Career Test for Teenagers: 20 Important Facts you need to Know

By | July 16, 2023
Career Test for Teenagers
The career test for teenagers help them to find the best career to get into.

The career test for teenagers is a tool designed to measure teenagers’ values, interests, and preferences on their careers. It will give you an appealing look at yourself, offering information about what motivates and interests you.

Besides, the test will provide suggestions about specific careers that are well-suited to you, along with some information about these careers.

There’s nothing more stimulating, more baffling, more startling than trying to decide on a career. It’s not just an issue of finding something you’ll be good at, but about finding a career that you will truly love.

Carefully read each question and choose the answer that best applies to you. You will identify one of your career matches and then have the option to pay for the full results after you have finished the test.

Choosing a career path is never an easy job as you will need to have a clear vision and proper planning about what path you would make your choice when the time comes.

20 Important Facts about Career Test for Teenagers you need to Know

Here are important facts and tips about career test for teenagers to help you decide which career major to go for:

  1. What is a career test for teenagers?

A career test for teenagers is a great resource for teenagers to judge their individual interests and traits in order to determine which profession they will do their best in.

The test can help teenagers identify where their skills are hidden and if particular occupations suit them.

  1. What is the importance of the career test for teenagers?

There are numerous types of occupations and countless career paths to take as a teenager. You may be interested in several careers and have trouble determining the exact one that matches your skills and desires.

Thus, a career test is used to offer a straightforward approach to assist in identifying an individual’s strong match. From the test, teenagers are able to obtain useful information as they explore their options for education and beyond.

  1. What is the function of the career test for teenagers?

The career test for teenagers is used to measure a teen’s personality, attraction, inclination, and aptitude within designated fields.

The test includes areas that assess somebody’s qualitative (subjective, perceptive, attitude) and quantitative (logic, objective, math) competencies.

For instance, teenagers that achieve high scores on the quantitative questions may be informed that jobs such as business, banking, sales, and accounting are the best match for them.

However, a teenager who develops strengths in the qualitative areas may be recommended occupations that require creativity or social skills.

  1. What are the features of career test for teenagers?

Career test for teenagers may also be referred to as career planning test and can be administered on the computer or paper.

The questions on the test contain no right or wrong answer, but they are only used to measure the teen’s answers within an assortment of disciplines, such as philanthropy, monetary compensation, social interactions, physical activity, imagination, and self-assurance.

  1. Types of career tests for teenagers

The most commonly used career test for teenagers include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), followed by the strong interest inventory, and expert insight.

  1. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) checks an individual’s personality by assessing four categories, such as:

  • Extraversion/introversion
  • Sensing/intuition
  • Thinking/feeling
  • Judging/perceiving

Data are provided by the results center on these categories concerning careers, industries, and labor environments that match the teen’s personality. Such results are considered to illustrate the kind of job that will both stimulate and suit the youngster.

  1. The Strong Interest Inventory

Another common test that is often used to ascertain a teenager’s ideal career fit is the Strong Interest Inventory.

The Strong Interest Inventory assesses a teenager’s level of interest within six main job groups, such as:

  • Conventional
  • Investigate
  • Realistic
  • Artistic
  • Enterprising
  • Social

The scores are later tallied by the test in respect to the fact that careers match these scores best.

The result of the Strong Interest Inventory can help a teenager when it comes to identifying the specific responsibilities that have to do with certain professions and the degree to which the teen’s interests correspond to the potential careers.

  1. Expert Insight

Expert insight is not meant to limit one’s future, but to assist them in deciding the careers that match up with their results.

In several cases, it’s a good idea to have the test administered by an expert so he can oversee and explain the results.

  1. Why should teens take a career test?

High school is the best time in the lives of teenagers that they should start preparing for their careers. All the information and choices available can make the teens get confused about who they are and what their mission is in life.

It may be hectic for teens to try to understand their strengths, interests, and skills. Therefore, a lot of teenagers don’t have a vivid path for their future careers. For this reason, the career test is introduced to help teens out of this perplexing situation.

