Logistics Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Logistics Assistant resume
Your chances of landing the logistics assistant job that you desire, is brighter with a good resume.

Logistics Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example

To get a job as a logistics assistant requires you to create a good resume to convince the hirer or the logistics manager that you can effectively act in that capacity.

Every logistic company has its peculiarity and so is the functions performed by their employees.

The logistics assistant performs similar functions as a logistics manager or logistics specialist but in an assistant role.

He/she is employed to ensure that logistic operations are smooth and seamless by assisting the logistics specialist.

Writing a Resume for the Logistics Manager Job, What to Note

In writing a resume for the position, it is important that you identify what makes the company different from others and particularly, what makes the logistics assistant position you seek different.

This process involves identifying the skills, experience and academic demands of the hiring company for the position.

While some companies may accept high school diploma holders for logistics assistant position, others may stipulate a minimum of first degree in relevant discipline.

Also, the skills and qualities required by companies from applicants for the logistics assistant position most times differ.

A very easy means of identifying what the hiring manager expects of you is to read the logistics assistant job description attached to the job advertisement.

If you are successful in finding out the hirer’s demands for the position, then you have accomplished half of the resume writing process.

The next step is to choose a resume design that is suitable for writing one for a logistics assistant job.

A functional resume format is quit suitable in making the logistics assistant resume because it gives you the space to highlight your qualities, experience (if you have any), and academic qualifications while still looking simple and compact.

So, for your logistics assistant resume, a functional layout like the example below in this post will do the trick.

Again, do not clutter your resume with irrelevant information and spelling mistakes.

These errors reduce the quality of the resume and often put off hiring managers.

In addition, do not fail to create your resume in a targeted manner if you want to convince the hirer that you are passionate about working with the company.

Having obtained necessary information about the hiring company, the next step is to utilize the information in creating a functional resume for the logistics assistant position specifically targeted at the hiring company.

Note that there is no particular manner of ordering or naming the sections on a resume. However, for the sake of this post, we shall prepare a logistics assistant resume bearing four key segments – resume objective section, competence section, job history section, and educational qualification section.

See how to create each part below.

Resume Objective Section

If you want to convince the recruiter that you are a good fit for the logistics assistant position you are applying for then you need to write this section of your resume with enthusiasm and passion.

If you fail to impress the recruiter at this stage, that may be the end of your search for the job.

So, ensure to use keywords related to the logistics position to convince the hirer of your expertise.

Examples of Logistics Assistant Objective Statement for Resume

  • Looking for the post of logistics assistant with Airbag Logistics Company where strong academic background in supply chain management, and outstanding shipping management skills will be utilized in managing core logistics operations.
  • To obtain the position of a logistics assistant with Giant Logistics, utilizing solid knowledge of logistics operations, outstanding business communication skills, and proven ability to adhere to instructions.

Hypothetically, the two examples are targeted at specific employers and written to impress and convince each recruiter.

Core Competence Section

Still relying on the information obtained from the job description, the core competence section of your logistics assistant resume should be written in keeping with the hiring company’s skills and qualities requirements.

To make each point stand out, make sure you relate yours skills with the keywords provided by the recruiter and use bullet point to highlight each point.

Job Experience Section

Being an assistant role, the job experience section will be a great addition to your logistics assistant resume.

So, if you have experience as a logistics intern or in transport/logistics related field, you can include it in your resume to make it powerful.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Usually, companies specify the minimum academic qualification expected of applicants for logistics assistant position.

So, including your academic qualification, training, and any other additional certificate will always prove to be valuable in your resume for the logistics assistant job.

For some people, a better way to learn is by example.

So, the logistics assistant resume example below is to assist you in learning how to write one and be able to create your own whenever the need arises.

Logistics Assistant Resume Example/Sample/Template

Michael Green
100 Broad Street, Ottawa, Canada
Home: (+1)121-432, Cell: (+1)121-4321

Objective: Seeking the position of logistics assistant with Airbag Logistics Company where strong academic background in supply chain management, and outstanding shipping management skills will be utilized in managing core logistics operations

Core Competence

  • Strong academic background in transportation and supply chain management
  • Good computer skills and proficient in tracking goods in transit using logistics applications
  • Over 3 years experience working as a store person and logistics assistant
  • Exceptional stock taking and record keeping skills
  • Well-mannered and ability to adhere to instructions
  • Outstanding business communication skills.

Job Experience

Sea Way Logistics, Ottawa, Canada
Logistics Assistant
2013– Present

  • Assist the logistics manager to check the quality, quantity, and condition of inbound goods
  • Receive orders and process requests for shipping
  • Manage documents and invoices related with shipping and receipt of merchandize
  • Track goods in transit using logistics tracking application
  • Ensure the safety of goods and machineries in the warehouse.
  • Assist the logistics manager in stock taking and recording
  • Report to the logistics manager.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Great High School, Canada, High School Diploma, 2012.


A good resume is a vital tool you need to have to improve your chances of getting a job as a logistics assistant.

It is therefore of great benefit to learn how to write one. All you need to do is to take some time out to practice resume writing using the tips and examples provided in this post.

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