Home Care Aide Resume Writing Tips and Example

 Home care aide resume example

Seeking a home care aide job? Having a good resume can make it easier to get it.

Home Care Aide Resume Writing Tips and Example

If working as home care aide interests you and you possess the right set of skills and qualities, then, you need a good resume to improve your chances of getting the job.

To have a good home care aide resume, you may need to hire a resume expert for a fee or write it yourself if you have good knowledge of resume writing.

However, if you are not too good at resume writing or need tips on how to perfect your home care aide resume, then, you are just on the right page.

The tips and examples in this article will help you in creating a home care aide resume that will appeal to the hirers and convince them that you are the ideal candidate for the position.

The sample resume given below will also serve as a template to guide you in creating your own home care aide resume. You may also edit it to match the particular position you are gunning for.

Steps to Creating a Good Home Care Aide Resume

To create a great resume for the home care aide position, you must first understand why the potential employer is interested in hiring someone for the position.

It is also necessary that you understand the demands of the hirer so that you will model your resume in-sync with the requirements for the job.

Creating a targeted resume will convince the hirer that you are genuinely interested in working in that particular home care aide position.

It will also convince the employer that you took time to go through the job description and clearly understand the demands of the home care aide position to be filled.

So, to create a targeted resume for this role, you need to go through the home care aide job description provided by the hirer.

Having a good knowledge of the job requirements will guide you through out the resume writing process.

Your home care aide resume should be the presentation of the summary of your experiences and skills in a convincing manner.

So, you need to choose a good resume layout to summarize your skills and experiences in an attractive and easily accessible manner.

An ideal layout for home care aide resume should contain the following key sections in the order in which they appear below:

Resume Objective Section

If you want to create a targeted home care aide resume, then, you may forego career summary for objective statement.

Also, the objective statement of your resume should be written utilizing information extracted from the position’s job description.

It shouldn’t be just to highlight of your intention to work as a home care aide but a concise summary of the skills you possess to work effectively in that position.

The objective statements below will serve as an example to help you in creating a convincing resume objective section for your home care aide resume:

Examples of Home Care Aide Objective Statements for Resume

 Seeking to work as a home care aide with Frankincense Clinic, offering outstanding patient care skills, friendly and compassionate nature, and exceptional communication skills.
 Seeking the position of a home care aide with Granite Care Home, offering exceptional housekeeping and emergency management skills, and extensive knowledge of home care principles and practices.

Core Competence Section

Creating a targeted home care aide resume also involves identifying the skills required by the hirer and creating a core competence section to match the hirer’s expectations.

However, you should only include skills that you possess.

Job Experience Section

If you have worked as a home care aide or in positions requiring similar skills in the past, then, it will do you a world of good to highlight such experiences in your resume.

It is important that you list the names and locations of the employers you have worked with accompanied by the period you worked with each of them, the position you occupied, and the duties you performed.

Educational and Professional Qualification Section

If you have acquired any academic or professional training, then, ensure that you clearly highlight the institutions/schools you attended and the trainings/certificates obtained.

Do not forget to present each school in bullet point starting with the most recent.

Home Care Aide Resume Example/Sample/Template

Susan Clive
90 Passion Street, Granite Bay, California
Home: (+1) 113-704, Cell: (+2) 113-7061

Objective: Seeking to work as a home care aide with Granite Home Care, offering exceptional housekeeping and emergency management skills and extensive knowledge of home care principles and practices.

Core Competence

  • Friendly and compassionate nature
  • Outstanding communication and patient care skills
  • Exceptional housekeeping and emergency management skills
  • Extensive knowledge of home care principles and practices
  • Attentive and ability to adhere to instructions
  • Ability to transcribe and interpret medical prescription.

Job Experience

Green Bay Home Care, Granite Bay, California
Home Care Aide
2012 – 2014

  • Administered medication to patients in keeping with professional instructions
  • Administered first aid in case of emergency and accompanied clients to hospital visits
  • Assisted patients in ambulation and personal hygiene
  • Monitored patients recovery, safety, and development
  • Made patients’ beds, cooked and ran errands
  • Took care of convalescent patients.

Educational and Professional Licensure

  • Granite Bay High School, Granite Bay, California, High School Diploma, 2012
  • Professional Certifications: CPR, HHA and First Aid.


If you are seeking the home care aide job, you will need to have a good resume to stand a better chance with employers.

And the good thing is that you can prepare an effective resume by yourself by using the tips and template given in this post.

Did you find this post useful in writing a great resume for the home care aide job? Please, let’s know what you think about this article. You can also share other ideas you have found useful in creating a great resume for the home care aide position.

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