The aim of the career test is to help give teens an idea of what they should do after school.

The career test for teenagers is designed to guide the teens in the right direction when they are not sure of what profession would be suitable for them.

The career test for teenagers assesses teens’ natural abilities, talents, which professions best match their personality, and which careers they may have an aptitude for.

  1. Six reasons why teens should take career tests

By taking a career test, adolescents can feel secured that they will be happy in their jobs and careers after high school.

Although some teenagers have known since they were smaller what they have wanted to do with their life, there are others that are always confused and regularly changing their career goals.

The six reasons why teens should consider taking career tests are to:

  • Explain these questions: What was I created on this earth to do? What is my mission in life?
  • Make the process of choosing a degree program in college easier. All students will vow they are up for anything that makes going to college easier, making it all the more important for college students to identify their preferences, and the ideal field they will enjoy working in.
  • Be led in the direction of the specific professions that capitalize on their skill sets and interests.
  • Make a choice of the right college/school the first time. College or trade school is a significant decision and it is natural to feel confused or even stressed.
  • Learn what career options will be most fulfilling or interesting. Teens can then discover more about the jobs that match their results and learn the particulars of them.
  • Measure their skill level, aptitude, and interests. The tests help teens identify the strengths they have and show them how their specific assets characterize different professions.
  1. It takes time to know precisely what your dream job is as a teen

Teenagers have to determine what they really want to do in life as the college application process draws near. Only then can they choose the major and the higher education institution that will help them reach their goals.

If these teens have any work experience, such as doing an internship or volunteering, they might already have an idea of what their skills and interests are. It takes time and a lot of reflection to know exactly what their dream job is.

But with career tests for teenagers, your skills, interests, and personality type can be reflected as an adolescent.

Getting to know yourself better by taking career tests will help decide what industry and job positions you want to build your career in.

  1. Career test for teenagers can be used to know what major to study

The career test for teenagers is an assessment that helps teens gain ideas for what major they want to study or the career they want to pursue.

This test helps teenagers in two ways – to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to suggest career and college major ideas, as well as to assess their likes and dislikes to help them choose a career or a college major.

Depending on the particular test that teens are taking, they will answer questions that ask about their skills, values, work style, personality traits, as well as likes and dislikes.

  1. Career test for teenagers have no wrong answers

In the career test for teenagers, you are allowed to make your choice of what answers you want to submit or what statements you relate to. The test is completely personal.

You need to know that the more correct answers you provide, the higher your chances of benefiting from the statement you are given.

  1. Most career tests for teenagers contain a number of multiple-choice questions

Career tests for teenagers usually consist of four answers to choose from. Other tests provide a list of statements that you may relate to.

During the test, you have options to choose whether the statements apply to you completely, not at all, or to a lesser or greater degree.

If you are undecided on certain statements, there is a ‘neutral’ option that is made available for you to choose as your answer.

  1. Does a career test for teenagers have similarities?

The career test for teenagers is similar to several other tests such as an anxiety test for teens, a social anxiety test for teenagers, or a teen stress test.

You can have an idea of how a career test for teenagers works if you have ever taken any of the above-mentioned tests.

  1. What else should you know about the career test for teenagers?

Note that when taking the career test for teenagers you may struggle with providing answers to certain questions.

You should think hard on how to respond to any question or statement that seems unclear, and try to do your best to provide the most honest answer.

In some cases, the answers you are given may seem too black and white. Possibly you belong someplace in a gray environment. What you should do is pick the side to which you lean most, whether the question evaluates your skills, interests, work style, or personality traits.

  1. Study your reports in detail to get to know yourself better

Try to read all the questions thoroughly, give specific answers, and study your report in detail to know yourself somewhat better.

In your search for the right career for you, don’t rely wholly on the results you get in a career test for teenagers. You should see the report as a suggestion rather than the final answer.

It can be an opportunity to gain ideas, explore something new, and make a wise final decision if the test report suggests some majors or career paths you’ve never considered.

