assistant, to help you learn what they do.

What Does an Accounting Administrative Assistant Do?

An accounting administrative assistant is a person employed by an organization with the responsibility of performing multi-faceted activities that influence decision making, control of operations, as well as management planning to accomplish company’s financial and administrative objectives.

The accounting administrative assistant job description involves aiding the management department in planning and attaining objectives through a formal system of accumulation and reporting of data.

It also entails filing of invoices and statements, accepting and distributing mails, as well as ensuring the accomplishment of administrative goals within the organization.

Usually, it is expected of the accounting administrative assistant to consolidate, store and organize management data for the arrangement of reports.

He/she will ensure efficient verbal and written communication with external parties and make appropriate plans to respond to matters raised.

The role of an accounting administrative assistant in an organization also entails organizing and maintaining the office files, tracking budget procurement and providing routine budget updates.

This will also require a lot of budget planning and giving support to the overall efficiency of the finance department.

He/she will support the organization in updating the company’s accounting forms, policies and procedures in a bid to ensure adequate provision of information and material for the annual audit of the company’s financial records.

In order to achieve this, it may be required of the accounting administrative assistant to be able to work well under pressure and sit at tables or attend meetings approximately 80 percent of working duration and also engage in the use of a personal computer for an estimated 40 percent of total working hours.

Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Listed in the job description example shown below are some of the essential duties, tasks and responsibilities required of an accounting administrative assistant.

  • Prepare precise data entry as well as formulate, draft, type and prepare letters, memos and other documentation as needed
  • Work on monthly bank statement reconciliation for all entities
  • Dispatch mails to property controllers and file all statements
  • Set up of weekly meetings and conference rooms for attendees of meetings and conferences
  • Attend to phone calls and make provision for back-up voicemail assistance to the cooperate office
  • Deposit funds in the bank, and prepare book journal entries affiliated with such deposits
  • Organize meetings, and communicate periodically with members of staff and other personnel
  • Organize travel arrangements, planning and programming of meetings.

Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Description for Resume

A resume for seeking the post of accounting administrative assistant can be prepared by using information from the sample job description above.

The information can be used in writing the job history part of the resume.

Accounting Administrative Assistant Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

To maintain a high level of efficiency in the discharge of the duties listed above, the following are some of the knowledge; traits and skills need to be acquired by an individual aspiring for the post of accounting administrative assistant:

  • A minimum of first degree in accounting, social sciences and other related field with preference to previous basic accounting experience
  • An outstanding knowledge of all areas of allocated duties with strong expertise in computer applications such as Word, Excel, Power point and Access A plus
  • Must be able to perform tasks with high level of precision
  • Must exhibit the ability to work productively and amicably with superior officers and cooperate with other personnel
  • Proficient in completing delegated duties in a timely manner
  • Must possess the ability to converse effectively in verbal and written form.

#2: Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Description Example