Construction Project Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Construction Project Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Construction Project Managers ensure that projects are completed on time.

This post provides exhaustive information on the job description of a construction project manager, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does a Construction Project Manager Do?

A construction project manager is one who supervises construction projects in any establishment, from the start of the project to its completion.

The construction project manager job description entails making sure that projects are completed on time and within constraints, whether budgetary or otherwise.

This role of the project manager is probably the most important in any construction because he/she is generally responsible for the building in all aspects. This would mean that he/she has to work closely with the engineers and architects, ensuring that all relevant goals are met.

Whatever buildings you see around, be it a new estate or a skyscraper, or a factory, requires someone to carry out the supervision for its construction from the beginning to the end, ensuring that it’s done within the specified budget and period of time. This is where a project construction manager comes in.

This position is obviously available in organizations that are into constructions.

An understanding of how construction projects are carried out is very vital for whoever is interested in this kind of job.

It is obvious that jobs like this always require meeting of deadlines, especially in this day’s fast paced environment; and are usually given to individuals with hands-on experience in construction work than fresh graduate.

Construction Project Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Construction project managers will be required to perform a number of responsibilities, duties, and tasks as shown in the following job description example:

  • Determine the different phases of a project and their different scheduling based on deadlines already established
  • Responsible for negotiating contracts with contractors, vendors, architects, and any other necessary person(s)
  • Secure licenses and building permits, and deliver equipment and materials to sites under construction
  • Responsible for monitoring the progress of construction projects, ensuring its productivity and that it complies with building and safety codes
  • Ensure that issues that may arise in the course of executing a project, including weather condition or other emergencies, that may pose a delay in the project completion, are resolved
  • Allocating resources: Responsible for sourcing for materials for carrying out assigned construction work
  • Make adequate plan for all processes involved in construction. This implies creating a critical path and each stage’s timing
  • Manage a group of workers; allocates tasks to relevant personnel and recruit a team when the need arises
  • Set benchmarks for effective monitoring of construction progress. This will help ascertain whether there is a lapse in the process and if any it will be quickly resolved
  • Manage budget for the construction: Responsible for the financial planning of a project. This could mean keeping the team regularly on the-know about the forecasts and changes of the project

Construction Project Manager Job Description for Resume

A resume is an important document you will be needed to provide to prospective employers and hiring managers if you are searching for a job.

To prepare a resume for the construction project manager job, you will find the sample job description presented above useful.

The functions and responsibilities of the position highlighted in the sample job description can be adapted in making certain parts of the resume, especially the work experience section, which shows proof of competency for the position to the employer.

Construction Project Manager Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

To be more effective and efficient working as a project manager in charge of construction, you will need to have the following qualities, including skills and abilities, which employers also usually ask for when hiring for the role:

  • Construction project managers are often expected to possess Bachelor’s degree in any field related to construction, such as construction management, civil engineering, or building science
  • Despite the degree, years of experience in the industry is a vital requirement for being accepted into this profession. This is usually gained working as an intern, a supervisor, or as a craftsman in any construction position
  • Communication Skills: Since the project manager has to deal with people, being skilled in effective communication is very vital
  • Leadership skills: The project manager should have the ability to motivate people to get the job done, and on time
  • Time management skills: The manager must be able to work with time so as to complete projects on or before deadline
  • Ability to work effectively despite pressure encountered during work process
  • Welcome-able personal traits; The construction project manager should be an easygoing individual, somebody subordinates can access and relate with easily.

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