Construction Site Supervisor Job Description Example

Construction Site Supervisor job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Construction Site Supervisors ensure everything goes well at the site and the project goals are achieved.

Construction Site Supervisor Job Description Example

What Does a Construction Site Supervisor Do?

The job description of a construction site supervisor entails ensuring the smooth day-to-day operation of the site even though he/she is not the chief in charge of the project.

The successful completion of any construction project requires the input of many persons. Some minor, others major, all of which contribute to the success of the project.

In the case of construction site, one of the major contributors to the success of the project is the site supervisor.

The duties and responsibilities of the construction site supervisor sometimes begins from the planning process of the project.

The project manager may require his/her input or opinion in drafting budget and proposal.

He/she may also be required to supply the likely cost of materials and labor required to complete a project or a particular phase of the project.

He/she may assist the project manager in determining the likely duration of the construction work and ways to fast track the project or to reduce cost.

After the planning phase of the project, the construction supervisor takes over the responsibility and coordination of labor and materials to be utilized at the site.

His/her first duty at this stage is to work out a job schedule for the site workers and subcontractors.

He/she specifies the deliverables expected from the project and its completion date. Then, he/she follows it up to make sure that the schedule is followed and quality standard maintained.

If he/she is not working on that same project, then he/she is expected to visit the site daily to monitor the progress of the job, record achievements and report back to the project manager.

The construction site supervisor’s work description also involves holding meetings with subcontractors and workers on behalf of the manager in charge of the project.

His/her job description also includes receiving complaints and resolving them, or seeking the advice of the project manager.

He/she also conveys information regarding change in project plan to the site workers and subcontractors.

In addition, he/she may be required to assist in the procurement of some materials.

To perform well in this role, the site supervisor must be an expert in construction projects.

Having a degree in engineering, technical or construction related discipline is important and sometimes mandatory.

Additional certifications in project management and HSE may also be mandatory or a plus.

A good drivers’ license and ability to handle construction tools and equipment is equally very important for this position.

Good planning, leadership, and problem solving skills are also important to succeed in this role.

Construction Site Supervisor Job Description Example

Anyone aspiring to work as a supervisor at a construction site should expect to perform various assignments, here is an example of the job description of a construction site supervisor, emphasizing the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities him/her will likely perform:

  • Assist the project manager in planning the project
  • Assist the project manager in creating schedule for the construction project
  • Support the project manager in hiring contractors and choosing suppliers for the project
  • Supervise construction projects to make sure they meet technical specifications
  • Ensure that construction projects are completed within planned cost and time
  • Keep accurate records of material and labor costs incurred in the construction process
  • Monitor the progress of the construction work and performance of subcontractors at the site
  • Hold meetings with site workers and subcontractors on behalf of the project manager
  • Convey message from the site manager or major stakeholders to contractors and subcontractors
  • Convey information about the progress of the project and performance of the contractors to the manager
  • Assist the manager in preparing report to be submitted to stakeholders by providing necessary information on the progress of the business
  • Represent the project manager in executive and stakeholders’ meetings
  • Assist the project manager in the procurement of certain materials
  • Assist the project manager in hiring and assigning tasks to laborers
  • Assist contractors and Engineers in interpreting technical designs
  • Educate site workers on safety procedures to be adopted at the site and make sure that they adhere strictly to safety standards
  • Ensure that the construction site is safe and free from any hazardous chemical or objects
  • Report accidents that occur at the construction site to the project manager
  • Administer or make sure that first aid is administered to any injured construction worker
  • Ensure the smooth day to day operation of work activities at the construction site
  • Maintain good relationship with site workers, contractors, and suppliers
  • Ensure that any change in project plan is executed by contractors
  • Motivate all the participants in the project
  • Ensure that the project is executed in compliance with local or state regulations
  • Identify any potential problem at the site and work to prevent it.

Construction Site Supervisor Resume Preparation

If you are looking for a job as a construction site supervisor, you will need to have a resume emphasizing relevant information, like your skills and experience to present to hiring managers.

The given sample job description above can be of help to you in writing the job experience part of your resume by making use of the functions of the position that have been stated.

Need help in creating this and other parts of a resume? Check out our earlier post: what makes a good resume and how to write one.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for Construction Site Supervisor Job

To excel in this position, here are important skills and qualities to have, which usually form part of most employers’ requirements for selecting new hires for the construction site supervisor job:

  • The first and most important requirements are education and experience. A construction site supervisor must be educated to at least the degree level. A degree in engineering related discipline is often preferable. Additionally, he/she may be a certified project manager and HSE professional. To support the certificate and educational qualification, he/she is expected to be an expert in the construction field
  • He/she is the middleman between the project manager and the contractors. So, he/she must possess exceptional communication skill. He/she must be able to relate well with different kinds of people and should be approachable
  • Basic computer skills and proficiency in project management applications is equally very important
  • The job involves lots of running around. So, having good driving skills is very important. In addition, owning a car is often required. However, some construction companies provide their workers with vans
  • Other necessary skills are leadership and planning skills to enable the supervisor coordinate the activities of site workers and contractors effectively.

Construction Site Supervisor Skills for Resume

For the fact that employers are most interested in the above skills and qualities when hiring new construction site supervisors, it means that developing and putting them in your resume will make it more effective in getting you interviews with employers.

So, make your resume more powerful by applying the above qualities in the skills section of your resume!

What do you think of our construction site supervisor job description? We would be pleased to hear from you, so make your comment in the box below. And if you have one, your experience as a construction site supervisor will also be appreciated.