National Sales Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
National Sales Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
National Sales Managers ensure the attainment of their firms’ sales goals from all the regions of operation.

This post presents exhaustive information on the job description of a national sales manager, to boost your knowledge of the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they perform.

What Does a National Sales Manager Do?

A national sales manager is someone who ensures that the sales goals of his/her company across all its regions are achieved.

The national sales manager job description includes developing an effective strategy for marketing; this could mean coordinating with other executives of the company.

He/she will also ensure the successful performance and profit generation of the company by overseeing teams of regional sales managers.

As often as possible, the national sales manager gets to meet with the regional sales managers and reviews their performance, and sends the report to the headquarters.

Most of the times, this role is occupied by people who started their careers working as salespersons and then gradually worked their way up through different sales positions to the point of a regional, and then national sales managers.

Sales account managers responsible for national coverage are known for their engagement in a massive amount of tasks and responsibilities.

Their work description entails duties ranging from establishing sales goals, to analyzing several forms of data. They also create targets and ensure that they are met.

They are sales managers who are obviously bound to spend a great deal of their time traveling so as to meet with other regional managers of the company.

The national sales account manager is largely responsible for maintaining and recruiting sales staff for his/her firm by orienting and putting them through the required training.

This profession requires that you occasionally have to attend educational workshops in order to update technical and professional knowledge.

The role also involves lots of hours on the computer or the phone.

National Sales Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Here is a job description example detailing common duties, tasks, and responsibilities of national sales managers:

  • Create and develop programs for national sales and ensure its implementation. This can be done by developing action plans for field sales
  • Ensure the successful achievement of the company’s sales goals across all its regions
  • Ensure sales volume is at its maximum, maintaining product mix, and selling price
  • Oversee company’s sales performance at regional levels
  • Develop effective sales strategy and ensure its timely implementation
  • Schedule occasional meeting with regional managers
  • Keep current with demand and supply of company’s products/services, economic indicators, changing trends and its competitors
  • Monitor cost in relation to prevailing competition, and if necessary adjust the price of selling
  • Discipline employees when necessary
  • Monitor and give appraisal to the activities of regional sales manager
  • Review professional publications
  • Establish personal networks across all regions
  • Participate in professional societies
  • Recruit and train sales employees for effective delivery
  • Participate in market strategy building by providing useful information from sales activities

National Sales Manager Job Description for Resume

Getting a new job as national sales manager will require writing a good resume to present to employers.

To prepare the job experience section of the resume, the sample job description given above provides the right information to use, with appropriate modification to match with the exact experience you’ve had on the job.

National Sales Manager Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

There are certain skills and abilities that one must possess in order to be considered for the position of national sales manager by most employers, these include:

  • Exceptional negotiation skills
  • Ability to build effective relationships, whether internally or externally
  • Possess effective presentation skills
  • Demonstrated effective oral and written communication skills
  • Strong IT skills; ability to use the computer and business related applications
  • Ability to work under pressure and still produce result
  • Ability to be flexible
  • Demonstrated business acumen
  • Visionary individual
  • Possession of a bachelor’s degree in business related field
  • Experience in similar position or organization
  • Demonstrated ability to retain high performing team of sales personnel
  • Ability to meet up with targets
  • Ability to be proactive and plan effectively
  • Management skills; ability to get people moving towards a specific task
  • Enthusiastic and passionate of the work
  • Must possess time management skills, with the ability to make timely decisions
  • Possess good organizational skills
  • Possess leadership skills and the ability to work with a team
  • Ability to think strategically
  • Possess people skills and the ability to solve problems
  • Ability to build and maintain effective networks
  • Strategy development and project management skills