Working as a Hospital Pharmacy Technician

Working as a Hospital Pharmacy Technician

Hospital Pharmacy Technicians perform various duties, including assisting hospital staff pharmacists in preparing and dispensing medications to patients at the hospital. Image source:

Working as a Hospital Pharmacy Technician

You will earn more salary working as a pharmacy technician in hospitals and with government than working in retail setting.

The State you are working in also determines how much you can earn. In Hawaii, the starting salary for the average technician in retail is $8.25 an hour. It is $8.50 in Alabama, and $11.20 in Maryland.

The average pharmacy technicians working in hospitals in Texas earns $13 per hour. Those with experience and certification can make between $14 and $16, and those working for government get up to 43,000 a year with some experience.

In Massachusetts,the starting salary for certified pharmacy technician is $15 an hour, while the average pay with some experience is $20.

The video below shows a former CVS pharmacy technician shares her experience working with the company.

According to her, the job of a pharmacy tech can be overwhelming as you have to deal with many customers a day. However, if you have supportive colleagues to work with, it can be fun.

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