General Construction Laborer Career

By | July 14, 2023
General Construction Laborer Career
The general construction laborer career can help you to work in job positions like foreman, construction site supervisor, and construction Manager.

This post provides detailed information on the general construction laborer career, including how to get into it, the various opportunities, and the benefits of being a general construction laborer.

How to become a General Construction Laborer

Consider the following steps if you want to become a general construction laborer:

  1. Complete a secondary education

Before applying to be a general construction laborer, candidates typically need a high school diploma or GED. They can improve their skills at school by enrolling in advanced math classes.

2. Finish an apprenticeship

Those who want to work as a general construction laborer must first complete an apprenticeship.

This will allow them to gain on-the-job training and learn from an experienced general construction laborer.

3. Obtain OSHA certification

Before applying for a job, candidates can prepare by taking the 10-hour OSHA course. This certification can provide entry-level candidates with safety knowledge.

Complete specialty certifications. Those who know they want to work in a specific industry or area can get certifications to prepare them for the responsibilities of the job.

Some of these are available online, while others require the candidate to practice in person.

4. Enhance your resume.

Anyone interested in working as a general construction laborer should consider updating their resume to reflect the position they are applying for.

They can list any construction apprenticeships or experience they have.

What Does a General Construction Laborer Do?

General construction laborers perform repairs and maintenance work on construction and building sites. See full details of general construction laborer job description.

General Construction Laborer Career Opportunities

Here are various career opportunities a general construction laborer can explore:

  1. Foreman

A foreman is a person who directs the work process in a construction trade. They generally work with heavy machinery and equipment.

A foreman coordinates the workers and supervises the day-to-day activities of the project being worked on.

They are responsible for making sure that all safety rules, regulations, and standards are followed.

2. Construction Site Supervisor

A construction site supervisor is responsible for leading a team of laborers to complete large construction projects, such as roads, buildings and bridges.

They are responsible for ensuring that their workers follow proper safety measures, are on time for their shifts and complete project milestones by their deadlines.

3. Construction Manager

A construction manager is an individual who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a construction company or other organization.

They make sure everything runs smoothly and helps to organize projects and employees.

A manager works closely with subordinates and supervises them to build a team of workers who can achieve the goals set by the company.

4. Construction Project Manager

A construction project manager is a high level managerial position which focuses on the planning, coordination, and control of a construction project.

They must have excellent communication, negotiation, leadership, and organizational skills, as they are responsible for managing all resources related to the project.

Construction project managers must also be able to instruct workers on safety and quality control issues while keeping in mind deadlines, budgets and schedules.

More General Construction Laborer Career Opportunities

5. Construction Project Engineer/Specifier

A construction project engineer/specifier is an individual who is responsible for a large project, such as highway, bridge or building.

They lead teams of people who work together to design and plan the project.

Construction project engineers must have excellent communication skills and be able to focus on their task at hand.

They need to be able to make decisions quickly without losing focus on the project at hand.

6. Construction Project Coordinator

A construction project coordinator is responsible for planning, organizing, and scheduling all activities related to a construction project.

They must be able to manage time wisely and have a good understanding of construction in order to make sure that the project happens within budget and on time.

Construction project coordinators must have excellent verbal and writing skills and be able to work with people at all levels of an organization.

7. Construction Quality Inspector

A construction quality inspector ensures the building or manufacturing process meets quality standards.

They are employed by construction companies, manufacturers and suppliers who ensure that the materials they sell meet regulations set by governments or private organizations.

Quality inspectors must have excellent communication and problem solving skills, as well as the ability to remain calm even in stressful situations.

They must be able to work with a team of people and discuss issues that arise.

Additional General Construction Laborer Career Opportunities

8. Capital Development Manager

A capital development manager is responsible for overseeing the expansion or renovation of commercial or industrial buildings.

They oversee workers as they construct new buildings or renovate existing structures.

A capital development manager must have good leadership skills and be able to motivate employees to achieve goals while keeping an eye on cost factors.

9. Facility Manager

A facility manager is an individual who oversees the day-to-day operations of a building or facility that employs large teams of workers.

They ensure that all departments within an organization work together to ensure that goals are met and deadlines are met on time.

Challenges faced by General Construction Laborers on the Job

Here are some of the challenges faced by general construction laborer:

  1. Being exposed to risk of injuries

As a general construction laborer, you need to be prepared that you might get injured while doing your job.

You can get hurt by the tools and equipment you use or by stumbling into things that are around you.

2. Not having enough time to have an off day every week

Either they would have to adjust their business schedule accordingly or one of the co-workers would need to cover their own responsibilities as well as those of the absent laborer until he/she comes back.

3. The temperatures in the laborer’s workplace are usually high

A high temperature in the laborer’s workplace can be frustrating and if they don’t have enough drinking water, they can get dehydrated and faint.

Major Benefits of General Construction Laborer Career

A general construction laborer career can be rewarding and offer several benefits, such as:

  1. Learn from experts

A general construction laborer is exposed to experienced workers and tradesmen in the field.

They can learn from these individuals by observing their work and asking questions about the job.

2. Improve your skills

A general construction laborer can use their career to improve their skills in their chosen profession.

Through experience, they will be able to develop specialized skills in computers, math and science, building codes and negotiations.

3. Make new friends

Being a general construction laborer can be fun if you meet people who share your interest in the field of work.

You can meet new friends through organizations such as your school’s trade association.

4. Decent salary

An entry-level general construction laborer typically makes around $34,183 ( a year.

However, those who have special skills will earn more money than average. They should also be able to advance in their career and take on leadership positions with increased salaries.

5. Long-term opportunities for advancement

A general construction laborer career can enable the individual to advance in their career and become more experienced as well as better qualified.

They can become an apprentice, journeyman, or expert.

6. Enjoyable work environment

A general construction laborer enjoys a work environment that is pleasant and conducive to learning from others. As they advance in their career, they will have the opportunity to work with skilled people and experience different construction sites.

7. Job security

A general construction laborer’s job can be secure. They are likely to have a job for years and will often be offered another by their employers.


General construction laborer is not one of the easiest jobs in the construction industry.

There are many challenges faced by them daily, from injuries to dehydration, high temperatures to low salary.

However, with determination and hard work, it is possible for them to build a successful career in this industry.