Legal Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Legal assistant resume
You can beat other applicants to getting the desired legal assistant job by presenting a good resume.

Legal Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example

To obtain a job as a legal assistant, you need a well-written resume. The position of legal assistant is a very competitive one with many applicants chasing few vacant positions.

So, to stand a chance of securing a job as a legal assistant you need to possess top-notch qualities and secretarial skills.

However, even if you have the right set of skills for the job, employers will not know of them until you tell them; that is why you need a good resume to communicate your competencies and capacity to work as a legal assistant.

Steps to Writing a Good Legal Assistant Resume

To write a great resume starts with choosing a format that allows you to arrange your skills and qualifications into different easy to understand sections.

The arrangement of these sections depends on the choice of the writer as no one resume format is superior to the others.

However, it is very important that you arrange the resume in a sequence that captures the heart of hiring managers.

For instance, you should highlight key statements in each section of the resume with bullet points.
Also, it is important you use keywords related to the legal assistant position.

And most importantly, do not forget to tailor the resume to match the demands of the employer and check it for errors before sending to employers.

Bearing all these in mind, let us now look at how to write the various important sections of your legal assistant resume and the order of arranging the sections.

Objective Section

Hiring managers do not always have the time to read every resume except if you are able to capture their attention from the very beginning. To achieve this, you need a compelling objective statement.

The objective section of your legal assistant resume is the first part of your resume that allows you to inform the hirer of your interest in the vacant position and why you should be hired.

It may be generic or specific in nature, but it is often advisable to create a specific kind of resume so as to make the hiring manager know that you understand the job description and have the wherewithal to perform as a legal assistant.

Examples of Legal Assistant Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking the position of legal assistant with Clint Law Firm, utilizing extensive training in paralegal and secretarial studies, exceptional communication, and interpersonal skills, and vast experience as a legal assistant.
  • To obtain the position of a legal assistant in a reputed law firm where my profound knowledge in preparation of legal documents and excellent research and communication skills will be fully utilized.

Core Competence Section

This section of your legal assistant resume is like an extension of the objective section. While in the objective section you are expected to write a concise statement highlighting your major skills and strength, the core competence section allows you to highlight all the soft skills you possess that make you fit for the legal assistant position.

A good way to go about writing an attractive core competence section is to utilize keywords relevant to the position you seek and present your points in bullet.

Job Experience Section

In this part of your resume you will need to highlight some relevant experiences you have had as a legal assistant or in a similar role.

You should endeavor to present this section in an easy to access manner. Do not forget to highlight the key functions you performed while on the job. Some resume formats equally encourage highlighting your achievements on the job.

Educational Qualification Section

Here, you will highlight the relevant educational qualifications, training, and certifications that qualify you to work as a legal assistant.

Now, let us employ the tips highlighted above in creating a legal assistant resume example, which you may apply as a template when making your resume.

Legal Assistant Resume Example/Sample/Template

Vivian Gregg
119 Attorney Street, Olympia, Washington
Home: (111) 119-1199, Cell: (111) 119-1199

Objective: Seeking the position of legal assistant with Clint Law Firm, utilizing extensive training in paralegal and secretarial studies, exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and vast experience as a legal assistant

Core Competence

  • Profound knowledge of secretarial and legal assistant duties
  • Profound knowledge in preparation of draft and legal documents
  • Excellent research and report writing skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and eye for detail
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communications skills
  • Strong knowledge of the computer and office management systems
  • Strong knowledge of the mode of instituting criminal and civil legal procedure.

Job Experience

Brooks and Co. Law Firm, Seattle, Washington
Legal Assistant
2000 – 2004

  • Carried out legal research and preparation of legal reports
  • Prepared legal drafts and documents under the supervision of a legal practitioner
  • Answered clients’ inquiries and scheduled appointment with clients
  • Prepared legal documents, case briefs and case files for court hearing
  • Called and sent out messages to clients to remind them of appointments
  • Filed and maintained documents electronically and manually
  • Maintained friendly but professional relationship with clients
  • Took minutes of meetings held in the law firm
  • Managed attorney’s calendar and reminded him of meetings and appointments
  • Assisted the attorney in revising and updating legal contracts.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • American Institute for Paralegal Studies, Seattle, Washington, Paralegal Certificate, 2000.


If you don’t have the money to hire a professional resume writer to prepare a resume for you to use in applying for the job of a legal assistant, you can learn how to make one for yourself.

By applying the tips shared above, you can actually make a good resume for yourself.

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