Top 15 Computer Operator Skills to Stay Top of Your Job

By | July 19, 2023
Computer Operator Skills
Computer Operators need to have certain skills and qualities to be effective in their careers.

Top 15 Computer Operator Skills to Stay Top of Your Job

This post provides exhaustive information on the computer operator skills and qualities you need to have to be successful in your job and career.

The use of computer has come to stay and that is certain. So, it is meant to be embraced and appreciated.

However, operation of a computer is one thing that can help unlock the possibilities of a computer system.

To this effect, the need for a competent computer operator is on the rise daily.

This is because as more organizations are getting more technologically inclined, the need for individuals that can work with the computer will keep increasing.

Who is a Computer Operator?

A computer operator is one who is in charge of the operations of a computer.

He/she controls the use of the computer in the organization. This is the basic role of a computer operator.

See more duties and responsibilities performed by a computer operator.

So, assuming you want to be a computer operator in an organization, here are some skills you will need to succeed in your job:

Top 15 Computer Operator Skills to Stay Top of Your Job

Here are some of the best computer operator skills and qualities you need to have to take your career to the next level:

  1. Operation and control
  2. Technological skills
  3. Customer service skills
  4. Problem solving skills
  5. Ability to focus
  6. Typing skills
  7. Time management
  8. Creativity
  9. Personal development
  10. Flexibility
  11. Personal management
  12. Troubleshooting skills
  13. Observation
  14. Decision making
  15. Communication.
  1. Operation and control

Working with a computer demands a skill like this. Operation and control of a system is your ability to control the workings of a computer system to help you achieve to aim of using it.

This entails that you should be able to operate the computer effectively.

There are basic acts you need to know about operating a computer. There is an acronym known as “GIGO” which is Garbage in Garbage out.

Meaning, whatever you give to the computer is what the computer gives back to you.

So, you have to master the usage of the computer to get satisfaction from it.

Also, using the computer demands that you use it in a good working environment, there are environments that are not suitable for computers to work.

Such places include dusty environments, moist environments, and places where the computer is exposed to sunlight.

So, you have to take note of that.

  1. Technological skills

These days a lot of gadgets are being mass-produced and pushed into the market.

These gadgets are to be used alongside computer system. This implies that to enhance your output as a computer operator, you have to learn to work with other technological gadgets too.

Gadgets like speakers, projectors, and USB drives are good enough for you to work with.

They enhance your work and help you achieve your daily computer goals faster.

So, you have to know how to operate these gadgets and more effectively.

Also, some of these gadgets can be used in place of a computer to an extent.

For instance, you can still view and edit your word documents using your android phone.

This is because of some word apps on the Google Playstore which facilitates this function.

So are many other gadgets with special functions that can help you do some operations.

  1. Customer service skills

Being a computer operator, you will be exposed to people who will need you to make some computer works for them.

So you have to be focused more on giving them what they want in regards to computer works they want you to do for them.

You have to make sure you do your best to give them the best service you can offer.

See to it that you offer them the best service and at the right time. You have to deliver their job in time and make sure to be nice to them at all times.

Lastly, be nice in your communication and be polite with them.

Even if they point out some errors in the job you did, try not to give them the impression that what they are complaining about doesn’t make sense to you.

  1. Problem solving skills

The problem to be solved is one thing and that is computer work. It can be a graphic work or a typing work.

This is the problem you are expected to solve for your clients always; you need to ensure that you are well placed to do this job.

To be able to solve your clients’ computer work problem, you have to listen carefully to what they want and how they want it.

This is to say that you are to show yourself skillful enough to do their computer works and give them value for their money.

Also, be sure to understand exactly what they want you to do and do exactly that.

You can also suggest to them how best to do the job they want you to do.

This is important, especially if what they are asking you to do might be outdated or no longer in vogue.

  1. Ability to focus

Your desire as a computer operator is to deliver an excellent work for your clients.

This is a good way to endear yourself to them and give them a reason to come back to you for you to do their computer work for them.

Guess this is what you want.

So, to endear yourself to them, your work must portray and project competence, quality, and creativity.

That is the secret of having clients come back to give you a bigger and more lucrative job to do for them. This is what you should know.

This is dependent on your ability to focus. To deliver an excellent job, you have to learn the art of remaining focused on the job and doing all you can to deliver it at the right time.

You have to be sure to keep your focus 100% to be able to give the client what they want.

  1. Typing skills

Typing is an indispensable skill to have as a computer operator. There is no way you can deliver a job on time without your ability to know the basic typing skills.

There are two aspects of typing skill you should know and they are: the typing speed and accuracy.

The first you should work out is your accuracy. Though speed is important but accuracy is far more important to your job.

You should be more interested in being more accurate than just being fast in typing.

The more accuracy you have, the more you are likely to do a good job.

The second is typing speed. When you work out your typing accuracy, the next thing you have to work out is your typing speed.

Train yourself to be able to type with your ten fingers. Advanced typing skill demands that you increase your typing speed to be able to type more words per minute.

  1. Time management

Saving time or working to meet up with deadlines will demand a lot of speed from you.

This is why you will need to work on your typing speed and accuracy.

You have to work with time knowing too well that clients are interested in getting their jobs done on time.

Also, you have to curtail activities that may delay you from meeting it with the time frame mapped out for you to complete a project or job given to you by a client.

Those activities can be classified as distractions and you really don’t need them.

