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Top 12 Skills to be the Best Host or Hostess in Your Unit

Top 12 Skills to be the Best Host or Hostess If you just got a job as a host or hostess and desire to develop the right skills and qualities that will help you to be the best in your industry, then this post is also for you. So, don’t just read, try to work on developing any… Read More »

Hostess Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post presents detailed information on the job description of a hostess, to boost your knowledge of the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they commonly perform. What Does a Hostess Do? A hostess is the first person you get to see as you walk into any food service organization like a restaurant or hotel. They usually walk… Read More »

Hostess Resume Writing Tips and Example

To find a new job as a hostess, you will need to have a good resume to present to employers. This article shows you how to write one and improve your chances of being invited to an interview. There are several formats in writing a resume, I’m sure you’ve seen more than a few. However, if you really… Read More »