Key Accounts Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Key Accounts Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Key Accounts Managers ensures effective management of companies’ strategic accounts.

This post presents in-depth information on the job description of a key accounts manager, to help you learn the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that they commonly perform.

What Does a Key Accounts Manager Do?

The key accounts manager, as the name simply implies, is any staff of an organization whose job description entails managing its key accounts.

These accounts are known to contain just a minute number of clients who are known to contribute immensely to the company’s sales.

The manager goes further to maximize the sales opportunities within the accounts.

The manager responsible for key accounts is a sales professional mostly found in the headquarters of any organization whose role is to oversee the account teams of various branches of the company.

His/her responsibility spans beyond just the company’s sales records, it also includes managing fully the relationship of the organization with its clients/customers (basically the most important and profitable ones).

He/she is assigned a portfolio of customers and is to develop an effective long-term relationship with them, and also connect with business stake-holders and executives in key positions.

The key accounts manager work description also involves duties such as liaising with customers and cross-functional teams, monitoring the effectiveness and success of customer satisfaction with the company’s delivery.

A key account manager serves as a very important face of any organization.

He/she operates as the primary point of contact on matters having to do with their customers.responsible for determining

These managers also engage in tasks like negotiation and strategic planning.

Depending on the form and size of organization, the key account manager may get involved in company’s product design and applications, marketing, and logistics activities.

They may also play an important and integral role in the company, ensuring that the on-boarding of new clients is effective and is responsible for new business pitches.

Traveling is obviously a part of the job description of managers of key accounts in many firms.

This is because their job requires them to meet up with customers outside the company’s premises when necessary, and to visit other company’s executives and managers in other regions.

Key Accounts Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

As a key accounts manager there are certain responsibilities, duties, and tasks you should expect to perform, these include those in the following job description example:

  • Develop and maintain strong and long lasting relationships with customers
  • Ensure successful and timely delivery of products/services to customers according to their specifications
  • Forecast key account metrics
  • Identify opportunities within assigned territories and incorporate into the growth and development of the company
  • Generate sales for the company according to specified targets
  • Meet account deadlines
  • Manage complaints and conflicts with clients effectively
  • Coordinate sales team
  • Listen to clients to gain an understanding of their needs
  • Ensure repeat customers
  • Establish budget with the company and its clients
  • Prepare reports of sales metrics over a specified period of time – monthly, quarterly, and yearly
  • Keep internal and external stakeholders posted on the progress of implemented initiatives
  • Write proposals and business plans for securing business opportunities
  • Create and develop new business pitches
  • Develop the efficiency of the direct sales channel
  • Develop strategies for profit maximization
  • Negotiate business opportunities and contracts with clients
  • Assist in developing company’s marketing strategy, and also ensure its execution

Key Accounts Manager Job Description for Resume

If you are searching for a job as key accounts manager and need to write a resume, the content in the above job description sample provides appropriate information to prepare the professional history section of the resume.

However, for your resume not to be misleading, you will need to properly modify the functions of the position in the above work description to tally with your true experience on the job when using it to prepare your resume.

Key Accounts Manager Requirements: Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge for Career Success

The following list contains the must-to-have skills if you want to be considered for the position of key accounts manager by hiring managers:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration or any related field of study
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in similar position or organization
  • Effective communication skills, both oral and written
  • Ability to cope and produce results under pressure
  • Possess strong organizational skills
  • People skills; ability to go along well with others
  • Flexibility; ability to engage in multiple tasks
  • Proficiency in computer usage, with ability to use basic applications
  • Proven ability to work with numbers and perform basic math problems
  • Ability to efficiently manage large budgets
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Management skills: ability to manage a group of people
  • Effective Finance management skills: ability to manage finance
  • Leadership skills: ability to lead a team of staff
  • Ability to pay attention to detail and follow through with given instructions
  • Ability to meet up with deadlines
  • Possess effective decision making skills
  • Ability to manage time effectively

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