Corporate Sales Manager Job Description Example

Corporate Sales Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Corporate Sales Managers are responsible for recruiting and training of the sales team for optimum performance.

Corporate Sales Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Corporate Sales Manager Do?

Corporate sales managers are responsible for directing and supervising sales operations to ensure profit maximization and realization of sales targets.

Their job description entails overseeing the hiring and training of their firm’s sales staff to ensure an effective team that delivers increased sales performance.

In performing their duties, corporate sales managers reach out to customers through emails and phone calls to offer them products and services.

They usually visit clients or arrange meetings with customers to discuss how their products can effectively meet the needs of the customer.

Their role also involves delivering of sales pitches and presentations to clients where they highlight the benefits their products offer to customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

To be effective on his/her role, the corporate sales manager discusses with customers to find out what exactly their needs are and assist them in selecting appropriate product/service that suits the desired specifications.

It is also their duty to provide motivation and guidance to the sales team to enable them to improve on their sales performance, and to reach the set goals.

They are also in charge of the activities of sales personnel, which entail assessing their performance and productivity.

The work description of corporate sales managers also entails assigning and designating sales quotas and territories to sales employees, according to individual potential.

They partner with the marketing, advertising, and production heads to work out strategies and plans for enhancing the overall sales of the company.

They are responsible for ensuring that the departmental objective and marketing activities conform to the sales target.

In carrying out their functions, corporate sales managers are required to carry out surveys and research to unveil information that can lead to greater sales, such as market trends, viable leads, and avenues for new sales opportunities.

Other tasks they perform include compiling, analyzing, and interpreting sales data to produce reports on sales performance that can be used by the management team for making the right decisions for the company.

It is also the responsibility of corporate sales managers to provide effective after sales support and services to customers.

Corporate sales managers are also involved in preparing and presenting periodic budgets/sales forecast to management; they may also offer recommendations on appropriate action plan to take to improve operations of the business.

They arrange meetings to discuss the department’s sales activities, develop strategies, and take necessary decisions that can improve company performance.

They also attend conferences, events and trade shows to expand personal network and increase job knowledge.

Corporate sales managers typically require a Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field, such as commerce, economics, or marketing.

The skills needed for success on the job include organizational, communication, and team work skills.

Corporate Sales Manager Job Description Example/Template

If you need to know the job description of a corporate sales manager, the example below gives one that you can use; it consists of the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities you should expect to be assigned with if hired for the role:

  • Oversee the interviewing, hiring, and training of a company’s sales staff to ensure an effective salesforce
  • Develop and implement programs effective for enhancing sales performance
  • Contact customers via emails and phone calls to offer them products and services
  • Visit clients or arrange meetings to discuss a product and how it will meet the requirements of a customer
  • Deliver sales pitches and presentations to clients, highlighting the benefits of a product to influence purchase
  • Communicate with customers to identify their requirements and assist them with selecting appropriate products that meet their specifications
  • Motivate and guide sales teams to improve performance and achieve set goals
  • Monitor the activities of sales personnel to assess performance and productivity
  • Assign and designate sales quotas and territories to staff according to individual potential
  • Collaborate with the marketing, advertising, and production heads to develop and implement plans effective for enhancing sales and overall company performance
  • Ensure marketing objectives and activities are in line with sales targets
  • Conduct surveys and research to gather information regarding market trends, potential leads, and sales opportunities
  • Compile, analyze, and interpret sales data to provide reports to management on performance
  • Ensure provision of proper after sales support and services to clients
  • Prepare and present to management periodic budgets/sales forecast
  • Organize meetings to discuss sales activities and take decisions on strategies necessary for improvement.

Corporate Sales Manager Resume Preparation

If you are writing a resume for a corporate sales manager job, you can use content from the sample job description above in preparing the work experience part of the resume.

Your job experience is an important part of your resume as most recruiters will like to see the duties and responsibilities of the role you have previously carried out.

So, if you have worked before as a corporate sales manager, you can quickly make your job experience by simply applying the functions of the position highlighted in the above work description, with some adjustment if necessary.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Corporate Sales Manager Job

When hiring for the corporate sales manager position, the major requirements most employers will like applicants to meet are shown below:

  • Education and Training: To become a corporate sales manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in a business related discipline such as commerce, economics, or marketing. About 5 years of experience in the field of sales is also necessary for the corporate sales manager job
  • Organizational Skills: Corporate sales managers are able to coordinate and manage the sales operations of a company to maximize profit
  • Communication Skills: They are well versed in communicating with clients to offer them products/services and convince purchase
  • Teamwork Skills: Corporate sales managers collaborate with sales teams to develop and implement effective strategies.

Corporate Sales Manager Skills for Resume

If you know the qualities employers are generally looking for when hiring a corporate sales manager, then you can get and use them in creating the skills section of your resume.

Therefore, you can apply the above qualities and skills in making your resume’s skills section.


If you are thinking of working as a corporate sales manager, this post shows the duties and responsibilities you should expect to perform; you can now prepare yourself for the role and stand a better chance of succeeding in the career when hired.

Employers can also apply the job description template provided above in designing effective work description for recruiting a good corporate sales manager to their company and assigning tasks to them.

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