  1. Where can a student take the career test for teenagers?

You may request to take the career test for teenagers if you schedule a meeting with your school’s career counselor. You may then ask them to interpret your report with you for you to understand it.

The career test for teenagers is becoming more and more popular that you don’t even need to leave your home or wait to have a meeting with a career counselor to take the test.

  1. The characteristics of a good career test for teenagers?

The career test for teenagers is deemed easy as it’s meant to ask the right questions and be able to draw an accurate conclusion to provide you with the career advice you require.

The career test for teenagers provides several options, so you should take more than one test in order to combine the results of the various tests to get extra full advice.

  1. Why should every student take the career test for teenagers?

Teens are often asked what they would like to be when they grow up. Some might be interested in some specific careers through family or friends while being a rock star or Hollywood star is their true career option. Sometimes they may not know other options to choose from.

It’s a known fact that students’ graduation rates increase when their educations align with their abilities or aptitudes.

Teens tend to be more successful and more satisfied in their careers when they use their natural talents at work.

Taking a career test will help teenagers determine their natural abilities and what they will excel in.

Career Test for Teenagers Practice Questions and Answers

Sample questions and answers on career tests for teenagers have been provided for you to study them and get familiar with them.

That’s the only way you can win the real test – practicing sample questions and answers and knowing your way through them.

Common Teen Interview Questions

Below are some of the most frequently-asked questions that teens come across during job interviews, together with samples of appropriate answers.

Ensure you modify your responses to suit your personal circumstances.

  1. Why are you seeking a job?

The reasons you may share with a potential employer should reflect your interest in the field, or in helping to develop your skillset, and not that you want to make money from a job.

Baking for my family and friends is my favorite hobby. I’m hoping to gain restaurant experience so as to know from my decision if I possess what it takes to go to culinary school and become a pastry chef.

  1. Why do you develop an interest to become our employee?

This question is asked by employers to assess your interest in the field and to see if you have conducted your research.

Ensure you check out the company’s website and get familiar with what the company does, what the work and the work culture are like, and what’s essential to them.

I am studying to become a Hayes-certified architect at Madonna University, and so I’d actually like to get some hands-on experience at a leading “green” construction company so that when the time comes I’ll be able to work together well with construction managers, general contractors, and sub-contractors.

  1. How have you been prepared by the school to work at our company?

You have an opportunity here to speak about the skills you have possessed in your education that will make you an ideal candidate for the role. When you respond, you can talk about extra-curricular activities as well as academics.

English is my best subject in high school that’s why I wish to go into digital marketing one day.

I also know my way around computer and Adobe Creative Cloud—I’ve used Photoshop, InDesign, and Publisher to design the layout of our school newspaper.

I believe I possess the best communications and design skills you’re looking for in your next marketing intern.

  1. Why should we hire you?

New employees take time to train, and the firm wants to know you deserve it.

Let them know about your interest in contributing to the company straight away, and be sure to state if you think they are a company you would like to consider when your studies are complete.

My teachers would express that I have an outstanding work ethic. I have a great attendance record, have never been late for class, and am meticulous in studying (being the reason why I’m an honors student).

You should hire me because I’m good at retaining information and easily adapt to new processes.

  1. What do you consider the secret of success in this position?

Let the interviewer know about the skills you possess that they are looking for. The easier it will be to get hired if you match the job requirements.

Front-of-house staff needs to be smiling and focused on the needs of their customers – and I suspect that they also need to be mature enough to make their mind up concerning any complaints.

I’m an extrovert who loves engaging with others, which is why I was elected President of our student council.

I’ve also conducted many volunteer fundraising and event coordination for our school and my church, so I know how to work on teams, build self-confidence, and make positive experiences for people.


Teens need to be assisted when choosing vocations so they can make wise plans for the future.

They should seriously think more about career choices and what they want to do with their lives.

Teenagers should be exposed to several diverse occupations and be given a taste of the huge collection of career choices available to young people these days.

An awareness of and sensitivity to their personal interests and preferences should be developed and they ought to be nurtured, too.

Finally, teens should be helped to discover their natural talents, abilities, and strengths.