Top 18 Digital Business Analyst Skills to Stay Top in Your Job

By | August 16, 2023
Digital Business Analyst Skills
To be effective as a digital business analyst, you will need to develop certain skills and qualities.

Top 18 Digital Business Analyst Skills to Stay Top in Your Job

This post provides complete information on the skills and qualities to have to be effective in your job as a digital business analyst.

Employers will also find them useful as qualities to demand from prospective candidates when hiring for the digital business analyst position in their organizations.

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The world has gone digital and this is meant to be appreciated and embraced by anyone who wants succeed in the digital world.

Bringing it down to the business setting, businesses are now making new inroads in the digital world through the use of Internet as leverage, and the various social media platforms.

In view of these developments, more organizations are on the lookout for digital business analysts.

The job of this business analyst is to analyze the process of online businesses and ascertain what is needed to make the business a force in the digital industry.

Who is a Digital Business Analyst?

A digital business analyst is responsible for reviewing a lot of information related to the web traffic his/her organization receives.

He/she is also tasked with the work of researching on information needed to better the online presence of his/her organization.

To excel as a digital business analyst requires having a lot of skills and qualities; shown below are the major ones:

  1. Understanding Business Imperatives

Understanding the basics of the digital business you are involved in is a good starting point for your career as a digital business analyst.

This deals with the ability to understand the necessary skills needed to succeed in the digital industry as a digital business analyst.

This also entails the knowledge of business and the risks associated with it.

Digital business is a business of its own just like the physical businesses obtainable in the world today; just that it is more dependent on the Internet and probably the social media platforms.

The imperatives of a digital business are the things you must do to succeed in your job.

They are indispensable knowledge of the industry.

Ignorance of these is a tool for underperformance in the digital business industry. Do your best to know these imperatives.

2. Understanding Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is the basis of any business. This is because in their satisfaction is your profit.

Ignoring customers’ importance in any business set up is an invitation to failure, no matter the type of business.

So even in digital business, customer experience should be a priority and not an option.

To you who is a digital business analyst, your duty is to make sure that you give enough advice and recommendation to your employer as to how to make sure that your customers are happy with the services rendered to them.

This is important to the growth of the business.

One of the ways to improve the customer experience in digital business is to give ease of access to what they want within the shortest possible time.

Great websites and social media platforms are good channels to giving the customers what they want.

Make use of the power of Internet to get what you want.

3. Understand the Business Processes

How does the digital business work? Digital business leverages on the capabilities of the internet.

This is to say that the major difference between digital business and the conventional business is the involvement of the Internet and the leverage provided by the use of social media platforms.

What does this mean for you as a digital business analyst? It is simple.

Your duty here is to make sure that you solicit for the best technology in your organization to cater for the needs of the teeming customers out there.

To be able to do this, you have to build a presence and influence online to make sure you are closer to your customers at all times.

To an extent, a digital business analyst must have great knowledge of the Internet and the various social media platforms.

YouTube channels can be created and also pages can be created on the biggest social media platform, which is Facebook.

Instagram is also another platform to reach to potential customers.

4. Collaborative Skills

One of the factors that grow online businesses is collaboration. Collaboration allows you to involve some other professionals in your online business in order to make it grow.

To do this requires that you know the type of collaboration you need. Wrong collaboration can actually be the downfall of a business.

As a digital business analyst, you need to look into the issue of collaboration and know what sort of collaboration is needed by the business.

This should not be an issue of what you want but what the organization needs to grow. You recommend individuals and probably other companies to partner with online to move the business forward.

To help you in this, you have to know the best in the industry and know how to get them involved in the digital business.

This can be a tricky task but with intentional research and analysis of the industry, you are bound to come up with the needed recommendation.

5. Effective Use of Data

One of the most important things you can work with as a digital business analyst is data. You work with data and not assumption.

Assumption is least needed in digital business analysis. Therefore, you have to work with what is tangible.

Two forms of data you may need may be internal data and external data.

The internal data you need is the data about the employer you are working for. You need to have a good knowledge of what the operation of your employer is and what he/she wants to achieve both in the short and long run.

The second form of data you will definitely need in the course of your job is the data that portrays the flow in the digital market.

The industry is a booming one, but to move with trend, you need to work with data from the industry at all times.

