Hostess Resume Writing Tips and Example

Hostess resume example

To get a new job as a hostess, you need a strong resume. Image source:

Hostess Resume Writing Tips and Example

To find a new job as a hostess, you will need to have a good resume to present to employers.

This article shows you how to write one and improve your chances of being invited to an interview.

There are several formats in writing a resume, I’m sure you’ve seen more than a few. However, if you really want to enhance your likelihood of landing the job of a hostess, your resume should furnish your prospective employer with key information like your qualification, core competence and experience gotten so far as a hostess.

Here, we will treat a resume format with four sections; Objective, Core Competence, Work Experience and Professional Qualification and how to write them.

Now, let start with the first section, the objective statement:

The Hostess Resume Objective Section

The objective section of the resume is your first contact with your would be employer and using it for a good first impression shows you understand the job of a hostess.

Hostesses perform a front end job of creating good impressions by warmly welcoming guests and helping them get good sitting positions. So your job starts now; create a good first impression by communicating in clear terms the value you will be bringing to the outfit if employed.

The objective section is your real opportunity of grabbing the attention of your prospective employer, better use it wisely.

And to maximize the usefulness of this section, you must appeal to the employers’ major needs of hiring a hostess.

It is a common practice with employers these days to state their specific requirements and job description in their advertisement for a vacant position. So let this help you in being more exact about their expectation of an ideal hostess.

For instance, most restaurants, hotels and event companies that employ the services of hostess have some valuable attributes they look out for when recruiting.

Here are some: ability to stand for long hours without being fatigued, warm respectful attitude, ability to follow instructions with minimal supervision, intuitive ability to anticipate guests’ needs, and multi-tasking.

A properly written objective statement should convey your ability to deliver on the job based on your previous experiences.

Hostess Objective Section Examples for Resume

Examples bring clarity. So here are some examples to also serve as a guide in writing an effective objective section in your hostess resume.

  • Seeking the position of a hostess in XYZ Restaurant where my uncommon ability to stand for long hours without being fatigued, warm respectful attitude, ability to follow instructions without being micro-managed, intuitive ability to anticipate guests’ needs and meeting it, and multi-tasking as acknowledged by my past employers and colleagues will be employed.
  • Seeking the job of hostess in a growing hospitality/events company where my many years of experience hosting clients in restaurants and a hotel, will be invaluable in achieving increase in patronage due to customer satisfaction.

Please take note that the first example above fits only in situations where the objective statement is being targeted at a specific and known outfit where such vacancy for a hostess exists. The second is for the general hospitality industry.

The objective section done, we now go to the next section that highlights your skills and other relevant qualities:

Core Competence Section

In the core competence section you are expected to emphasize your unique attributes that stands you out as a hostess; your key talents, knowledge, abilities, and experience.

Take the case of a restaurant or events company, the purpose of a hostess is to welcome customers or guests warmly, help them get comfortable sitting positions, help them get a rich experience, and thank them graciously for coming and politely asking them to visit again. So, whatever talent, ability and experience you possess that suggests your capacity to deliver on the job should be clearly stated here.

The next section shows the employer how experienced you are to do the job:

Work Experience

The work experience section, also commonly known as professional experience or work history is where all you have said would be verified by your prospective employer. Many employers in this industry are not so keen on experience, but it is no doubt an added advantage if you show you are an experienced hostess.

In writing this section correctly, it is advisable to use a copy of hostess job description, provided the duties and responsibilities in it reflect your true experience on the job.

And please ensure all verbs used in describing your current work description stay in present tense while previously held positions stay in past tense. Don’t ignore this.

Lastly, we have the section that states your academic qualifications and training that are relevant to succeeding on the job as a hostess:

Professional Qualification

In this section, state your educational qualifications and all completed training programs that qualify you as a hostess.

Hostess Resume Example/Sample/Template

From the above discussion, here is a sample resume for a hostess. It can serve as a template to follow in writing your own resume.


Nancy Kendrick
35 Moore Street. Princeton, New Jersey. Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking to be a hostess in XYZ Restaurant where my uncommon ability to stand for long hours without being fatigued, warm respectful attitude, ability to follow instructions without being micro-managed, intuitive ability to anticipate guests’ needs and meeting it, and multi-tasking as confirmed by my past employers and colleagues will be employed.


  • Uncommon ability to stand for long hours without being fatigued
  • A very warm and respectful attitude in welcoming guests
  • Great organizational skill
  • Work well with a team
  • Intuitiveness in attending to guests’ needs
  • Ability to stay calm and unruffled even in intense situations caused by ‘special’ customers
  • Ability to carry out instructions correctly without much supervision


Conner’s Restaurant, New Jersey
2012 – Present

  • Welcome customers warmly
  • Offer them appropriate tables
  • Serve them menus
  • Help customers get a rich experience
  • Relay orders to the kitchen and ensure timely delivery
  • Thank customers for coming as they leave, and encourage them to visit again


  • Princeton High School, Princeton, New Jersey, 2007

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