Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Job Description Example

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative job also include providing product samples to clients.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Job Description Example

What Does a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Do?

Pharmaceutical sales representatives generally oversee the sales of pharmaceutical and healthcare products to hospitals, pharmacies, and medical facilities.

Their job description involves making company pharmaceutical and medical products available to healthcare professionals and institutions.

In fulfilling their role, pharmaceutical sales representatives work for pharmaceutical companies to drive sales and customer base for a product.

They conduct survey of industry demands and client needs to identify desired products and target market.

They contact healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and medical technicians to offer them products and convince them to prescribe the medication.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives oversee the publicity and awareness campaign of pharmaceutical products.

They collaborate with company sales team to design and implement strategies necessary for the effective sales and promotion of pharmaceutical merchandise.

They convince clients to make purchase by highlighting product specifications, function, and certification.

Their work description also entails creating and maintaining good work relationship with clients to facilitate regular patronage and minimize clientele attrition.

Pharmaceutical sales reps provide product samples to clients and upon request ensure that the supply of ordered products to pharmacies and health facilities is delivered.

They may under specific conditions conduct demonstration of product use often as part of marketing strategy.

They possess good knowledge of product characteristics/function and employ this knowledge in resolving customer issues and addressing client complaints.

As part of their duties, pharmaceutical sales representatives prepare and deliver sales presentations to clients.

They conduct research/survey to stay up-to-date with industry trends, price, and competition.

They also maintain sales records and ensure balanced accounts.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives in fulfilling their role participate in conference, sales events and seminars to increase contact network and improve on existing knowledge.

The pharmaceutical sales representative job requires a Bachelor’s degree in science fields such as biology, chemistry or biochemistry to get in.

The qualities you will need to succeed on this job include communication and negotiation skills, as well as persuasive quality.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Job Description Example/Template

Does the job of a pharmaceutical sales representative interest you? If it does and you want to know the functions they perform, here is a job description example that highlights the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that mostly make up the job:

  • Work for pharmaceutical companies to drive sales and clientele for a product
  • Carry out survey of industry demand and trend to identify a product target market
  • Contact healthcare professionals such as medical technicians, doctors, and nurses to offer them products and convince them to make a purchase
  • Oversee the publicity and awareness campaign of pharmaceutical products
  • Collaborate with company sales team to design and implement strategies necessary for effective sales
  • Elaborate product specifications, function and certification when offering sales pitches
  • Build and maintain good trust relationship with clients in order to facilitate regular patronage
  • Provide product samples to clients and upon request ensure the timely supply of ordered pharmaceuticals
  • Conduct demonstration of product use/efficiency under specific conditions to confirm stated characteristics or showcase product usability
  • Employ knowledge of product features and function in addressing and resolving customer complaints or issues
  • Prepare and deliver sales presentations to clients
  • Conduct research to stay up-to-date with industry trends, price, and market competition
  • Maintain record of sales and ensure balanced accounts
  • Participate in conferences and seminars to improve on existing job knowledge.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Resume Preparation

Are you looking for a new pharmaceutical sales representative job and need to create a resume?

If you are and are thinking of how to prepare the work experience part of it, you don’t need to think any further as you can simply apply content from the sample job description above, which provides the duties that sales representatives for pharmaceutical products do, to state your work experience.

If you have worked before as a sales rep for pharmaceutical products, highlighting your experience on the job in your resume will give it more power in selling you to employers, so make sure to have in your resume a section for work experience.

Requirements-Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Role

If you are interested working as a pharmaceutical sales representative, the following are the necessary requirements most employers for the role usually demand applicants to satisfy before they are interviewed for the position:

  • Education and Training: To become a pharmaceutical sales representative you require a Bachelor’s degree in a science discipline such as biochemistry, biology, and chemistry, or in other related courses. Having business related degrees in disciplines such as public relations, marketing, and finance can also suffice. Employers usually provide training programs to new pharmaceutical sales hires to bring them up-to-speed on work activities
  • Communication Skill: Pharmaceutical sales representatives are well versed in interacting with clients to offer them sales proposals
  • Persuasive Quality: As a key skill, pharmaceutical sales representatives are able to convince healthcare professionals to procure and prescribe pharmaceutical products
  • Negotiation Skills: Pharmaceutical sales reps are skilled in conducting price negotiations with clients to reach a profitable bargain.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Skills for Resume

In making a pharmaceutical sales representative resume, the above mentioned qualities can be helpful in completing the skills section of your resume.

Highlighting the above qualities is an indication you possess the relevant skills which employers look out for in pharmaceutical sales applicants.


The pharmaceutical sales representative job description entails various duties and responsibilities geared towards achieving sales goals for the department.

Employers can also apply the job description template above in designing one for recruiting new pharmaceutical sales reps and assigning tasks to them.

Did you find our pharmaceutical sales representative job description useful? Let’s know what you think about this post by making a comment in the box below. Do also share your work experience as a sales rep of pharmaceutical products if you have been one.