This will help you make accurate future predictions and also avoid some pitfalls in the business.

6. Getting Acquainted with New Technologies

Better technologies can get you better results in the digital business world. You cannot survive the competition if you are still using some analog tools in this digital age.

To succeed in this digital age, you need to be up to date with the latest technologies.

For a digital business analyst, you need to get acquainted with the latest technologies in order to succeed in your job.

Your job is one that demands constant upgrade and update in knowledge on the latest technologies in the industry.

You have to learn how to use these technologies and leverage on their effectiveness to get what you want.

Analysis by you should be done with view of recommending the best and latest technologies to your employer. This is one way to stay relevant in your job and succeed in your career.

7. Project Management

In the course of the analysis of the digital business you are asked to oversee, you will definitely view it as a project that must be completed excellently and on time too.

So, if you view it as a project, then you need to have some excellent project management skills to help you deliver an excellent job.

One of the project management skills is proper or effective planning. Your analysis should be planned in stages and not the other way round.

You have to plan with your team on the stages of analysis and this is necessary for you to deliver an excellent job.

Another project management skill you will need is personnel management. The job is not all about you and not just for your benefit.

To deliver an excellent digital business analysis, you need to manage the people working with you.

Explain to them what is required of them and how to input their best in making sure that the job is done on time.

8. Communication Skills

Communication is one thing you must know how to do if you must stay top of your job as a digital business analyst.

You need to communicate with the top hierarchies as well as the people working with you on daily basis.

Remember, this is similar to a project and demands constant communication.

In the course of your analysis, you need to communicate your findings. This helps your team to know the level of progress made and what more is needed to complete the task.

You really need this to succeed. Communication cannot be overruled.

Also, you need to establish effective communication with your employers during and after your analysis.

This is important for you to carry them along in the job. You definitely have to put forth your report and most importantly your recommendations.

9. Team Building

Your team is your greatest asset in this job. You need to have a formidable team to work with in your job as a digital business analyst.

Your team helps you do your job more effectively and without much stress. You need your fellow experts to be able to deliver a more excellent job.

First thing to know about team building in this job is to understand the individual skills or expertise of your team members will definitely count in the long run.

That is why you have to work with a team of people that understand the job and what it takes to make it a reality.

Work with people with different skill set on the job. Some might be good working with social media while you might still have some good with web design and graphics.

All of them are necessary for the success of this work and you have to harness their strengths and technical know how to succeed in your job.

10. Time Management

This is jet age and people are in haste. It is important for you to know that in your job, ability to manage your time as a digital business analyst is very important to your success in the job.

You have to manage your time well and organize your activities professionally to work with the limited time you have.

Understand that you don’t have the whole time in the world to carry out your job, particularly if you are working on a contractual basis.

So, you must be able to manage your time to be able to deliver your job within the stipulated time.

This cannot be possible if you have issues with time management.

Finally, the longer it takes to accomplish your job, the more it affects the business.

Your employers need to take advantage of time and reach out to customers on the Internet, so you have to be up and doing and must not keep them waiting.

More time wasted, more money lost.

11. Research Skills

Your employers may provide you with the internal data you need but the external data you need must be a product of your calculated effort.

To get this data requires some excellent research skills from you. You have to dig it out to get what you want.

Research skills help you to be investigative and interrogative, as well as inquisitive to find answers to questions you might have in the course of carrying out your analysis job.

These questions must be backed up with intentional and well planned processes to get answers.

Research skills can however be improved. Get better techniques and methods of inquiry, especially when the research involves some difficult and more technical processes.

You have to be able to know which technique can get you the desired result.

12. Analytical Skills

How analytical can you be as a digital business analyst?

First, you are called an analyst because it is believed that you have the ability to analyze some good stuff and come up with meaningful conclusions and recommendations.

It is a requisite skill not just peculiar to your job but other fields too.
First thing to analyze is the movement of the digital market. When you analyze the digital market then you will be able to orient your employers on what they need to do to capture the digital market.

This is very important to the growth of the digital business. This can help you make future predictions of what your company should expect in the long run.

Also, you should be able to analyze both the internal and external data made available to you.

It is called data because it is still in its raw form and not yet making sense. You have to work on the data and produce meaningful information for your organization. They work with this to progress.

