Food Server Resume Writing Tips and Example

Food Server Resume
Needing a new food server job? A good resume can get you an interview easily.

Food Server Resume Writing Tips and Example

To convince the hirer that you are a good fit for the food server position at his or her restaurant or hotel, you need to employ your understanding of the job description in creating a good resume that will appeal to the hirer.

The best and easy way to create a resume that will appeal to the hirer is to first of all understand the unique demands of the food server job you seek to obtain.

Then, choose a suitable resume format and create your resume to reflect the demands of the hirer as stated in the food server job advertisement.

Do not forget to keep your resume brief, error-free and well arranged.

Food servers work mainly in hospitality settings such as restaurants where their primary responsibility is to take orders and deliver food to customers.

The good thing about this position is that it is always available irrespective of the period of the year or prevailing economic situation.

However, experienced and entry-level employees are always available to fill any available spot for this position, making it a competitive position at the end of the day.

Just like other positions within the hospitality sector, there are certain qualities every hiring manager is looking for in a candidate for the food server position.

Primarily, restaurant owners are more concerned with the applicant’s personal attributes and ability to work as a food server.

This means that only candidates with the right set of skills and qualities are usually hired to fill in this position.

Now, even if you possess all the required skills and qualities but cannot convince hirers of your potentials as a food server, you will always be dropped for a less qualified candidate.

The big questions are:

What are the skills and qualities required of a food sever?

How do you convince the hirer of your potentials as a food server?

To answer the first question, there are no set of skills or qualities that fits all food server positions.

The skill requirement is dependent on the food server job description provided by the hirer. So, the first step to landing your desired job as a food server is to understand the job description.

For a food server resume to come out great it should contain the sections below:

Food Server Resume Objective Section

The objective section of your food server resume will be your selling point if you get it right.

Bear in mind that this is the section where the hirer gauges candidates understanding of the position and their capability as a food server.

So, waste no time in telling the manager that you do understand the demands of the position and possess all it takes to work with them.

Most importantly, make sure you target your resume at a particular employer.

See examples of targeted food server resume objective below:

Examples of Food Server Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking a food server position with Great Taste Restaurant, utilizing outstanding customer service ability and hands-on experience in serving guests in busy restaurant settings.
  • To obtain a food server position with Hunger Foods where exceptional hospitality skills, customer service acumen, and friendly demeanor will be utilized to ensure customer loyalty.

Core Competence Section

The core competence section of your food server resume must also be created in line with the job description.

So, make sure you extract the skill requirements for the job and create your core competence section to suit the demands of the hirer. However, do not include skills that you do not possess.

Lastly, endeavor to present the skills and competence section of your resume using attractive bullet points.

Job Experience Section

Any experience in the hospitality sector, irrespective of the position held may work wonders on your resume, especially if the hirer is in need of experienced food servers.

So, present your work history as a food server in an attractive format using bullet points as well.

Educational Qualification Section

With only a high school diploma, you can get a job serving foods and drinks at most restaurants.

Even if you have a lesser qualification, just let the hirer know your level of academic qualification in this section of your resume.

That’s it on how to prepare the various sections of your resume; now let’s see how to make a great resume for the food server position using the tips shared above.

Food Server Resume Example/Sample/Template

Miler Jane
111 Cole Street, Denver, Colorado
Home: (+2)333-111, Cell: (+2)333-11111.

Objective: Seeking a food server position with Great Taste Restaurant, utilizing outstanding customer service ability and hands-on experience in serving guests in busy restaurant settings.

Core Competence

  • Outstanding customer service ability
  • Hands-on experience serving guests in busy restaurant settings
  • Exceptional hospitality skills and friendly demeanor
  • Strong ability to take orders from numerous customers and communicate correctly to the kitchen unit
  • Ability to welcome and greet guests in a warm and endearing manner
  • Well versed in communicating professionally with guests
  • Strong ability to maintain focus in fast-paced restaurant setting
  • Strong ability to withstand long hours of standing and walking.

Job Experience

Roman restaurants, Denver, Colorado
Food Server
2014 –Present

  • Greet and welcome guests in a friendly manner
  • Assist guests to locate reserved seats or direct them to vacant seats
  • Answer guests’ questions regarding menu and take orders
  • Communicate orders correctly to the kitchen unit
  • Deliver orders to appropriate tables and serve the guests
  • Bussed the table and collect payment from guests
  • Lay fresh and clean table after bussing the table.

Educational Qualification

  • Denver High School, Colorado, High School Diploma, 20014.

Please note that you can apply the above example of the food server resume as a template when making your resume to ensure it comes out great.


Though writing a resume by yourself might be challenging, however, the tips and example shared above can make the process easier, such that soon you will be able to make good resumes to apply to vacant food server positions of your choice.

Did this post help in improving your ability to write a good food server resume? Please, leave your comment in the box below.

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