Working as a Pharmacy Assistant

Working as Pharmacy Assistant

Pharmacy assistants assist pharmacists by performing customer service and administrative duties. Image source:

Working as a Pharmacy Assistant

Working as a pharmacy assistant or aide is an opportunity to be part of the healthcare sector without much qualifications.

With just a high school diploma or GED without record of drugs or substance abuse, you can work in a pharmacy assisting the pharmacist to handle certain duties.

The pharmacy assistant is trained on the job, if you are a fast learner and are excited about working with people, you shouldn’t find it difficult on the job.

The video below shows the daily activities of the pharmacy assistant or aide and the duties or tasks they perform.

Pharmacy assistants help keep operations of pharmacies running smoothly as they are the ones who deliver customers drugs and medications to them.

They interface between the pharmacist and customers as they answer customers’ inquiries regarding drug supplies and availability, as well as preparing customers’ insurance claim forms.

Working as a pharmacy assistant might not make you rich, however, the job can be fulfilling knowing that you are contributing to sustaining life.

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