Sales Manager Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Sales Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Sales Managers provide training to sales personnel to help them succeed in achieving their targets.

Sales Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Sales Manager Do?

Sales managers generally oversee the sales activities of a company as well as the operations of sales representatives and teams to ensure the achievement of sales goals and profit for a firm.

Sales manager job description entails directing and guiding the activities of sales units to foster increased sales and maximum profit.

They oversee the operations of sales support teams such as the marketing and customer service sections to ensure appropriate implementation of client feedback and marketing strategies.

They also contact customers to discuss new product/services as well as address any issue with product or services.

As part of their duties, sales managers oversee the interviewing, hiring, and training of sales staff.

They occasionally conduct employee performance review to identify candidates due for promotion.

The sales manager’s role involves the management of employee welfare to ensure optimal work efficiency and performance.

He/she is expected to carry out regular analysis of records to determine the financial status of a company.

Sales managers are responsible for the preparation of annual budgets and approval of budget expenditures.

They may be in charge of sales activities in foreign branches of a company. Usually, they proffer recommendations and advice to sales units and representatives on effective strategies to employ to boost sales.

Sales managers often conduct surveys and assessment to determine client preferences and trending products.

They also make proper adjustments and implement appropriate policies and plan to improve product/service appeal to customers.

As part of their duties, sales managers set product pricing and rate of discount.

Their work description also involves identifying potential customers and convincing them to purchase a product/service.

They also keep tabs on customers and establish cordial work relationship that support increased clientele.

Sales managers in performing their functions liaise with company departmental heads to plan, develop, and implement sales strategies.

It is the duty of the sales manager to designate sales quotas and territories to sales team/staff.

They also identify areas that require improvement to develop/implement appropriate training programs to enhance staff work efficiency.

Sales managers typically require a Bachelor’s degree in any course of study but preferably business management, economics, marketing, and other related disciplines.

Having a Master’s degree is vital for overcoming competition. Skills necessary for the sales manager job include leadership skills, communication skills, and analytical skills.

Sales Manager Job Description Example/Template

The sales manager’s role is crucial to the success of a company’s sales effort. If you are seeking this position, the following job description example lists the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the role that you should expect to be assigned with:

  • Direct the activities of sales units to enhance increased sales
  • Oversee the operations of sales support teams to ensure appropriate implementation of advertising and marketing strategies.
  • Contact customers to discuss available product/services and how they can meet client’s needs
  • Oversee the interviewing, hiring, and training of sales employees
  • Conduct assessment of employee performance to determine candidates eligible for promotion
  • Oversee the welfare of employees to ensure optimal work efficiency and performance
  • Perform regular analysis of records and reports to determine the financial status of a company
  • Prepare annual budgets and approve the budget expenditures of a firm
  • Responsible for sales activities of an organization’s foreign outlets
  • Proffer advice and recommendations to sales representatives and customers on respective strategies and product/service choice
  • Conduct surveys and assessment to identify trending products/services and customer preferences
  • Implement appropriate plan/policies to improve product appeal to consumers
  • Set product/service pricing and customer discount rates
  • Scout for potential clients via cold calls and arranged meetings convincing them to purchase a product or subscribe to a service
  • Designate sales quotas and territories to sales staff
  • Establish cordial work relationship with clients to increase customer base
  • Liaise with the departmental heads of a company to develop and implement sales strategies
  • Resolve customer complaints and provide clarification on product/service features.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Sales Manager Job

If you are thinking of the qualities you may need to have to be considered for employment as a sales manager, here are the major requirements most recruiters usually set for applicants when hiring for the position:

  • Education and Training: To become a sales manager, you require at least a Bachelor’s degree in fields such as economics, business management, and marketing, as well as in other related disciplines. Having a Master’s degree increases your professional outlook and expertise. The sales manager job is a top sales position which usually requires experience as a sales representative
  • Analytical Skill: The sales manager’s job requires analysis of financial data and records to identify a company’s financial status
  • Communication Skill: Sales managers should be able to effectively interact with clients to explain product features or resolve complaints
  • Leadership Skills: Sales managers possess the ability to direct the activities of sales teams as well as to develop sales strategies
  • Pre-employment exam: To be hired for this job may require taking one or two relevant tests. Find out more about Job Assessment Tests and how to make high scores.

Also, see detail sales manager skills and qualities to be best on the job.


The sales manager job description shows you all you need to know about the duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the position that you need to know as one seeking the role, to prepare adequately for it so as to succeed on the job if hired.

Employers may also find the job description template given above useful in making the right work description for hiring the best sales managers for their firms and assigning tasks to them.

What do you think about our job description for the sales manager position? Also, do you have a sales manager work experience to share? Please make your comment and share your experience in the box below.