Logistics Specialist Resume Writing Tips and Example

Logistics Specialist resume

Securing a job as a logistics specialist starts by having a good resume.

Logistics Specialist Resume Writing Tips and Example

To get a job as a logistics specialist, a top-notch resume is a prerequisite.

A good logistics specialist resume should be able to explain who you are in a positive manner, highlight your skills, what you can offer the organization in terms of expertise, and your academic qualifications.

There are no laid down rules to writing a good resume for this position. However, following the tips in this post will help you create the resume that any human resources manager will be happy to read.

Writing Logistics Specialist Resume, What to Consider

The first thing to bear in mind while creating your logistics specialist resume is the length of the resume.

You should try as much as you can to keep it compact but detailed. Remember that human resources managers have less than a minute to spend for reviewing your resume.

To do this, you must avoid filling your logistics specialist resume with extraneous points and use decreased but readable font size.

While writing your resume for the logistics specialist position, you should try to make a good impression on the hirer, but do not exaggerate or lie about your skills, education or expertise.

It is very important that you utilize keywords related to the logistics specialist position that you seek in your resume.

This will not only tell the employer that you are well grounded in the logistics, but only ensure your resume is found by the search engine if you have it on the Internet.

Finally, make sure that you adopt a format that allows you to present your logistics specialist resume in an attractive manner.

Make sure you proofread and review your logistics specialist resume before submission to eradicate typographical and grammatical mistakes.

Now that you have tips on how to make a great resume, let us look at the key sections that a resume for the job of a logistics specialist should have.

Resume Objective Section

Studies have shown that companies mostly employ candidates whose career objectives aligns with theirs’.

Therefore, you should endeavor to make the objective section of your logistics specialist resume specifically targeted at an employer and ensure to use keywords contained in the logistics specialist job description.

Examples of Logistics Specialist Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking the role of logistics specialist with Merger Logistics Company where diverse skills in procurement, inventory control and distribution, and vast experience working as logistics manager will be fully utilized.
  • To work in the position of a logistics specialist with XYK Logistics, utilizing vast experience in logistics operation and exceptional business communication skills to ensure smooth and effective logistics operations.

Core Competence Section

The core competence sections of your logistics specialist resume is where you inform the hiring manager of the skills, expertise, and qualities you intend bringing to the job.

It is important that you utilize keywords provided in the job description to make your competence section align with the skill requirements for the logistics specialist position.

You may also include personal attributes you think are relevant to a logistics specialist, but avoid making this section unnecessarily lengthy.

Job Experience Section

The job experience section of your logistics specialist resume is perhaps the most vital part of your resume.

Most companies prefer to hire experienced applicants for this position because of the responsibilities that come with the job.

So, your work history is a vital part of your resume and excluding it may be detrimental to your quest to obtain the job.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

This aspect of your logistics specialist resume should be added to complement the work history section of your resume.

A good academic qualification and additional certifications may be all you need to out-compete other applicants.

With these tips, creating your own logistics specialist resume will be an easy task.

But, if you are still confused about how to put the above sections together to make a great resume, the example below will be of help.

Logistics Specialist Resume Example/Sample/Template

Donald King
55 Creek Street, Ontario, Canada
Home: (+1)990-990, Cell: (+1)990-9909
donaldking@this-is-sample resume-for-logistics-specialist.com

Objective: Seeking the role of logistics specialist with Merger Logistics Company where diverse skills in procurement, inventory control and distribution, and vast experience working as logistics manager will be fully utilized.

Core Competence

  • Diverse experience in logistics and transport operations
  • Vast experience in procurement, inventory control and distribution
  • Strong academic background in logistics and supply chain management
  • Exceptional business communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Willingness to work shift, over-time and travel regularly
  • Outstanding customer service and leadership ability
  • Great multitasking skills and ability to manage multiple customers at a time.

Job Experience Section

Checklist Logistics, Ontario, Canada
Logistics Specialist
2009 – Present

  • Receive incoming merchandize and make necessary arrangement for its proper storage
  • Receive orders and make arrange for dispatch of orders in a timely manner
  • Hire, train, and coordinate the work activities of new logistics workers
  • Keep track merchandize in transit and contacted driver/shipping agents to ascertain the condition of goods
  • Document incoming, outgoing and returned goods.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Ontario State College, Bachelor degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 2009.


If you are trying to get a new logistics specialist job, you will be requested to present a resume by most employers.

Writing a good resume that can get the employer to invite you to an interview might seem difficult; however, by applying the tips shared above you can actually do it.

What did you find valuable in the post to help you make a good logistics specialist resume? Do you have other ideas to make great resumes? Please share your thought with us in the box below.

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