Sales Manager Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Sales manager resume
Needing a sales manager job? A good resume can put you ahead of the competition for the position.

Sales Manager Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you want to write a good sales manager resume by yourself, or need some guide to modify the one you have before, then the tips and examples in this post will help you do that.

For every one vacant sales manager position, there are dozens of salespersons waiting to fill the position – it is a very competitive position.

This means that the sales manager position you are aiming at may as well have numerous qualified applicants.

So, if you want to stand a chance of being hired, you need a good resume. If you cannot write one for yourself, you may hire an expert to make you one that will stand out among the crowd of resumes.

But who says you can’t make one yourself?

Just follow the steps below and in a little while you will be able to make great resumes and improve your chances of getting interviews with prospective employers:

Steps in Writing Sales Manager Resume

Firstly, you need resume format that will allow you highlight your skills and qualities as a salesperson.

A good resume format will allow you to split the body of your resume into different sections to enable the hirer have easy access to relevant information about.

Make sure your sales manager resume is adequately spaced but concise and well formatted.

Each section of your resume needs to be presented in bullet points and written with relevant keywords to match the job description given by the hiring firm.

Below is the arrangement of the sections and how they can be created to make a great sales manager resume that should take you to the interview stage of your job search process.

Resume Objective Section

If you want your sales manager resume to be read, you must write to impress the hiring manager in this section of your resume.

In this part, you should be able to convince the employer that you understand the demands of the position and possess skills and expertise to perform if given the chance.

Use strong keywords related to sales manager position you are applying for and make sure you wrap up this section in a sentence or two because if it is too long, it may not be read.

See examples of targeted sales manager resume objective below:

Examples of Sales Manager Resume Objective

  • People and sales oriented individual seeking to work with Mallmart as a sales manager, utilizing solid track record of outstanding performance in similar positions and ability to meet sales target.
  • Seeking for the position of sales manager with Great Inc. where my vast years’ of experience as a sales manager, exceptional leadership ability, and outstanding ability to meet sales target will be fully utilized to achieve the company’s sales goal.

Core Competence Section

The trick in writing this section is to include only skills relevant to position. There are certain qualities expected of any salesperson, which you must include, but other key skills must be in line with demands of the hiring firm for the position of sales manager.

Including unnecessary skills will only increase the length of the resume without making it effective.

Job Experience Section

The job experience section of your sales manager resume allows you to highlight your past and present experiences in the sales field.

It is only important to mention related sales experiences and one or two experiences are enough to convince the HR manager of your expertise in sales management.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Just like the job experience section, this is the part of your resume where you list relevant academic qualifications.

Make sure you arrange it in a way that the most recent qualification comes first.

If you have acquired advanced qualifications like Master’s degree, listing your high school diploma may be unnecessary. Just keep to the rule and keep it simple and short.

That’s it for how to write the various sections of a sales manager resume that altogether makes a good resume, which employers will not ignore.

Now, let’s make a sample resume for the post of sales manager so you can see how the various sections are integrated.

Using this resume example as a template, it will be easier for you to make yours:

Sales Manager Resume Example/Sample/Template

James Wash
200 Pine Street, Augusta, Maine
Home: (+1) 333-334, Cell: (+1) 333-4433

Objective: Seeking for the position of sales manager with Great Inc. where my vast years’ of experience as a sales manager, exceptional leadership ability and outstanding ability to meet sales target will be fully utilized to achieve the company’s sales goal.

Core Competence

  • 4+ years of sales management experience
  • Background in business management and marketing
  • Proven ability to create and implement sales plan and strategies
  • Exceptional convincing power and ability to follow lead and close sales
  • Exceptional ability to build and maintain relationship with customers and potential customers
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a sales team to achieve sales target
  • Strong and effective oral and written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Resilient, positive and enthusiastic.

Job Experience

Savannah Inc.
Sales Manager
2000 – 2009

  • Worked in collaboration with the marketing team to generate leads
  • Assisted the HR unit to hire and train sales associates
  • Managed the day-to-day activities of the sales team
  • Researched to discover changing trends in market and buyer behavior
  • Monitored the performance of the sales team to ensure that sales target was met
  • Arranged for delivery of orders, and inspected items to be delivered to ensure compliance with customers’ orders.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • City College, Augusta, Maine – Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, 1999.


With the high level of competition for the job of a sales manager, it becomes important to have a good resume to get employers’ attention so you can be invited to an interview where you will have the opportunity to tell them why they should hire you.

If you desire to create your resume yourself, the tips and examples shared above can help you in making a good one.

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