Digital Marketing Assistant Job Description Example

Digital Marketing Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Digital Marketing Assistants provide support to managers to be more effective on their projects.

Digital Marketing Assistant Job Description Example

What Does a Digital Marketing Assistant Do?

A digital marketing assistant is responsible for assisting the manager or specialist to enable them carry out assigned tasks.

In the event that the digital marketing manager is not available for one reason or the other, the job description of the assistant will also involve overseeing digital marketing activities on his/her behalf.

The assistant reports directly to the manager while the manager reports to the marketing director in the organization.

The digital marketing assistant roles also entails undertaking all e-activities of the organization and making report to the manager, who is expected to assess the report and work done towards ensuring adherence to laid down rules and codes of the organization.

He/she is also required to participate in training and recruitment activities related to the digital marketing department, especially when the manager or executive is not available to oversee such activities.

Just like the digital marketing specialist, the assistant must also be a good team leader and be able to carry other members of staff in the department along in all decision making.

Instead of being a boss, he/she should rather be a team leader, and this will promote the business goals of the organization.

He/she should be a good planner too, both on issues related to digital marketing and in handling departmental activities.

In order to succeed in his/her assigned duties, he/she should always be on the lookout for new ways of performing their tasks.

He/she should undergo consistent trainings, workshops, and seminars to have better understanding of latest digital marketing processes.

He/she should have adequate experience and expertise in digital marketing before he/she can effectively deliver on assigned tasks.

His/her work description also entails implementing various innovative projects on digital marketing that are focused on customer satisfaction.

He/she must have sound knowledge and understanding of e-marketing and must also be sound in media technology.

The assistant is also involved in devising and implementing digital marketing strategies of the organization.

He/she is expected to utilize social media tools and various online channels to accomplished assigned tasks.

As hinted earlier, all duties and responsibilities accomplished or planned must be ratified by the digital marketing manager, to whom the assistant reports to.

Digital marketing tasks are better performed by a team. The assistant should therefore be ready to work as a member of a team.

He/she should constantly liaise with the various members of staff, including the web team, towards promoting the business goal of the organization.

He/she is expected to develop modalities that enable easy communication of company’s goals and objectives towards improving confidence of investors and customers.

He/she is expected to be responsible for online marketing campaign development and be able to handle media techniques perfectly.

Digital Marketing Assistant Job Description Example

The job description of a digital marketing assistant entails duties, tasks, and responsibilities that help managers achieve remarkable success on their projects.

Below is an example of a typical digital marketing assistant job description you can use:

  • Work together with the digital marketing manager and report to him/her to ensure all tasks are done according to laid down rules of the business organization
  • Devise online marketing projects and undertake such towards enhancing the image-making and profit making goals of the organization
  • Understand purpose of the organization’s online presence and to harness such online presence to improve on profit making goals of the organization
  • Participate fully in the online marketing activities of the organization
  • Manage other members of staff involved in online marketing process
  • Oversee the activities of affiliate marketers and ensure they comply with company’s rules
  • Provide right response to marketing processes, competition monitoring and market research towards unhindered customer satisfaction.

Digital Marketing Assistant Resume preparation

A resume for the role of digital marketing assistant can be prepared by applying content from the job description sample provided above.

The work experience section of the resume can easily be created using the above highlighted functions of the position.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Digital Marketing Assistant Role

To be a top flyer on the job, a digital marketing assistant should possess the skills, abilities, and knowledge listed below, which have proven to significantly improve their effectiveness.

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing and communication. High School Diploma also acceptable.
  • Years of working experience give added advantage
  • Posses working experience in online marketing environment
  • Ability to handle content managed websites, CRM databases, and email platforms
  • Possess strong computer skills
  • Possess top notch knowledge and skills in email, internet, PowerPoint, word processing packages, databases, and spreadsheet
  • Ability to handle customer relationship management
  • Possess willingness to learn new modes of digital marketing
  • Possess team-spirit and top notch communication skills both in written and verbal forms
  • Possess skills in various areas, like images, videos, and audio marketing
  • Possess excellent telephone manners
  • Possess top notch organization skills
  • Possess good attention to detail.

Digital Marketing Assistant Skills for Resume

A resume with a well crafted skills section will be more effective in getting employers’ attention than one without it.

To make a compelling skills section, you can use the above qualities of digital marketing assistants that are usually required by employers during hiring process for new assistants on digital marketing.

Do share your job description and experience with us if are presently working or have worked before as a digital marketing assistant in the comment box below. You can also make general comments about the position that can help someone else.