Retail Coordinator Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Retail Coordinator resume
Make it easier to land a retail coordinator job, get a good resume.

Retail Coordinator Resume Writing Tips and Example

To be hired as a retail coordinator, you need to present a good resume. That is, a resume that can convince the hirer of your suitability for the position.

To achieve this, you either need to hire a professional writer to prepare a convincing retail coordinator resume for you or find a good template to guide you in creating one yourself.

If you choose the first option, then you need not stress yourself sourcing for tips or template to make one by yourself.

But since you are on this page, it means you are either preparing one for yourself or creating for a client.

Now, if you want to create a great retail coordinator resume by yourself, here are some tips to follow to help you achieve it.

Writing your resume for a retail coordinator job, tips to guide you

Firstly, writing a good retail coordinator resume requires you to understand the specific demands of the position you are applying for.

This includes knowing the company name and how to spell it correctly because you will need it in the objective section of your resume.

The above statement may sound pointless, but a lot of resumes end up in the thrash can because of this mistake, and hiring managers do not think twice before eliminating such candidates.

Imagine writing Glaxosmithkline instead of GlaxoSmithKline. The mistake may be minor but that does not change the fact that the company name was wrongly spelt.

Other reasons for identifying the specific demands of the retail coordinator position is to enable you create a resume in line with the specifics of the position.

A retail coordinator for GSK may not perform exactly same functions as the one for GSL.

For the fact that their functions in the two companies may differ, so also will be the required skills needed to function effectively in the two firms.

Secondly, a good retail coordinator resume ought to be concise because hiring managers often do not have more than a few seconds to scan through each resume, especially at the first stage of the recruitment exercise.

Therefore, you must endeavor to limit the content of your resume to a page or two.

Thirdly, make your retail coordinator resume attractive by using bullet points and simple font and size.

Lastly, arrange the content of your resume into sections. Ideally, a good resume format for the position of retail coordinator may bear the four sections discussed below

Objective Section

This should be the first section of your resume. Here, you disclose your intention to work for the company in the capacity of a retail coordinator and the skills you will bring to the job.

It is advisable to use strong keywords related to that particular retail coordinator position to convince the hirer.

See examples of good retail coordinator resume objectives below

Retail Coordinator Objective Statement Examples for Resume

  • To obtain a position as a retail coordinator with Penguin Stores, utilizing over 6 years of demonstrated experience in retail environment and outstanding leadership and customer service orientation.
  • To work as a retail coordinator with Panda Stores where excellent customer service orientation and strong knowledge of promotional needs of retail establishments will be utilized.

Core Competence Section

You are expected to use this part of your retail coordinator resume to highlight skills you possess that are in line with the demands of the job.

It is good to focus only on skills related to the job description an avoid making lengthy sentences.

Job Experience section

To be employed as a retail coordinator, most employers require some level of experience on the job or in a retail environment.

So, if such is the case with the job you are applying for, make sure you highlight at least one or two retail positions you held in the past with functions you performed on the job.

Educational Qualification Section

Ideally, first degree in business related discipline can help you get a retail coordinator job.

However, if you possess any advanced qualification, including it may boost your chances of being selected for the position.

Now that you have seen what you are expected to include in each section of your retail coordinator resume, you can also use the template below to guide you in creating one for your use.

Retail Cashier Resume Example/Sample/Template

Reina King
129 East Street, Chicago, Illinois
Home: (+2)222-444, Cell: (+2)222-42424

Objective: To obtain a position as a retail coordinator with Penguin Stores, utilizing over 6 years of demonstrated experience in retail environment and outstanding leadership and customer service orientation.

Core Competence

  • 6+ years of proven experience in retain environment
  • Outstanding leadership and customers service orientation
  • Strong knowledge of promotional needs of retail establishments
  • Strong business sense and commercial awareness
  • Attentive and target-oriented
  • Proven ability to lead a sales promotion team
  • Good communication and office management skills.

Job Experience

Dexter Stores
Retail Coordinator
2012 – 2013

  • Developed core sales driving strategies
  • Initiated and implemented special promotional programs that vastly improved sales
  • Coordinated the display of items on the store and led the sales promotion team
  • Conducted market research and discovered strategies to out-compete other retail stores
  • Hired and trained employees for new store locations
  • Ensured the general cleanliness of the retail store
  • Checked and updated all price labels on a weekly basis.

Educational Qualification

  • Chicago College of Administration, Associate Degree in Marketing, 2011.


You certainly need a good resume when looking to work as a retail coordinator. So, make the best use of the tips and resume example provided in this post in creating irresistible resumes each time you need to send one to employers.

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