Financial Analyst Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Financial analyst resume
Financial Analyst jobs are usually competitive; however, with a good resume you can come tops in employers’ preferred list of applicants.

Financial Analyst Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you have what it takes to be a financial analyst but don’t know how to go about convincing the human resources manager of that company or organization you so badly want to work for, then the tips and resume template in this post will help you create your own resume to convince the hirer of your capability.

Writing a Financial Analyst Resume, What to Consider

Firstly, we shall be looking at the contents of a typical financial analyst resume, how each section of the resume is being created, and how to make it accomplish its goal of winning you an interview with the HR board.

While a typical resume for the financial analyst position is likely to contain four key sections, it is often advisable to begin your resume with your name and contact details clearly written at the top of the resume irrespective of the position being applied for.

After this, you can then proceed with writing the other sections.

The four key sections you are expected to include in your financial analyst resume to make it have a greater impact are discussed below.

Resume Objective Section

This is the part of your financial analyst resume where the human resources manager would be expecting to feel your passion for what you do and your goals in life.

It is equally expected that you give a brief account of your skills and expertise as a financial analyst.

Whatever you write in this section of your resume, make sure your passion and goals are in consonance with the skills required by the hiring manager for the position of a financial analyst that you are applying for.

A good way to find out qualities expected of the right candidate for this position is to read the financial analyst job description that was published for the position.

To help you understand how you can write a job-winning financial analyst objective statement, read the examples below:

Examples of Financial Analyst Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking the position of a financial analyst with Jack and Jill Investment. Offer strong track-record of delivering top-notch financial analysis services, with outstanding knowledge of debt and equity financing, and vast experience in financial markets.
  • Seeking the position of financial analyst in a reputable financial institution where my certificate in financial analysis and strong background in the field of finance will be fully utilized.
    The examples above can be used as objective statement when applying for financial analyst position.

However, you should note that both apply to different contexts. While the first resume objective is specifically targeted to a particular company and clearly indicates that the applicant is an experienced financial analyst, the second example is generic and clearly indicates that the applicant is a fresh graduate but has acquired necessary certifications to supplement for the inexperience.

Core Competence Section

After the objective section, the next part should be the core competence section of your financial analyst resume.

In this section, you can write about your strength, skills, and personal attributes. You can also highlight skills you have gained working as a financial analyst.

Make sure that you highlight only relevant skills. That is, skills related to the job as stated in the job description.

Job Experience Section

Your level of experience as a financial analyst determines the level of trust the employer would bestow on you.

If you have performed in a similar position, chances are that the employer will prefer you to an entry-level applicant.

So, if you have hands-on experience in the financial sector, including it in the experience section of your resume will help in making a great resume.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Recruiters attach a lot of importance to applicants’ academic and professional qualifications.

In fact, for the position of a financial analyst, recruiters expect you to have acquired at least one professional certification in addition to your first degree if you intend getting an entry-level position.

So, do not joke with this section of your resume. Make sure you highlight all necessary professional qualifications and advanced academic qualifications that you have acquired in reverse chronological order.

Having treated how to write the different parts of a resume, if you are ready to put the tips you have learnt to work, here is an example of a financial analyst resume that you can use as a template to guide you in making a good resume whenever you need to get a new job:

Financial Analyst Resume Example/Sample/Template

Dennis King
33 Washington Road, Portland, Maine
Home: (+1)777-777, Cell: (+1)777-7777

Objective: Applying for the post of a financial analyst with Jack and Jill Investment. Offer strong track-record of delivering top-notch financial analysis services, with outstanding knowledge of debt and equity financing, and vast experience in financial markets

Core Competence

  • Strong problem-solving ability
  • Strong background in finance and certification in financial analysis
  • Outstanding knowledge of debt and equity financing
  • Proven knowledge of debt and alternative investments
  • Strong math and quantitative skills
  • Superb oral and written communication skills
  • Strong ability to write and present financial report
  • Proficiency in MS Excel.

Job Experience

Bricks and Meyer Investments, Augusta, Maine
Financial Analyst
2001 – Present

  • Integrate and standardize the reporting of expenses, income, and capital
  • Produce and deliver periodic consolidated financial reports and analysis to the FP&A
  • Identify and communicate risks and opportunities to investment
  • Lead financial planning team and keep track of investments and projects
  • Analyze financial information, competitors’ data, and market trend
  • Provide timely financial information to the CFO.

Education and professional Qualification

  • Bronx City College, Master’s degree in Economics, 2009
  • CFA (Level I, II and III).


You will usually face some competition when vying for most jobs, including the financial analyst position, but with a good resume your chances of getting the employer’s attention and subsequently an interview appointment is higher.

And the great part of it is that if you would like to write your resume yourself, you can actually go ahead by utilizing the tips we have shared in this post.

Did you find a new idea in this post that you can use in making a great resume for the financial analyst job? Do share what you have benefitted from this post, including other ideas that you think will help individuals make good resumes, in the box below.

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