Digital Marketing Specialist Job Description Example

Digital Marketing Specialist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Digital Marketing Specialists create, design, and deliver effective marketing campaigns for their companies or clients.

Digital Marketing Specialist Job Description Example

What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do?

The digital marketing specialist is responsible for creating and designing, as well as delivering of various marketing programs towards supporting growth and expansion of an organization’s products and services, especially via the Internet.

His/her job description entails developing communication layouts for the purpose of pushing his/her company’s messages to the general public.

He/she must possess the expertise required to manage and design such layouts and to deliver on timely basis.

He/she must be familiar with the use of brochures, research papers, event support materials, newsletters, and presentations to promote organization’s business goal.

The individual deserving of this position must be deeply knowledgeable in software application and programming.

He/she must fully understand the market goals of the organization and be set to accomplish same within the predetermined deadline.

The digital marketing specialist needs to be familiar with various procedures, concepts and practices related to programming.

He/she must possess proficiency in web development, social media, web advertising, and graphics; the expertise are inevitable and any digital marketing specialist lacking in any of the above will never be able to meet up with the challenges of set tasks.

The specialist must possess good sense of judgment and be able to determine the perfect choice of Internet marketing strategy to undertake at any point in time to further shore up the image and boost the profit goals of the organization.

The digital marketing specialist must be a good planner and forward thinking personality.

Additionally, he/she must be a good team worker and leader. Perfect communication capability is equally a must.

He/she will have to communicate with other members of staff and must be able to do this effectively to ensure the right information is passed across to other team members in the best manner possible.

The work description of the digital marketing specialist also entails duties such as preparing payroll and overseeing system functionality across several departments in the organization.

Many of these tasks need to be completed within stipulated period of time. The specialist must be able to get assignments accomplished within stipulated deadlines. Failure on his/her part will result to slow pace of business activities

The digital marketing specialist must be aware of latest development in the digital advertising world.

He/she must be willing to learn new tricks and be open to new ideas, both from members of his/her team and from outsiders.

He/she must be able to work with little or no supervision and must also make effort to complete all assigned tasks with little or no error, as any singular error may cost the company hugely both monetarily and otherwise.

Digital Marketing Specialist Job Description Example

Digital marketing specialists perform crucial roles in their companies’ marketing efforts.

The following job description example shows major duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually assigned to digital marketing specialists in most firms:

  • Coordinate and develop multimedia packages for the business growth of the organization
  • Present workable recommendations to the marketing director of the organization
  • Work along with the plans and aspirations of the communication department of the organization
  • Understand the workings of AdWords’ programs and search engine optimization towards promoting appropriately the profit goal of the organization
  • Maintain campaign reporting, metrics, and site analysis
  • Manage the digital agency relationships of the organization
  • Oversee day-to-day activities of company affiliates
  • Plan and oversee execution of campaign schedules and budgets
  • Lead management off the digital touch points of the organization
  • Oversee the activities of the company’s landing pages on social media and their mobile application marketing.

Digital Marketing Specialist Resume Preparation

To prepare the professional experience section of a resume to be used in searching for a digital marketing role, information in the job description sample presented above can be applied.

This section highlights the duties and responsibilities of the position that you have completed in the past or are currently handling, which helps the employer to adequately assess your competence and experience to be able to do the job effectively.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Digital Marketing Specialist Role

To be effective on your job as a digital marketing specialist, the following skills and other qualities are commonly required by employers from applicants seeking the position:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in a field related to graphics. Diploma certificate is also acceptable
  • Years of working experience in related fields is an added advantage
  • Possess good understanding of digital production and marketing strategies
  • Possess proven experience in innovative digital campaign and effective service delivery
  • Possess proven experience in digital assets delivery
  • Ability to manage micro sites, social media applications, and online ads.
  • Possess solid understanding of social media marketing and campaigning
  • Ability to handle digital analysis and web metrics duties
  • Ability to deliver on deadline
  • Ability to multitask and to remain functional under intense pressure
  • Possess very strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Possess very strong skills in management and organization
  • Possess proficiency in CSS, HTML 5, HTML, DreamWeaver, Framemaker, InDesign, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and lots more.

Digital Marketing Specialist Skills for Resume

Having a great skills section is a booster to a resume. To create one for the role of digital marketing specialist, the above stated skills requirements for the position can be used.

Such skills section will be compelling because it reflects the qualities that employers usually search for in applicants when they are hiring new specialists for their digital marketing projects.

Do you have some experience on the digital marketing specialist job? If so, please share it, including your job description in the comment box below for other readers to benefit from, many thanks!