13. Problem Solving Skills

Your relevance in the digital business world as an analyst is not just to fathom problems. The most interesting part of your job is finding solutions to the problems you found out through your analysis. Do you think you can do this?

Problem solving skills is one indisputable skill your employer is definitely looking out for. That is your value and what shows your expertise in the job.

What is the use of finding problems that you can’t provide solutions to. It is a great mismatch.

To be a great digital business analyst, you need to be equipped at all times not just to find out problems but being skilled enough to handle those problems.

These problems may arise both before and during the analysis. Anticipate these problems and be equipped to solve them. You have to live up to expectations.

14. Organizational Skills

Organizational skill is needed to work with your team. You need to organize your team and make them work with what is expected of them and not handle the job with nonchalant attitude.

It starts with you the leader of the team. It is a leadership skill you need to have.

Also, you need to organize your activities. When you organize your activities on and off the workplace, you stand a better chance of managing time and avoid complexities emanating from the analytical job you are expected to do.

To be able to organize your team, first you have to organize yourself and set your priorities right.

Effective planning and determination of all the factors you need to deliver an excellent job is all part of organization and also using the right tools and personnel to achieve your goal.

15. Data Mining Skills

As stated in one of the points above, your employer may give you data necessary for you to work in the organization but to get further data about your job and the industry at large, you have to take it up as a challenge and carve out your own niche.

Data mining is your own way of gathering data you may need in the execution of your job. This is your job and you must see it that way.

Data is very important as that is what you work with and not assumption. To succeed, you need the necessary data to execute your job.

The digital industry is a fast moving one. You have to find out a more potent way to keep in touch and that alone should tell you that you need effective means of gathering your data.

To do so, you need to keep up with news from the industry, newspaper publications, magazines and online trainings. This is very important for your job description.

16. Marketing Skills

Can you market the business of your employer? What skills do you have or what capacity have you built to help you do this?

Digital business marketing demands a lot of skills. These skillsets include customer service experience and other business management skills.

First, you have to carefully analyze what the business needs to grow in the area of marketing. This is very important.

Understanding the nature of the business and the marketing strategies you need to employ to make it grow is one of the things that can make you stay top of your job.

Part of this marketing strategy is collaboration.

Collaboration is very necessary as it implies getting more experts involved in the processes of the digital business.

When more experts or other firms are involved, the popularity and value of such business is expected to rise with time.

17. Listening Skills

Part of your communication skills should be listening skills. It is not enough to know what you want to do or say as a digital business analyst, but also knowing what your employer thinks, as well as your team members.

During the execution of your job, it is very important to listen to what other experts have to say and know how to act on them.

No matter the level you’ve gotten to in this job, you need to listen to what others in the industry are saying, particularly people higher than you by reason of experience and achievement in the industry.

It does not mean they are teaching you your job, rather it means they are helping you make your job easy.

One other important set of people to listen to is definitely members of your team. When you assign jobs to them, you need to hear their feedback and what they have to say about the job you have assigned to them. With this, you will have more data to work with.

18. Writing Skills

Writing is all part of your job execution. Writing or noting down observations in the course of executing your job should not be overlooked.

Though we have sharp memories, yet it is to be noted that the shortest pencil is better than the sharpest memory.

In the course of your job, learn to note down even the minutest of details. This can save you time and stress of redoing what you have done already due to not noting it down.

You have to value what you note down and revisit them regularly to analyze and draw conclusions.

One of the reasons why you need to note down the proceedings of your job is to help anyone else who might need the information you have gathered over a long period of time in the course of your job. Archive your findings and go through them from time to time.

Digital Business Analyst Skills for Resume

If you are a digital business analyst writing a resume, you can create a very effective core competence or skills section by applying the above skills and qualities.

Recruiters will be more interested in your resume if they saw that you have the required skills and qualities to succeed in performing the duties and responsibilities of the digital business analyst position.

However, ensure that you actually possess the above digital business analyst skills and qualities before highlighting them in your resume.


The job of a digital business analyst is a critical one and not one to be taken lightly because the future of most businesses lie heavily on the level of competence of the digital business analyst.

We’ve provided the skills and qualities needed to succeed as a digital business analyst for you to develop and apply in your career.