Barback Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Barback resume
In spite of the competition for the job of a barback, having a good resume can give you an edge.

Barback Resume Writing Tips and Example

All that is required to get a barback job is a good resume. Being an entry level position, hirers are always careful when hiring for this position so that they don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong guy.

Technically, a barback is just another name for a bartender’s assistant. The need for someone to assist the bartender mostly comes up in very busy bar environment. So, the barback is often employed to do most of the traditional duties of the bartender but in an assistant role.

The duty of the barback or bartender assistant is to help the bartender in ensuring quick service delivery to customers.

So, a lot of qualities are expected of him/her. Like it was stated earlier, this position is an entry level position. So, irrespective of your level of academic qualification or experience you can get a barback job.

All you need is to present a good resume that paints a positive picture of your person, highlighting your enthusiasm to perform in the position, your personal attributes that will assist you in this position, and then arranging whichever educational qualification and experience you have in a professional and compelling format.

Summarily, writing a good barback resume requires arranging the contents of the resume in an easy to understand format that embodies the four key sections of a resume. These sections are discussed below.

Barback Resume Objective Section

Every section of a resume is as important as the next because most recruiters will only bother to look at the next if they are convinced with the first one.

This is also true for a barback resume. In fact, the objective section of your resume is where you have the chance to win the heart of the hirer. For this position, employers are mostly looking out for the individual’s enthusiasm to perform in this position.

So, in short but detailed and well-written sentence(s), you should be able to highlight qualities you possess that are in line with the job description and why you are interested in working as a barback.

Below are two examples of barback resume objective statements to help you in writing a good one for yourself.

Barback Objective Statement Examples for Resume

  • To obtain a position as a barback at Mangrove Resorts where my high level of enthusiasm, strong dedication to work and good customer service skills will be fully utilized.
  • Seeking a position as a barback in a fast paced bar environment where my experience in barbacking and exceptional hospitality skills will contribute to the satisfaction of the customers.

The two examples above can help you create a convincing barback resume objective.

Mind you that the examples are hypothetical. So, when creating your own resume, ensure the objective is in line with the specifications of the hirer.

Core competence Section

After the first section, this is another very important section of your resume where you get to convince the hirer that asides being enthusiastic about the job, that you possess the relevant skills and qualities to carry out the responsibilities that comes with the position.

If you prepare a good core competence section to match your objective section, then you are already close to landing that barback job you seek.

Mind you, the employer may have loads of resumes to go through. Therefore, your core competence section should only include relevant skills and qualities and should be presented in an easy to read format.

Job Experience Section

This is usually an entry level position. However, if you have worked as a barback or in a similar position, this is the section to highlight your experience.

A good experience section on your barback resume can make the difference. It can give you a competitive edge by making your resume standout.

Not minding the fact that employers for this position are usually willing to employ applicants without experience, however, every bartender in a busy bar environment will cherish having an experienced assistant as this would save him the stress of training a new one.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Whether you are a high school student on summer holiday or undergrad looking for a part time job, a well presented education section on your barback resume can help you get that barback job you seek.

The hirer is not expecting to see exceptional academic history like a degree, Masters or even associate degree. However, your academic qualification, no matter how little should be well presented.

Now, the next part of this post will provide an example of a barback resume written by applying the tips of creating such resumes that have been discussed above.

Barback Resume Example/Sample/Template
Eduardo Greg
102 Hotel Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey.
Home: (111) 522-2222, Cell: (111) 922-2222.

Objective: To obtain a position as a barback at Mangrove Resorts where my high level of enthusiasm, strong dedication to work and good customer service skills will be fully utilized.

Core Competence

  • Willingness to work flexible schedule including working weekend and night shift
  • Good knowledge of bar arrangement, and wines and cocktail preparation
  • Exceptional customer service skills and friendly disposition
  • Teachable, diligent, and hard working
  • Ability to facilitate customers’ payment via POS
  • Ability to attend to customers request in a very fast manner.

Professional Experience:

Texas Restaurant and Bar, Newark, New Jersey
Barback (Bartender’s Assistant)
Aug. 2010 – Dec. 2010

  • Ensured the bar area is neat and tidy
  • Assisted the bartender in stock taking
  • Ensured that the coolers are neat and well stocked
  • Washed and sanitized wine glasses and other glass wares
  • Ensured that serving stations are stocked with liquor, napkins, ice and other necessary items.

Education and Professional Qualifications

  • Community High School, Newark, New Jersey, High School Diploma, 2009.


To have an edge over other competitors for the barback job, you need to present a compelling resume that can convince the employer to invite you to an interview. By using the tips and resume example shared in this post, you are sure of being able to write good resume in no time.

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