Also, you have to keep your focus 100%. Lack of focus will make you spend more time on a job that should ordinarily take you a shorter time.

So, it is necessary you work on your concentration level and make your work top notch. This is how to manage time.

  1. Creativity

Creativity is highly needed in your job as a computer operator. You have to think outside the box to be able to deliver an excellent job.

You need it if you are to endear yourself to the clients. Without creativity you might lose out to your competitors.

Sometimes, clients may not really have an idea on what is best for them, you have to use your experience and creativity to give them what they will be happy about. This is why you have to keep improving always to make sure you stay relevant in that job.

Though you should listen and obey the clients to do whatever they want from you, you should also add a bit of creativity to whatever you are doing for them.

They would appreciate it more than you think. When your creativity gives them what they want, they will appreciate it.

  1. Personal development

Nothing makes you better like personal development. You will need to develop yourself far beyond what you can do at the moment to remain top of your job as a computer operator.

The skills you already have are good but may not be good enough in the long run.

One aspect you must improve on is your typing skills. Get good applications like Mavis Beacon and practice through and through until you get to the advanced level.

This will help you become better in the area of typing and also help you meet up with targets.

Also, another area you need improvement in will definitely be in graphics.

The graphic world has become so competitive that there is absolutely no way you can rest on your laurels.

You have to keep learning more graphics applications and how to use them.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility in this context talks about your ability to work with different applications.

You have to develop the capacity to work with different apps and different versions of different apps.

As you know, more apps are being pushed into the market and you have to get hold of them and work with them.

Learning new apps is a good way to help yourself become more relevant and make you become more competitive in the job.

It is not a good thing to know that you are just stuck with one app for a long time.

Assuming you are used to just one app, be comfortable to work with different versions of it.

Flexibility should be something you should train yourself to attain and not what you should baulk at.

It could make a big difference in your job and can be the bridge between your relevance and your demise in the job. So step up and do better.

  1. Personal management

Personal management entails employing means to get the best out of oneself.

This is important to your job as a computer operator. This is because, if you don’t find a way to showcase your best, then your tendency of remaining relevant in your job for long may not be there.

In your job, you have to understand yourself and take cognizance of your strength and weakness.

You have to know your area of strength and focus more on that. There is more to what you can do than what you think.

So, do that for yourself if you want to succeed in your job.

A crucial part of personal or self-management is stress management.

Managing yourself to overcome stress is what you have to do for yourself.

Inasmuch as hard work is encouraged, you have to be mindful not to overwork yourself else it will tell on your job.

  1. Troubleshooting skills

When you are working with a computer system, one thing you should always prepare for is system malfunction.

This is not entirely avoidable. The computer is an electronic device and can malfunction even when not in use. It is normal.

Now, it is established that computer systems can malfunction even without being in use.

The onus is on you to have some troubleshooting skills for you to be able to solve some small issues when the need arises.

This will help save your time at work.

One of the skills to have is the troubleshooting skills.

Part of the experience you need as a computer operator is how to detect faults and where and what is the cause of the fault.

That is what troubleshooting is all about. It is a way of investigating faults.

When you detect faults in a computer system, you might have the little technical know-how on how to solve the problem you are facing.

  1. Observation

This is an aspect of troubleshooting skills you need to know. When working with a computer, with time it is expected that you get accustomed with the workings of the computer.

This is in regards to both the hardware and software component of the computer.

Through observation, you should be able to detect any anomaly or malfunction of any part of the computer.

This is important to your job. When you are using the computer, observe the state of the computer before, during, and after each use.

Negligence of any anomaly you see or observe is an unethical act. It is a sign of irresponsibility to ignore the sounds you hear or the error codes put forth by the computer during use.

In case you don’t understand the meaning of some beep sounds, make effort to study and master each beep and what it means.

  1. Decision making

You are working with a computer and you have a job at hand that you need to finish and something unexpected happens which may not allow you to complete the job, what do you do?

This question is not to give a direct answer but to test your sense of judgment.

Different people react differently to same challenges, which is responsible for the different results people get with identical situations.

Now, understand that when you are faced with a challenge of what to do, first don’t consider quitting. Ask yourself if there is anything you can do to augment and finish up the work.

This can make a big difference in your job as you can see from the test put up above.

When working with computers, always have a backup plan to help you overcome certain challenges when they come.

This is based on the power of your decision-making skills.

  1. Communication

A computer operator is expected to be a good communicator.

He/she needs to keep in touch with clients about what the job entails and how you intend doing it.

You don’t keep the clients in the dark in this regard.

Also, you need to stay in touch with a good IT technician to be able to gather knowledge about the use of the computer system under your care.

This is important also, especially in the light of the fact that computer systems are bound to malfunction with time.

The ideas and advice of a good IT technician can help overcome the frustration of facing the prospect of not being able to do your job properly due to system malfunction.

So, you have to keep in touch and don’t forget, communicate with the clients on the state of the job given to you.

Computer Operator Skills for Resume

If you are writing a resume or CV for a computer operator job, you can create an impactful Core Competence or Skills section by applying the above computer operator skills and qualities.

When employers/recruiters read you resume/CV and see that you have the right skills and qualities to be effective on the computer operator position in their company, they will be willing to grant you an interview.

So, if you have the above computer operator skills and qualities, you can go ahead to highlight them in your resume/CV.


This article has discussed the various skillsets and qualities you need to have to succeed in your computer operator career.

All you need to do is to develop them and see yourself advancing in your job and career.